Aug 30 2010

Go MAD today! Tell us how you've been able to make a difference!

It's Make a Difference Monday at KLOVE---your chance to share how you've been able to make a difference for someone lately. What have you done---perhaps bought an encouraging card for a co-worker or groceries for a stranger! Share your story here!

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8/17/2010 10:34:13 AM
Caroline United States
was just at Wal-mart yesterday and noticed some coupons tucked into the plastic sleeve where the prices are placed. One was right below the item I was looking to buy. so i picked it up and it wasn't even expired! and then i noticed on the back there was a little note attached. It read: Have a great day! Pass it on! Smile haha so thank you for saving me a dollar anonymous! Smile
8/17/2010 9:06:02 PM United States
i love you all and i like liseting to you everyday

love ya
brenda adkins
8/18/2010 2:21:30 AM
Tracey United States
Over the weekend we went to Cincinnati to watch the Cubs and Reds play ball.  We were with another couple and between us we had 3 girls with us.  They were hot and thirsty and the restaurant we stopped at was very busy standing room only due to the game.  The waitress I managed to flag down to ask a few questions about the establishment, got each of the girls a large soft drink.  When I tried to pay for them, she just smiled and said, Don't worry about it.  They looked like they need them.  She was over loaded with customers and could have easly blown me off but instead we had happy kids and were able to finish our walk to the stadium with fewer complaints.  
8/18/2010 12:36:20 PM
Beverly United States
When I have coupons that I won't or can't use, I'll look for people in the store that have the item in their cart and offer to pass it along. Made a mom with a cart full & overflowing happy with a $3.00 coupon. She really appreciated it. I didn't have the opportunity to tell her why, but next time I hope to. I wanted to say thank you to you at KLove. I've been listening to your station for the past month. The music & testimonies have been of great encouragement - thanks for making a difference in my life - God bless you all Smile
8/18/2010 5:51:58 PM
Lara Cotten United States
Lara Cotten
I can not even begin to tell you how God has blessed my life.  It is never-ending.  One experience that was defining for me came about when I had completely put my trust in God during a time when I needed to rest and heal due to extreme stress. My husband and I had premature triplets almost 14 years ago. One of them had health problems that cost a million dollars before he was two.  I kept going and going until I had burned out on both ends.  When they were about 9 I just mentally and physically crashed.  From the time they were 1 and 1/2 I went back to work in a mentally demanding job.  If I kept going, I don't think I could have lasted much longer.  I gave up my job and just took time to recover.  I spent a lot of time praying and resting and giving it all to God, even though we could not afford to pay all our bills without my salary. I had worked in the school system and went back part time to tutor math.  It was there that a met a young man named Jasper.  Jasper is one of those kids a person never forgets.  His hair sticks up about 10 inches from his head and you can't help but notice him.  I had heard that Jasper lived in a home his mother had inherited recently.  It's roof was incomplete, I don't think there were windows, there were chickens living in the house.  I was trying to tutor Jasper in pre-Algebra and he was worried about staying warm enough in the tent they had set up in their living room to sleep in during the winter.  I had really been reflecting on Ephesians 2:10 and that God would use me in the way he wanted to.  I was ready to go back to a full time work schedule and my dream job came available. I don't know of many that exist like it in the entire state of Texas and I got it!  And I love it!  And because of that job I was made aware of an opportunity to nominiate a family who was in need of a home that needed repair, up to $50,000 at no charge.  I nominated Jasper and his family was chosen.  It wasn't me, but God working through me because of my faith and heart for Him.  I will never forget what faith can bring about.  I trust him in ALL things.
8/18/2010 11:01:22 PM
Tori United States
