Aug 25 2010

Ways to help a friend's struggling marriage

Yesterday, our guest was Dr. Meier from the Meier Clinics and he had some hope for those who are struggling with the pain of divorce. Do you have a friend who is having trouble in her marriage? Here's a great article that might help you be a supportive friend:

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8/21/2010 10:09:54 AM
William United States
I recently went through this.  It was very diffucult for me.  My ex-wife and I never had any problems so this was a shock for me.  Every bit of my world came to a schreeching halt and was turned upside down.  But by grace I felt the presence of God.  So finally I laid it all in His hands and placed at the foot of the cross.  And now after a few months of everything being final God has brought my ex-wife back in my life and we are working things out.  And I just want to say that while I was going through this you guys were a big help.  I was listening to k love on my home from work and Jermey Camp's song "Healing Hands" came on and imediatly tears came to my eyes because I knew at that moment I was not alone.  Thank You for your ministry.  
9/1/2010 1:27:25 AM
Margarita United States
Pray for them, talk to them. Let them talk it out.

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