Aug 23 2010

What do you do to remember something?

My son Austin had an unusual first day at school, his English teacher spent the first day of class working on memorizing everyone's name... He receited each kid's name like 10 times, saying he realized it was wierd, but it made him feel more comfortable... Do you have any better suggestions on memorizing something???
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8/17/2010 7:21:57 PM
Rebecca Barker United States
Rebecca Barker
I had a teacher in high school that had everybody gather in a circle in the middle of the classroom and say our name and using the first letter of our name we had to come up with a word that described ourselves....
8/17/2010 7:24:10 PM
Mary United States
I love the idea of you going tonight and doing the same thing the teacher did to the kids.... Maybe he was trying to get the kids to like him but come on that's just strange!!! Go for it!
Maybe he will see how weird it is..
8/17/2010 7:36:39 PM
Dar United States
so....Austin's teacher, Mr. Davis.  Is your son at Lee's Summit West?
If so, he's in for a terrific year!  Mr. Davis is a gift to students everywhere.   Your son will remember him for the rest of his life!
Are you guys in Lee's Summit?
8/17/2010 7:37:10 PM
Denise K United States
Denise K
There are many different ways to learn things; not everyone learns the same way.  I commend the teacher you named on air for being willing to model a way to learn that may not be "cool".  Not many teachers will risk being anything but strict the first couple of weeks of school; it sounds like Austin has a teacher who recognizes each person has their own way of learning and will allow them to do what is needed to help them master the material.
8/17/2010 7:39:17 PM
SusanH United States
Back when I was a high school teacher, on the first day of class I used a seating chart (yes, there were moans and groans) but I put them in alphabetical order according to first name. I learned their names by deduction - the A's were on the left, the Zs on the right, the rest in between; there were students whose names I already knew; and some students were unique and I just knew their name immediately. It usually took only one or two days to learn them all and then they could chose where they wanted to sit.
8/17/2010 7:43:29 PM
Alanna United States
I am like most people and forget easily so I either write it down in my planner or I stick a note on the fridge to remind myself, if that doesnt work I call my BFF and she reminds me. hope this helps
8/17/2010 7:47:57 PM
magon United States
my daughter last year was in 3rd grade and for spelling words she did a pyramide with her words,,,
and then wrote a small poem about the word.
the house is red
the house is big
the house has a very large bed!
8/17/2010 7:49:37 PM
magon United States
ohhh and it really did help! ..she was getting perfect scores on spelling and im sure it would work with remembering peoples name..just make a poem about that person! ..LOVE YALL!!!!
8/17/2010 8:14:05 PM
Katie United States
I help with our Parish School of Religion and have LOTS of names to remember. I found it's really helpful to become familiar with the kids' names before classes even start. The best way - adding them to my prayer list. It guarantees that I will see their names and see them often. And the kids get prayed for - Bonus!
8/17/2010 9:46:09 PM
DeDe United States
   I listen to K-Love often. It is wonderful to have positive Christian music to listen to when traveling. I don't know that I could come up with a different way to remember names. I do however think there could be a better way to let the teacher know you aren't happy with the way he remembers names. Broadcasting it on national radio is not what I would call positive or encouraging. Would you encourage your son to do the same? You have such a wonderful opportunity to show loving comfort to people allover the country. I pray God will continue to bless you in your ministry.
8/18/2010 7:34:38 PM
Kimberly G. United States
Kimberly G.
For me it's repeating it over and over line by line focusing on it.
I memorize Scripture in my homeschooling and that's what helps me.
8/18/2010 7:51:46 PM
Tracy United States
Scott, yesterday I was driving down the road and heard your conversation about "Mr. Davis" I thought right away it was Our "Mr. Davis". My question to you is also does your son attend Lee's Summit West? If so, Denise is right, while it may seem weird at first to you, Your son will be truely blessed from the learning experience he and his classmates will learn from this oh so Amazing teacher. GVHS lost this great individual because another chapter in his life began. I hope that you will allow yourself to let time tell the story of how weird this really isn't. Mr. Davis is a compassionate individual who has much more to teach your son, then 10th grade English. If this is Our Mr. Davis. LSW is a better place with him as one of their educators. He will impact each student he teachs. And Wait for Fridays Smile Please let us know if this is location. I'm really curious. If so the next time you see him send him our best. GVHS parents, Students and Soccer Team!    

Tracy C.  
8/18/2010 10:58:06 PM
Priscila Lao P.D.R.
name tags!?
8/19/2010 10:04:07 AM
Rob United States
Scott, I'm so glad I waited a day and read De De's post before chiming in on my dismay with regard to your comment about the way your son's English teacher attempts to remember student's names. On air or from a pulpit is not the place to single someone out. I was pleased to hear today that when you repeated his name last night, he got a laugh out of it. He seems like a good natured guy and perhaps he's the Mr. Davis others have said wonderful things about. There are not many of us male teachers and even fewer Christian male teachers involved in education any more, so pardon my sensitivity of how a colleague was treated on the air. We seem to more of a target for ridicule than compliments compared to an era not long sense past.
8/20/2010 8:10:53 AM
Em United States
Hmmmm...I've never had that happen to me, but all of my teachers remember our names. (by the way, I'm 12 years old)Well, actually, my Latin teacher called me Sweetie Pie. Tong My cheeks were as red as a tomato!
8/31/2010 5:32:55 AM
Margarita United States
I am in middle school. And to remember events at school, to bring stuff to school, etc. is hard for me! I keep a pad of paper an a pen by my nightstand, write down what I have to remember the next day. Then in the morning, when my mind is fresh, I shove the info into my head, and it works! I remember everything. If I have events such as gymnastics or cheerleading after school, I check the pad of paper when I get home from school!

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