Someone made a difference in my life today, as she's been doing for the past couple months. Today, I went to a professor's office to get an assignment clarified, and I stopped by another professor's office just to chat, and she sat there with me for almost 20 minutes just listening to how my day was going. It's the little moments like that in a day that make me smile for the rest of the afternoon! Thank you for everything, Barb!
8/19/2010 2:29:54 PM
Etta United States
I was walking home from a college service at a church right off campus last night and was having a talk with God.  A young man walked past me and greeted me, which was a pleasant surprise in and of itself.  Before I could pass him completely, he asked me for directions to an event in the immediate vicinity (he was wandering in the opposite direction).  Not only was it absolutely lovely to be able to help a new freshman, but also to be able to make his face light up!  Also, I think I was grinning for the next half-hour at least because I'd just had an epiphany while praying that I need to lean on God more.  Guess what?  I think he told me exactly what He wants:  For me to lean on Him and reach out to others.
8/19/2010 7:46:54 PM
Vina Rentz United States
Vina Rentz
The ups store owner made my day, I went to the store to see if I could sell some of beaded keychains I made.  I told him I'm putting crosses on all the keychains, if someone doesn't like it, they can take it off themselves.  He tells me, he's taking the keychains only because of the crosses.  I'm praying this is the beginning.  On Mesa Drive and south of Brown Road next to the water store behind Taco Bell.    
8/20/2010 1:14:00 AM
Vina Rentz United States
Vina Rentz
Listening to KLOVE makes my day.  I hear it throughout the store at American Discount Food here in Mesa, Arizona.  I would love to work at that store, only to sing along all day long.
8/20/2010 11:29:55 AM
Hunter United States
I was kicked out of my house last summer and i came to college and had less than a weeks worth of clothes. God was amazing and brought me to the University of Toledo for a reason because here i found Jesus and went to my current church and that is where I met a lady and her husband Sarah and Steve. I shared my story with them and they took me shopping and bought me clothes and other things that i needed to be able to go to school.
8/20/2010 4:30:55 PM
JuliePendley United States
I don't have a picture to share, because this is something that just happened on Saturday (Aug 28) and it was just an act done without a thought of glory for myself.  Another person was hurting, and I wanted to be JESUS to them.
I had taken my Umbrella Cockatoo, Pretty Baby and my African Gray, Congo tot he vet for their nail and beak grooming. When I came out of Dr. Abernathy's office, there was a little old woman, about 80+ standing by the corner of the check in desk.  I looked over at her, and just instinctively took a step towards her, and gave her a big hug.  She said, "you know you know something?"  I took a step back and smiled at her and replied, I know that you look like a lady who needed a hug."  
She started to thank me and told me she had just lost her best friend back there..." indicating treatment rooms.  I stepped forward and hugged her again and told her how very sorry I was.  She began to sob in deep heavy sobs.  I asked her what her friend's name was.  "Tula"  How old was Tula?  "8 years, she was my best friend for 8 years."  I asked her if Tula was a dog or cat.  "My dog."  I told her it would take time, but she would feel better for Tula and where Tula was, and that Tula probably even was greatfull that her friend knew she was in pain and was wanting to let go of the pain.  
The woman wiped her eyes, thanked me and paid me some compliment, but I forgot what she said.  I was just glad to be able to touch someone who was hurting.
8/20/2010 9:32:59 PM
Patrick Fisher United States
Patrick Fisher
I live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago and was working downtown last winter. Every day I would pass countless homeless people - usually not dressed as warmly as they needed to be. I went to Burlington Coat Factory and bought 10 hats, 10 scarves and 10 pairs of gloves/mittens. I carried that bag of stuff with me every day until I gave it all away to homeless people including one lady who has five children and she's unemployed. So, she's downtown each day begging for money to help feed her kids. I was able to give her enough hats, scarves and gloves for all five of her kids. That made me feel so good to be able to help her in that way. Every time I was able to give something to someone it made MY day. Praise God!
8/21/2010 2:34:17 AM
Annabeth Bunce United States
