Sep 16 2010

Is the "Dukes of Hazard" a classic?!

Talking about the return of Hawaii 5-0 to TV inspired Scott to declare that the "Dukes of Hazard" was classic TV. REALLY?! Kelli says "no way!" What do YOU think?
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9/7/2010 3:11:48 AM
Taylor United States
just for the guys. its just like dumb and dumber, i dont see the point in watching a movie like that.
9/7/2010 3:12:08 AM
jenny yeagle United States
jenny yeagle
It is a classic.  My son-in-law Matt now has 6 seasons of the Dukes of Hazard on dvd. They are sold in stores.
9/7/2010 3:12:20 AM
Billy Hicks United States
Billy Hicks
Yes the Dukes is a classic it had a fast sports car and good ole boys from the country!
9/7/2010 8:12:40 AM
Matt Brooks United States
Matt Brooks
Definitely a classic.
9/7/2010 8:12:58 AM
Sara Collins United States
Sara Collins
I liked the old show. I watched some of it with my brothers and my dad. It is seriously a classic. I grew up with the reruns.
9/7/2010 8:13:32 AM
John Smith United States
John Smith
"Dukes of Hazard" is very much a classic! It reminds me of my childhood when life was much more simple Smile, I had the "General Lee" toy car and used to sleep with it @ night LOL
9/7/2010 8:13:32 AM
Laurie Canada
I agree with Scott. I loved the Dukes of Hazard, but I guess I am a tomboy, I didn't like the remake of it just not the same.
9/7/2010 1:13:41 PM
Vicky S United States
Vicky S
Dukes of Hazzard was not just for guys. It was one of my favorites and couldn't wait to watch every week. I do agree that the movie didn't even come close to the "classic" show, but then, I'm somewhat of a tomboy, and will only drive a truck! Smile
9/7/2010 1:13:44 PM
Denise Delhaye United States
Denise Delhaye
Oh so with Scott....  The Dukes of Hazaed is a classic.  My kids even have them on cd.  I have the General Lee's horn on my cell phone!  This from a "Girl Fan"  Denise is South Elgin, IL.
9/7/2010 1:14:36 PM
Rachel United States
It is definitely a classic! Comedy, action, good ol' boys and a southern setting. What's not to love?
9/7/2010 6:14:40 PM
Lisa Oberdick, St. Clarisville, OHIO United States
Lisa Oberdick, St. Clarisville, OHIO
Dukes of Hazard a classic, NO WAY!! I remember my dad watching it all the time.  My personal opinion on classic tv shows,  Sonny and Cher, and Elvis Live from Hawaii(not really a weekly tv show but deff and classic) now THOSE are classic!!
9/7/2010 6:14:40 PM
Todd Powers United States
Todd Powers

P.S.  The "movie", if you really want to call it that, was an utter disgrace to the wholesome, character building, family TV that I enjoyed for years with my brother an father, once a week.

-Todd (40 yrs.)
9/7/2010 6:14:57 PM
Lisa Oberdick, St. Clarisville, OHIO United States
Lisa Oberdick, St. Clarisville, OHIO
Dukes of Hazard a classic, NO WAY!! I remember my dad watching it all the time.  My personal opinion on classic tv shows,  Sonny and Cher, and Elvis Live from Hawaii(not really a weekly tv show but deff and classic) now THOSE are classic!!
9/7/2010 11:15:52 PM
Jody Nieuwendorp United States
Jody Nieuwendorp
I loved the Dukes of Hazzard.  I think it is a classic.  but I will say I watched an episode the other night...hadn't seen it in years and it was a little cheesy!!
9/7/2010 11:16:13 PM
Kenny Short United States
Kenny Short
Scott, it was Enus Strait. The Dukes are a classic. There have been a lot worse shows on the t.v. and for that matter still are! They always helped the little people and showed that you help your neighbor, if that means jumping a car and yelling YYYEEE HHHHAAAAWWW that just makes it that much better, but when you win the race and donate the money to the orphanage that is true class!
