Sep 15 2010

Thanks for praying for Baby Bowen!

Thank you for continuing to pray for the lead singer of Sanctus Real, Matt Hammitt and his wife Sarah. Baby Bowen seems to be doing quite a bit better! In fact, he opened his eyes today! Here is the link for Matt's blog,, where you can read about the journey they have been on, see some pictures and learn how you can pray specifically for little Bowen. Thanks so much for praying! 


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9/10/2010 3:38:15 AM
Melissa United States
We are praying for baby Bowen, the family, and all the medical staff.  God is amazing!  

"But He said, what is impossible with men is possible with God"
Luke 18:27
9/10/2010 10:15:38 PM
tyra smith pazur United States
tyra smith pazur
Thank you for the update - I asked in prayer meeting how to get news on Baby Bowen and was told to check your blog. That picture brought me to my knees. My heart is breaking for Matt and Sarah while woven through the pain is the absolute assurance of our awesome God that this has sifted through His holy hand and He will bring good to this couple He has prepared for this moment and glory to Himself as they continue in their faithfulness to be vessels in the Potter's hand. Fervent prayers are ceaseless as prompted by the Holy Spirit...
9/12/2010 4:14:02 AM
Marva United States
What a beautiful little boy. Praying God will continue to hold him in His hands  -  and you as parents as well.
9/12/2010 9:53:43 AM
Claire United States
Poor Baby Bowen! But Jesus can HEAL! That is the wonderful part! I will be praying for baby Bowen daily!
9/12/2010 3:06:08 PM
Tandy United States
any updates on baby Bowen yet today?
9/14/2010 4:38:12 PM
Kelsey United States
What a beautiful little baby boy. I will continue to pray that God will heal little baby Bowen to make him strong and healthy.
9/18/2010 2:38:53 AM
Rose United States
He is adorable and God has a great plan for his life.  I am praying for your family.
9/23/2010 9:04:29 AM
heather United States
My 2 1/2 year old son has been praying for baby Bowen daily  since I heard this story and shared it with him(he even told his daddy about it a few days later and made him pray for baby Bowen :o))...thanks for sharing and giving others an opportunity to pray for this little miracle Laughing
2/28/2011 5:30:13 PM
kim United States
Sweet Baby Boy I am holding you in my heart and you will stay there! Once I saw your little face I knew you can beat this trial you are in and you will grow to be a strong man because of it. God speed sweet boy God speed!
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