Sep 01 2010

Got a great invention idea that you regret not marketing?

Found a list of the greatest accidental inventions...the microwave, artificial sweetener, the Slinky, Play Doh, Super Glue, Teflon and Velcro are on the list! Ever had a great invention idea that you never ran with and later saw on the market?

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8/22/2010 9:36:31 PM
allen geronimi United States
allen geronimi
No Not invention Regret patenting !!,  We God told us to patent Dual image tv/digital sign and did!!  Yeah GOD !!  patent on first try!

PS My wife is on way to work , off to  work in Operating ROOM. Say hi to Heather in Phoenix will you Patent under Heather Geronimi
8/23/2010 2:39:04 AM
Homer Parish United States
Homer Parish
Years ago I had an idea for a control for your car radio in the steering wheel. I sent off the idea to a company in Pennsylvania. Not too long after that I got a call from someone from the company asking me how much I thought it would cost to make,how much I believed it could be sold for,who it would be marketed toward,and other pertinent questions. I had no clue what to answer to any of the questions so after a few more minutes the conversation was done and so,I believed was this idea I'd had.
A few months later my sister-in-law called me and told me to look in that month's Stereo Review magazine. Guess what I found? There in living color was a picture of a car interior showing the steering wheel area and BAM!!!,there it was,a car stereo in the dash and stereo controls in the steering wheel. Till the day I die I'll remember that but with no knowledge of the ins and outs of marketing an invention I just stepped aside. Oh well.
8/23/2010 7:41:23 AM
CIndy United States
I have 2.

When I was tiny, my dad introduced me to the computer. Specifically the Paint program. I would spend hours just… making a mess on Paint. I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t make a pen-shaped mouse with buttons so that you could draw more realistically. And now, we have the tablet PC and wacom tablet.

When I was little, my dog ran away and I had to write a homework assignment that night for an invention (elementary school level). I designed a collar that had a homing device in it, so you could track your dog when they got out of the house. Now, we have microchips, the permanent, scarier (in my opinion) version. (we found him later that night after my mom drove around the city)
Smile big fan from Utah Cindy
8/23/2010 5:57:39 PM
Mary Beth Renaud United States
Mary Beth Renaud
When I had our first child 25 yrs ago I said I wanted to invent something you could carry in your bag that would snap on to the grocery cart so the baby isn't chewing on that nasty cart handle! Everyone laughed at me. Almost 20 yrs ago when I had our second child I couldn't sleep at night because I am a belly sleeper. So I blew up a ring that kids use in a swimming pool and put it under my sheets and slept on my belly. As my belly grew I adjusted the air in it. Everyone Really Laughed At Me!! Look in the back of a pregnancy or parenting magazine . . . all those people who were laughing are now crying "why did you listen to us."
8/23/2010 11:28:38 PM
Martha Curnow United States
Martha Curnow
Hello! My best friend and I had an idea, but that we did nothing about for several months, until we realized that if we didn't do it, someone else would!  It's been over 4 years since we began our journey and we've learned a myriad of lessons along the way.  The most important lesson is to believe in yourself and don't let the negativity of others put you down.  So many of the best inventions were laughed at in their infancy.  Our product is called, the "PersLock."  It is a fashionable anti-theft purse accessory.  It looks like purse jewelry, but it actually secures your purse to grocery carts/chairs, etc., and secures your zipper closed to prevent pick pocketing.  My purse was stolen out of my grocery cart and if I would have had a PersLock, it never would have happened.  We were right by the way about someone else inventing it, because now that we have been out for a bit, people are starting to make variations of our product.  So if you have any idea that you truly believe in - go for it!