9/7/2010 11:16:20 PM
Leanne Eager United States
Leanne Eager
Yes!!!! Every Friday night my nanny would have the grandkids over for a " yeehaw" party!  We would have popcorn or ice cream or something yummy She had made and we would watch the Dukes!!!!  Not a fan of the movie as it was over the top and strayed from the shoe to me. Also .....I grew u in valdosta, GA home of ENOS!  His TV laugh is real!
9/8/2010 4:16:52 AM
Rita United States
The Dukes of Hazzard was NOT just for the guys. I really enjoyed watching the wild driving and of course there was the added attraction of just seeing those two cuties Bo & Luke. The humor was pretty good too at least from the point of view of a southern girl(woman). Certainly it was more entertaining than The Brady Bunch.
9/8/2010 9:18:18 AM
Susan Pusateri United States
Susan Pusateri
Oh YES!!!  The Dukes was our Friday Night family entertainment when our kids were little.  I event bought a die cast metal Dukes car for my son Andrew's future children.  Sadly he died in January 2010  with no children.  Tomorrow would have been his 30th birthday.  We had wonderful family times around the Dukes.
9/8/2010 2:19:15 PM
cindae United States
Ok, I can see the point in the guys liking the Dukes with the hot cars and action.  I watched it as a high school student when I was not a Christian.  At the time I thought it was a sexist show that degraded the women in it (probably the influence of my high school and college professors). I would not recommend it today with the women in it with way too little clothing on their bodies.  Not something that I would want my son to see.  No, it is not a classic.  I think the action part of the show is probably ok, but when you put the scantily clad women in it (especially Daisy), and the suggestive dialogue, the show is not worth it.  
9/8/2010 2:19:32 PM
Lee Martinsen United States
Lee Martinsen
I do believe that The Dorks of Hazzard was truly a classic, that is a classic waste of an hour(3600 of my daily alloted 84,600 seconds every time that I watched it. I was often forced to watch it because my brother-in-law was 12 years old, and autistic, so I let him watch his Dorks of Hazzard. I suppose that it could be a classic if you were 12 years old when it was current. I was well past the age threshold of  considering The Dorks to be entertainment. Thank you and keep up the incredible work that you do. I love you guys.
9/8/2010 2:19:38 PM
Brett tullos United States
Brett tullos
The dukes of Hazzard is the best show ever made! I learned everything I ever  needed to know from that show. I learned about morals, how to fight, how to stand up for a lady and talk nice in front of a lady. And Daisy Duke was my first crush! Lol  I still watch it when I find it on tv.  It is definitely a classic. Thanks guys. Your station is the best!
9/8/2010 7:19:40 PM
Frank Dean
Frank Dean
The Dukes of Hazzard is most definitely a good old-fashioned American family classic with good morals. Uncle Jesse always kept God in his life lessons. My family and I love it so much that we built a General Lee, a Rosco car and are currently working on an Uncle Jesse truck. We have been to several events surrounding the love of This show and it has created many wonderful friendships and memories for us. I only wish some of the tv shows today had the decent morals of the Dukes...... Yee haw!!!
9/8/2010 7:20:29 PM
Angel United States
I am a 31yr old girl (kinda girlie - not too much) and I LOVE the Dukes of Hazzard!  I always have.  I would run to the tv at my grandparents to watch it with my cousin.  Wearing my general lee nightgown.  I did NOT like the remake - I thought it was an insult.   Kelly, put on your favorite jeans, wax the hood of the car and go for a slide - you can't help but smile!
9/9/2010 12:21:05 AM
Aimee Robichaud United States
Aimee Robichaud
Dukes of Hazard... a total classic from a "New Englander's" perspective.  I loved it, we watched it as a family, Dad, Mom, Sister and Brother.  

Though my Dad did not like Daisy Duke walking around in those tiny jean shorts and such.   But we all liked it.

