Sep 13 2010

How do you manage your workload?

Monday is often overwhelming, as the workload is huge and next weekend seems a long way off! had some suggestions for dealing with your workload...manage your to-do-list better, stop multitasking and look at your workload before taking on another task are some suggestions. What has worked for you? How do you manage your workload?

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9/13/2010 6:23:13 AM
Cori United States
My mom has a pain disease which severly limits here ability to get things done and leaves her often overwhelmed by her many responsibilities. the best way our family has found to manage our workload is to do it together. making everything a team effort makes life so much more managable and fun! we love making lists and being able to check each task off as we go! in some ways we have really been blessed by my mom's disease because it brings our family together and makes us as kids more responsible.
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