abr 12 2010

Fee was on with Scott and Kelli!

Our special guests today? Fee! Their music, including "All Because of Jesus" and "Everything Falls" has impacted us all! Anything you want to say to the guys?



Listen to the interview with Fee at the links below:

Fee talks about their song "Everything Falls" from their CD Hope Rising

Fee talks about the theme of their CD Hope Rising

The guys from Fee talk about songs they've written

Fee talks about touring with the Rock & Worship Road Show




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abr 12 2010

It's Make a Difference Monday!

Happy Make a Difference Monday! Every Monday, KLOVE listeners all over the country are reaching out, often in simple ways, to make a difference! We would love to hear what you've done to make a difference! Has someone done something for you? Tell us about it!

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abr 09 2010

Revenge of the nerds: How Barbie got her geek on!

There's a new Barbie doll coming out and young girls had the chance to vote for what career they thought she should do. The girls voted for "Anchorwoman Barbie." Adults? They overwhelmingly voted for "Computer Engineer!" This got us thinking: what career do YOU think Barbie should have?!
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What's in your emergency preparedness kit?
Sep 07 2010

What's in your emergency preparedness kit?

Unfortunately, it's hurricane season again and many face the possibility of needing an emergency preparedness kit. Experts say these things should be in your kit:

1. Water

2. Food

3. First aid kit

4. Tools (screwdriver, hammer, etc.)

5. Clothing

6. Blankets

7. Flashlight and backup batteries

8. A whistle

9. Important documents

10. Any items that are key to your family's health and sanity (prescription meds, contact lens solution, diapers, formula, etc.)

Check out the whole article here: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/life/10-things-that-should-be-in-your-emergency-preparedness-kit-2387416/

What else is in your family's emergency preparedness kit?

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Comments (4) -

9/2/2010 8:37:47 PM
Carlos Flores United States
Carlos Flores
As a Faith Community Nurse, we also recommend that a family maintain a "Spiritual" Emergency Prep Kit. This would include items such as a Bible, other Christian reading, prayer cards, Rosaries, crosses or crucifixes, pictures of family/children, and other items that a person might find spiritual guidance, hope, and support from. Items that would redirect oneself toward Jesus and offer spiritual comfort in a time of crisis.
9/3/2010 7:30:18 PM
Carl United States
My emergency preparedness kit has a Bible in it, too!
9/4/2010 9:02:18 AM
Carol United States
A few other things that I have are an AM/FM radio (with extra batteries), candles/storm lanterns w/extra lamp oil, obviously...several different ways to make fire (i.e. waterproof matches; lighters; steel wool w/9 volt battery) and, of course, something to cook on/with. Some of those things may seem a bit extreme to some, but I believe in over-preparedness.  Smile
9/5/2010 5:59:31 PM
Donna Sisk United States
Donna Sisk
You asked how to make your kids be responable for the dog, kitten, fish etc. When my kids were little as long as they could not understand what it took to take care of a animal we took care of that animal. But as soon as they could take care of the animal we made a deal," You wanted this (?) and this is how you take care of ?. If at anytime we find that you do not care of ?, it will cost you a $ a day, if this exceeds a certin amount, the animal becomes mom and dads, or we will just give the animal away. Of course we did not give the animals away. But my kids learned to take care of all the animals they wanted or bought them back from us. It really helped them learn to have respondable.
In Christ, Donna
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