9/9/2010 10:23:10 AM
Dana Andrade United States
Dana Andrade
I just have to say that I am a woman and the Dukes of Hazard is a Classic. It is such a Great show and so entertaining!! Bo, and Luke Duke and You can't forget Daisy Duke! I also have the DVD Box Set!!
9/9/2010 3:23:48 PM
Diann Beach United States
Diann Beach
Yes it's a classic- along with all those other shows like Love Boat, Gilligan's Island, Zoom and Brady Bunch!
9/9/2010 8:26:29 PM
Chasity Phillips United States
Chasity Phillips
Scott-it is Roscoe P. Coltrane not Enos P. Coltrane. Now, i have to tell you, when i met my husband in 2000, he had a "Dukes" room. he had showcases full of Dukes of Hazzard stuff. there was very few things that he didn't have that were of DoH. he eventually bought a DoH car and kept it until i was pregnant with our daughter. Get this, he sold 95% or more of his Dukes stuff to...are you ready? Ben Jones "Cooter Davenport" he actually came to our house to pick the stuff up! i guess you could say my husband is a major Dukes fan. CMT is now showing the Dukes of Hazzard again weeknights. My 7 yr old daughter talked about it for 2wks before it aired. WE LOVE THE DUKES OF HAZZARD!!!!
9/10/2010 1:26:56 AM
Cherie Logan United States
Cherie Logan
Dukes of Hazard is a country thing not just a guy thing.
Country females love it too!
9/10/2010 6:31:53 AM
Yvonne United States
Here's a two for one for klove today. This morning on my way to work I heard about the wow story re: the girl from America who sent the package to the girl she met in Armenia-then this afternoon I here you talking about the Dukes of Hazzard-well, my son who is 17 loves the Dukes and he's collected most of the DVD's of their seasons(which by the way on holidays are very hard to find) and  we have enjoyed letting him watch them 'cause it's good, clean fun. My husband and i enjoy watching them too-well my son having liked them for the past 4-5 years, he asked the week before his 14th birthday if I would email the "Duke boys" now that they are grown up and see if he could meet them, I told him I did not have those kind of connections but to ask the Lord. well, the next week we were in town and my son just happened to notice the sign for the movie theater said John Schneider would be there at that theater the upcomig Monday promoting his movie then "Hot Pursuit"--we were there with bells on-got lots of pictures, autographs for all of our Duke memorabilia, got to sit right behind him and watch the movie together and when the cars would make their jumps in his movie he was promoting, my son was the only one in the theater to yell "yee-high" but Mr Schneider looked straight at him signaling he knew he was a true duke fan!
God cares about us in ways we even dream about!
We Love K-Love!
9/10/2010 4:45:19 PM
Kim United States
The "Dukes" were part of many fun Friday nights for our family.  Since there was no school the next day, us kids got to stay up and watch the show. It was also special because Friday night was the one night every week we made popcorn and had soda!  That Friday night line-up was #1 because the Dukes came on @ 8, DALLAS @ 9, and MIAMI VICE @ 10pm.  They just had an all-Dukes weekend on CMT and it was fun to see some of the shows again.  It wasn't just for boys either. My sisters and I enjoyed watching the crazy car chases and we thought Luke & Bo were cute!
9/10/2010 4:45:36 PM
Katie United States
I could see scott as a dukes of hazard kind of guy
9/10/2010 9:59:45 PM
Mary Zabloudil United States
Mary Zabloudil
YES!!! Dukes of Hazard is a classic.  Here is why I think it is.  FAMILY VALUES. Yep. 1) Uncle Jessie took in "the kids" He was a crusty old man who despite wanting to be left alone, took care of his extended family instead of letting someone else do it. 2) No matter what the situation was, they were a family and stuck together against the "big, bad world" (Boss Hogg). 3) You always knew that no matter how many times Uncle Jessie yelled at the kids what a blamed fool thing to do, what were you boneheads thinking?? that he would never lock them out of the house (um, did the doors even have locks?). 4) Some how with all the car chases and such, the chores STILL got done.  YEEE---HAAWWHHH!!!