Annabeth Bunce
This Friday I had the chance to share Gods word with my little cousin who is almost 8 years old. God had been working in his life all week. He asked me questions and really wanted to know more. On friday night after a kids program we had he grabed my hand and asked to talk with me. we sat there and he asked me questions. I told him that Jesus Loved him so much he died for his sins. He understood everything I was saying. That night I prayed with him and he asked Jesus into his heart and got saved! I give God all the Glory for letting me have the chance to share his word with someone I cared so much about. God is so Good Smile
8/21/2010 7:35:28 AM
Paige Middleton United States
Paige Middleton
Hey Scott and Kelly!!! My name is Paige, and I'm in 9th grade. I love love love klove, listen to you guys 24/7. Smile On thursday my health class did an activity where we made a time line of our lives. Some of the things I heard involved drugs, murders, death, anorexia, disease, cancer, and basically all of the horrible things you can think of that seem to affect kids these days. I was the second to last person to go, and I basically was praying the whole time, "God pls help me to be strong!!!" I was crying for these kids, because they were so broken and hopeless, and I could give them hope. SOoooo I gave them my testimony and told them how they could have the hope that I had had during my hard times. I also invited them to Christian club, which was today, and one of my friends came with me and wants to come back so, I am just feeling high on Jesus right now. I love you guys so much! Thank you for making my day fantastic!!!! Luv Ya!!! Paige M., Elk Grove, CA.
8/21/2010 12:40:53 PM
Kelley Haddon United States
Kelley Haddon
I remember like it was yesterday.  I was pregnant with our first child, and I have to imagine that every 1st time Mom is a little bit if not totally nervous about delivery.  I was no exception.  Will it go okay?  Will the baby be healthy?  I also had thoughts of how this new life was now going to eventually out live me and I was now going to be responsible for raising him right.  What a heavy weight I was giving myself.  Then one day I was standing in line to return some items at Wal-Mart.  I was about 7mo pregnant and definitely showing.  There was a sweet old lady in front of me.  After she had returned her items she turned to asked me when I was due and I had told her that it was our first.  She must have seen the nervousness in my eyes cause right then and there she said a quick prayer for me.  I wanted to cry.  Here was this person whom I didn't know, much less her knowing if I even believed, praying for me.  I was like, "Yes God is listening".  At that point I felt all those fears lifted and I knew that God wanted us to have this child.  It took me all my strength to fight back the tears from that moment the rest of the day.
8/21/2010 6:13:15 PM
Lyndsey LeBlanc United States
Lyndsey LeBlanc
Hey Scott and Kelly! My name is Lyndsey LeBlanc. I am a college freshman at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. My friends and I love the whole idea of Make a Difference Monday! And the other day we had this really cool speaker, David Theis, to open up the Newman Club this year. He was AMAZING! It was through klove and David that we came up with the idea for Wake the World! Wake the world is a week long program focusing on changing the world. The whole week is contengent upon the idea that change begins with you. We all complain about the world today, but what are we as individuals doing to change it. Wake the world is meant to introduce a new life style to people, a life style that includes acts of kindness and love. The beauty of this whole week is that religion, nor location affects the amount of participation in the week, simply because the initiave rests upon yourself.
The week starts with monday (make a difference) participants are asked to commit three random acts of kindness to three random people.
Teusday (take a stand)- this day is a day for you to stand up for what you believe in. This can be as simple as wearing a pro life t shirt..
Wednesday (what if)- participants are encouraged to do something that they believe would change the world if more people would do it
thursday (talk is cheap)- we have all heard the expression actions speak louder than words, well this day is meant to put that theory to test
and last but not least forward friday-on this day participants engage in something that they will continue to do even though the week is over