P.S.  If you would like us to help your listeners on how to go about trademarking, patenting, finding manufacturers, etc...we are more than happy to talk to them.  Please feel free to call at:  847-891-8413.
8/26/2010 1:22:50 AM
Rachelle United States
Hey! this has absolutely nothing to do w/ this , but I was wondering if you could play Human by Natalie Grant. It's a real picker-upper for me. Weird, I know!
8/26/2010 2:54:55 PM
rrhoop United States
My husband has had a couple ideas on things to invent (one he thought up years ago)...but we never did anything with it cause we don't have any idea where to go. Too many companies & people out there ready to rip you off.
8/27/2010 10:43:24 PM
Ryan United States
rubik's cubes, i have like 10 of them!
8/30/2010 12:04:24 AM
Chelsea Christopher United States
Chelsea Christopher
In reply to Cindy about the dog-tracking microchips and all that:  If you aren't fond of the implant idea, you could hook your pup up with an iPhone and track him that way from your own 8-)

But then it'd be up to you to invent non-opposable texting, so he could let you know when he's running late.
9/1/2010 1:00:01 AM
Lauren United States
My family and I were at a resteraunt and it was really windy. All of a sugdden my grandpa had an idea, there should be something that can keep your trash down on the table so it doesn't blow away. WEwould call it TrashCatty. We haven't done anything about it yet but I think it would be really helpful. If anyone wants to make the product, you can!!!Smile
9/6/2010 3:38:16 PM
gigi United States
I had the precursor to netflix!  This was before the internet, so it was slightly different.  I came up with an idea that you could order a rental movie WITH your pizza.  So the pizza place would deliver the movie and the pizza to you.  My only problem was how to get the list of movies out there so you could "browse" as many people liked to do at Blockbuster back in the day.  Well, the internet came along, and I thought BINGO, they can browse the titles online and then order it with their pizza.  Well, now with streaming video, it's not even an issue...  Oh well, better luck next time...
2/27/2011 9:27:46 AM
Tonya Mason United States
Tonya Mason
Good Morning,
I have had a great Idea on a invention for the past three years. I have not been able to afford to go on with it. As was said befor there are so many rip off companies out there. I got a pending patient from one of those invention companies.But to go further they wanted more money. So I looked into finding another one and they gave me a marketing report, but of course I was 1 point away from them wanting to market it for me,(imagine that) so they sent me a list of things I needed to do to go further. The first thing was packaging, so I contacted the packaging company, and it would (only cost 2500.00) initially. That was only 1 of the long list of things I had to do, and guess what, they were all conneceted to the same company, can you believe that?
so I spent alot more money to have it hit a dead end again.
Now every time I go into a store during the season of my invention, my heart pounds a hundred miles a hour, wondering if someone else has come up with the Idea God gave me. So far they haven't.
Thanks be to God, I alway's pray please, please help that it won't be there, every time I go into a large store.

I know God is the one that gave me the idea,and I know hes is the one that is encourging me to keep pushing forward, but I don't make extra money. For the money I got above, my mother gave it to me beliving that I would be able to pay her back when this idea came about. I wish I could find a investor that would back me up on this. Or someone that could lead me forward on how to do it myself.So it could become a reality.
perhaps you may be able to stear me in the right direction.
I heard you speaking about this sight on the radio as I was listing to it the other day, and I just new it was God speaking to me, and telling me not to give up, which I almost have. Please if you can help me that would be great. If not by a person, then perhaps In prayer. Anyway at least thank you for this sight, so I can at least get it out of my system and know there may be some hope.
I, like the other guy above have no idea about the marketing in's and outs but know all of it cost alot of money and knowledge.
Also I just want to say thank you for the postive infuence you have on me and others every day, now you need to come up with a news channel on T.V. that does the same thing. As if you are not busy enough. Any way for all you do and are going to do God Bless you. And praise be to God for your new station in New York, a large place to make a huge differance.

                   God Bless
                   Tonya Mason

3/11/2011 6:50:08 PM
Tonya Mason United States
Tonya Mason
I left the wrong email address before, perhaps there was a comment because of that I missed. If so please try again.

Tonya Mason
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