9/11/2010 3:19:28 AM
phillip roe United States
phillip roe
Yes it is a classic. My two boys love it and i don't have to be concerned about profanity and sexual content. The movie on the other should have never been released. i came to that conclusion just by watching 30 seconds of it. we need more shows like dukes of hazard,andy griffith and so forth.
9/11/2010 8:37:31 AM
John United States
The Dukes of Hazzard is a classic.  This year at the Chicago Auto Show the Volo museum was there with one of the original cars.  I got on my knees and pulled a Wayne Campbell--Wayne's World.  Also as a kid I went through four Dukes big wheels.  I told that to Ben Jones at a meet and greet and he just shoke his head.
9/11/2010 3:11:04 PM
kellye United States
YES it is a classic! I was raised on it. with only 3 channels to choose from, it was a weekly MUST!!!!  "mississippi grown, california home"
9/11/2010 8:48:41 PM
Steven United States
I think it is a clasic .
9/12/2010 1:50:09 AM
Steven United States
I thik it is a clasic .
9/12/2010 6:55:04 AM
tabitha childrey United States
tabitha childrey
i'm 15 and i say yes it is a classic!!! i think its awesome and NOT JUST FOR GUYS!!! sorry kelli but scott is right this time!!! Smile GO DUKES OF HAZZERD!!!!
9/12/2010 12:51:18 PM
diana johnson United States
diana johnson
dukes of hazard is a classic! i have them on dvd now and i had a bo duke nightgown when i was little.. i played with my brother out back in our yard (we had junk cars in the back)..we use to slide across them and jump thru the windows..that was some good times
9/12/2010 5:53:08 PM
diana johnson United States
diana johnson
ps.. cooter was out in arizona a few years ago witht he general lee and i got my pic taken with him..he also talked to my brother on the phone cuz hes a dukes fanatic and is in the service..that was very cool of him
9/13/2010 4:46:41 PM
Helen Hunter United States
Helen Hunter
anything that is more than 20 yaers old is a classic
9/13/2010 9:49:51 PM
Helen Hunter United States
Helen Hunter
9/14/2010 3:56:21 AM
Cassie Richwine United States
Cassie Richwine
I loved Dukes of Hazard, and I'm NOT from the country. Although I agree it is a "Classic" it's not up there with shows like -"I Love Lucy" or
some others...but I'm looking forward to seeing the new Hawaii 5-0. I enjoyed the new Battlestar Galactica,by Syfy channel; which i am just now getting into. (season 2). Anyway, Remake can be good, even better than the original sometimes.
Let's wait and see, okay?
9/14/2010 9:19:57 AM
Kelly United States
Maybe I don't know the meaning, but I don't think calling something a classic is solely based on whether it was a good show or not but the length of time since the show was on air. I thought it was a nice show and entertaining. Lets face it those Duke boys sure were cute and fun to watch. I would call it a classic. You don't see that many shows that are that similar to this show. So many shows these days and even some in the past were basically the same show with differnt characters. I mean the writers even passed around their scripts for all those westerns.
9/14/2010 3:43:14 PM
magon United States
okay i was trying and trying to call in to comment on this yesterday but couldnt get through :-(... dukes totaly not never into it.....but it would love to see come back even tho i dont think they could ever replace robin williams...MORK AND MINDY!!! .now thats a classic....NANOONANOO
9/15/2010 7:28:42 AM
Heidi United States
From a female perspective... Definitely a classic!
9/16/2010 1:00:55 PM
Amy Hottinger United States
Amy Hottinger
Definitely a classic.I am 15 and my family has all 7 seasons of The Dukes Of Hazard on DVD and my family loves the Dukes Of Hazard.
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