Feb 26 2010

The Most Addictive Sound!!!

A new study shows that there addictive sounds, like the Intel chime, a sizzling steak, the wedding march, the T-mobile ring tone, the Star Bangled Banner and a baby's laugh, which is the most addictive sound on the planet.  Do you agree?

What sounds do you find additive???

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Feb 26 2010

What is saturated fat and how can I avoid it?

One last tip for heart month. Probably the single biggest problem for your heart is SATURATED FAT. This basically means fat from an animal - most of us get saturated fats from the grease and oil in fast food. However a study published in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) found that protein and UNsaturated fats can positively affect blood pressure and may reduce the risk of heart disease. For you that means eat white meat chicken - which is a very lean protein - instead of beef and use olive oil - the best unsaturated fat.


So if you are driving home and thinking about stopping at Taco Bell, remember your heart. You can either order the chicken items from the Fresca menu or you can do one better - you can make my amazing 10-Minute Chicken Tacos at home. Click here for the simple recipe! You'll feel fortunate that this fantastic flavorful fun food will feed your family full fast. No foolin'!

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Feb 25 2010

What's the appeal of Farmville?!

So, a new article states that nearly 35 million people are into playing Farmville on Facebook. We are baffled? What is the appeal? Please help us understand!

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Healthy Back to School Snacks
Aug 27 2010

Healthy Back to School Snacks

Healthy Back to School Snacks


Busy parents are always on the lookout for simple yet healthful ways to feed their kids.  Fortunately, we here at KLOVE understand your concerns which is why we asked celebrity nutritionist, author and chef Christine Avanti for her recommendations.  Below are Christine’s suggestions for healthy back to school snacks.



Bake blueberry muffins using organic apple sauce instead of refined white sugar and butter. (http://www.christineavanti.com/Healthy-Recipe-Intro.php)


PB&J on mini bagels, whole wheat crackers or rice cakes - made with natural peanut butter and no sugar all natural fruit preserves.


Greek yogurt granola parfait made with low sugar or homemade granola.


Whole Wheat Bagel dipped into Fruity Cream Cheese -cream cheese mixed with organic fruit spread and fresh fruit.”


Honey Almond Popcorn Globes -only 64 calories!! (http://www.christineavanti.com/Healthy-Recipe-Intro.php)


Homemade granola


Quick grab and go snacks:

apple slices


Fruitabu all organic fruit leather  (made by Kashi-no high fructose corn syrup)

string cheese

Baby Bel cheese


hummus dip with celery, carrot and cucumbers, zucchini and red bell pepper slices instead of greasy potato chips

organic juice boxes made with real juice instead of juice made from concentrate and high fructose corn syrup


Hummus with veggies

Sliced fresh fruit

Yogurt fruit parfait


Listen to Christine discuss healthy after school snacks: part 1 & part 2

Comments (3) -

8/20/2010 4:53:35 PM
Claire United States
Looks good-sounds good! I have been listening to KLOVE for 5 years!
8/20/2010 9:53:44 PM
Dana United States
I'll use these for sure. I've been having fun with this site http://www.c4vct.com/kym/bento/ and have even made the kids bento boxes. The love having their cloth covered box and chopsticks even at home.
8/30/2010 4:23:36 AM
Margarita United States
yum.... A great bowl of fruit is the best snak you can het. But at Cotsco, they have Chicken Sandwiches and Hambugers, they take 60 seconds in the microwave, store in freezer or fridge. The best part is that they have over 20 grams of protein per sandwich/burger!
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