Sep 07 2010

Dr. Paul Meier talks about anger management and anger resolution

Dr. Paul Meier of the Meier Clinics was out guest today and talked about anger...what it is and how to handle it in yourself and those around you. Find his complete article here:

Listen to Dr. Meier discuss anger here: Segment 1 and Segment 2

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9/4/2010 3:32:38 AM
Maggie United States
Hello, please advise I have been maried for 23 years, but it seems like the past 10 years me and my husband argue more than ever. I do my best not to react when my husband is upset with me but not always do i suceed. My husband has recently told me that I anger him in allways wether I talk to him or just who I am he cant stand been around me, I know he has alot of anger problems and I know I do to but how do i respond to him been that he is not in church but i am i call out to God alot but how do i not respond with bad words or so much anger cause of what he says or calls me
9/4/2010 1:39:16 PM
Jason Vannier United States
Jason Vannier
I think the incident with the Dove World Outreach church in Florida, has to do with anger. I have served in the military and am about to go back into service, I have lost friends in this war on terror. But I am a follower of Christ first and foremost, so no, I don't think it is okay to burn the Koran. I think we need to look inside our hearts and ask God to check our spirits of false, negative, and evil intensions. Not only do we need to show muslims the love of Christ, but also this pastor in Florida.
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