The cool thing about this week is that every person chooses for themselves how to change the world around them. It is their decision to change it, not some director of a program that tells them what to do and how to do it.
The week starts on September 6th and continues until September 10th! Our hope is that klove would kind of take Wake the World under its wing. We realize Wake the World is going to take a couple of years to catch on..but we will definitely continue to have Wake the World from this year on! We are so excited about it! Not because we came up with the idea, but the more people that take part, the more we are going to recognize the difference in our community!

Thanks so much for your time!
God Bless!
Lyndsey LeBlanc
8/22/2010 8:39:49 AM
monica vance United States
monica vance
several years ago i was working in an alzheimer's dementia unit and i had been there for a while.  i was feeling burned out and i tole my husband i was going to make a job change.  he asked me if i had prayed about it first.  well i decided to tourn it over to God.  i rememeber praying"ok Lord, if it is Your will for me to stay on here, You have got to give me a sign, and not a mild hint but a blatent one"  a few days later i was working the grave yard shift and a resident's wife was dying. he looked me in the eyes and he said to me," there is nothing i can do for her i wish i could do something for her"  i looked at him and said," pray for her, just pray for her"  he turned to me, with tears in his eyes, and said," i've forgotten how, will you show me?" I get teary eyed everytime i think about this moment in my life.  i know that was a sign from God telling me to stay where i was.  that i could still reach people even at that state of mind.  so no matter where you are in life, remember that peple of all ages need to hear about the Lord!
thank you for allowing me to share this on this site,
Monica Vance
8/23/2010 10:58:43 AM
Faith United States
I have been blessed with the ministry of your radio station and your music, I have shared with you in the past that I listen to you every minute of every day that I am home. Well to add to that, so I can listen to you throught my whole apartment I place my clock radio on the windowceil of my 2nd bedroom with the window wide open, I noticed while walking my dog last week that you can hear it down stairs and down the walkway but it is not loud enough for anyone to complain. I missed church on Sunday but I still had my day with God, studying my celebrate recovery on my balcony listening to klove, I saw a man walking toward me down the walkway, I didn't notice him go by so I looked again and saw the most amazing thing. This man stopped in front of my apartment and was praying, I almost cried but I knew then that God was and is using me and you to reach his lost sheep, GOD BLESS YOU my name is Faith!!!!!!!!
8/23/2010 9:41:25 PM
rosemary United States
ive been donating blood to save lives about 4 month and i thank god for my life
8/24/2010 12:18:37 PM
Pam Schilling United States
Pam Schilling
My Friend Jill Moscato left on 8-27-10 for a 2 week medical mission trip to Africa.  She will be assisting in surgeries for many people that wouldn't have the opportunity otherwise. She is very afraid of flying and endured a 17 hour flight to get there. She was also very nervous about the bathroom facilities there but she went anyway because she wanted to make a difference for people in Africa. I admire her so much for doing this.
8/26/2010 12:28:39 PM
Charlotte Redden United States
Charlotte Redden
Making a Difference can come in many shapes and sizes. I did by raizing two beautiful chldren and living a great life, with a wonderful husband of 21yrs abroard.  Yes, it sounds normal.  But, what people dont know is., our son, is Austistic, Epiletic, OCD, ADHD, Depressed, but high spirited. And our Daughter is now DEAF.  My husband is now retired, and a Veterian, with disabilities.  So, yes my plate is full.  But, God only gives me as much as I can handle.  A day full of IEPs, Medication, Timers, Doctor appt, Scheduls, work scheduls, laudry, labels, limits, lessons, laughs, and love.  But, I would not change a thing.  I'm making a differnce in everyones life I meet.  And I love it. This I is my choice and God gave it to me, and I love it. God blessed ME, and I accept this.  
Charlotte Redden
Wichita Kansas
8/28/2010 5:55:03 PM
Melissa K United States
Melissa K
I keep a brown paper sack full of shelf stable food in my car and give one to the two homeless men I drive past on my way to work every day. I just found out one guy's name is Earl.
8/31/2010 11:59:48 PM
Karen United States
I am making a difference through opening a christian youth club for ages 12-25 were they can socialize with other who share the faith be entertained and also edified spiritually through the word of God.
JC is making the difference!!!
9/1/2010 5:37:38 AM
Carianne Martinez United States
Carianne Martinez
My daughters and I were standing in line at a local convience store after gathering some snacks for the day when I relaized I didn't have enough cash with me nor did I have my debit card. I was all of $2 shy of the total. I looked at my girls and explained that I didn't have enough cash and asked if they would put one item back. My oldest said  that she would put one of hers back since she had several. As she picked up her muffin to put it back, the woman in line behind me said to the clerk " if you will break this bill for me I will pay for the extra." I didn't even realize there was someone in line behind me. I told her that that was not neccessary but she insisted. I turned to her and agreed and handed her what cash I brought in with me and told her to have a blessed day. I know this was just a small geasture but it was enough to make my heart soar and my eyes tear. It just renews my faith in other people. Thank you sweet lady!!!
9/4/2010 6:37:12 PM
Charlene United States
I am a professional musician, a music teacher, and I recently began teaching myself how to play the flute.  Recently, an old high school friend of my husband had a stroke, and his sister let my husband know.  Shortly after, he had ANOTHER stroke, and this one left him in a coma.  I had never met the man before, and my husband, himself, had not seen him since high school.  Even so, we went to visit the man in the hospital, where he remains in ICU.  When we went, I brought my flute with me, and for almost the full half hour of visiting time we had, I played every song out of our hymnal that I could play.  I don't know if he heard or was even aware, but I hope that somewhere deep inside, he realized that someone cares about him.
9/6/2010 4:50:15 AM
Crissy Rodriguez United States
Crissy Rodriguez
Just wanted to share what a coworker did for an elderly man who was lost, read below... Hugh has a heart of GOLD! I hope you can read the article.
Be blessed KLOVE - love ya SCOTT & KELLY =)

Candidate helps get confused man home
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Hugh Giordano, Green Party candidate for the 194th State House seat, was out in the district connecting with voters.
10/14/2010 7:50:30 PM
Tony Shelton United States
Tony Shelton
My wife Angela and I worked together this week building a bean bag toss, board and bags.   It is 4ft tall and 20” wide.  I panted it a dark gray  with lines of a barn red.  When it was done it looked like a Cottonwood tree so Angela did some free hand painting.  A squeal dropping a  nut in the 30 point hole and bird dropping a seed in the 20 point hole.  We bought some fun fabric in animals and sports for the 32 bean bags.  This a love offering for the new room in our church for the kids.  We pray that it will M.A.D in the kids and the teacher’s.  And lots of fun for all.
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