Sep 17 2010

Tony Horton's tips for making exercise fun for kids

Tony Horton, creator of the P90X workout series had some practical suggestions for getting your kids active in a fun, creative way. A recent article had some ideas as well...check it out here:

Listen to Tony talk about making exercise fun for kids - here.

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9/12/2010 11:05:08 AM
Linda Bottorff United States
Linda Bottorff
I just sent an email as I wasn't sure which way to go.  I am finally trying to take care of myself for a change along with my husband, 2 children, career, home, cat.......  I am not an athletic person and usually avoid moving my body much at all.  Due to some recent health issues I need to lose some of the baby weight I put on with my last child ( he will be 12 in November) about time!  I even asked for a Wii for Mother's Day.  How sad is that!  I have heard a px90 is good but don't know much else about it.  Winning one would help keep me motivated to be healthier for my family!  Thanks, Linda
9/12/2010 9:17:49 PM
Rene' Cruz United States
Rene' Cruz
all the women in my family are short and obese.  at 5' 4" my sister is the tallest of three girls and our mother.  in dec 09, i realized i was turning 49 in 2010.  listening to and being concerned for my sisters and mother regarding the health issues they are facing as we all age, i realized i did not want to follow in those traditions.  i started weight watchers and have lost enough now that i feel good but am at a stand still.  i think i now have to increase my activity in order to continue my trend.  the things i enjoy doing were becoming more and more difficult and the weak back, neck, headaches, that i would suffer from just from doing what i like to do was very wearing on me and my family.  i need to strengthen my back & neck, core to become even healthier than i have by losing weight.  i work 50+ hours a week so it is difficult to get to the gym.  my children keep telling me about the P90X program but i have yet to try it or even check into it.  I am determined not to continue the trend my family has had for generations and am hoping to provide encouragement and inspiration to the other women in my family and be amn example of the neices and nephews that are already starting on the wrong path to fitness and nutrition.
9/13/2010 2:24:05 AM
David & Angela Baratta United States
David & Angela Baratta
I could not find where to enter the story to win the P90X or the book so I will enter it here and hope for the best.
My husband and I were extremly overweight a few years ago, long story short, he found out he was type 2 diabetes so we joined a gym and lost some of the weight. After a time of taking meds he was praying one day that God would heal him. His healing came but he learned he had to apply himself a bit more. After aprox. 6 years of taking meds, 2 for diabetes 1 for high blood pressure he is off everything. David has lost about 80 lbs. and is NO LONGER diabetic. Yes, it is possible even though he still has people doubting him. But his healing came from God, and you just can't doubt God!
I am not sure the exact poundage I have lost but I do know I was a size 28 and I am now a size 10-12
It isn't always easy, you need to find the time to work out and our time just so happens to be at 3:00 am it is not always easy to get up at this time, but with the motivation that comes seeing your clothes getting looser & your health drastically improving. You will see it is worth it!
Thanks, Angela & David
9/13/2010 12:41:27 PM
Kristie Sigle United States
Kristie Sigle
I have struggled with my weight since the birth of my daughter who turned 13 this year. I was okay until I got a sit down job and went through a divorce. I gained some weight and then lost it for awhile. My schedule changed and it made it harder to go the gym. I got busy being a single parent and working two jobs. I got remarried and we hoped to have a lot of kids together. I found out that I have PCOS,which is polycystic ovary syndrome. One side effect is infertility. Doctors tell me if I lose weight that side effect plus other side effects will or should go away. I am going to school plus taking care of my daughter so  my life is still very full. I struggle with getting up in the morning early enough to work out and when I get home I am too tired and too busy to work out.
9/14/2010 4:48:39 AM
Mimi United States
In regards to today's subject!

Life would cease to exist, if real books were not available anymore.  I absolutely love old books!  The hair on my neck rose up when I heard you speaking on this subject. Never, never will I read a book on something electronic!
That's my 2 cents worth on this subject
9/14/2010 9:29:11 PM
Christine Reichert United States
Christine Reichert
I heard about the contest only in passing since it was mentioned just as I got off work but I've been really wanting to say this.

I turn 50 the day after Christmas and I took care of everyone: kids, friends, strangers, except me. I've gotten 50-60 pounds overweight. I listen to my dad tell me how hard it is for him to walk 30 feet without gasping for breath. His health is terrible, in part to being overweight, out of shape and an "I'm mad at the world", bitter, self-pitying mindset." My stepmother is 5'4" and probably 330 pounds and my mother-im-law was the largest woman I'd ever met 30 years ago and she's still larger than all but a few in a hugely obese world. They both have trouble even walking. My biological mother, also obese has emphysema and can hardly walk either.

I go twice a day to help a former co-worker go to the bathroom. She had a stroke 14 years ago but was given enough help with a scooter, a modified van and bedside commode to work for 12-13 years and live independent. She is diabetic and still has and eats more sweets than my family of six ever considered because she'll even things out with an insulin shot. She's in very poor health, very overweight. In February she twisted and broke a bone in her leg that had a brace on it due to the stoke. She was in a nursing home four months. She came home because the care was horrific. But she couldn't go to the bathroom by herself because she can't pull up her pants or wipe and can't get out of the wheelchair. She's been sleeping in her wheelchair for over a month and her only really pleasure is television and food.

I am finally beginning to learn to take care of myself. God convicted me when I was careless enough to cut myself deeply again with a knife that I treat my house better than I care for me. He is convicting me when I don't spend money on proper nutrition that I care for my dogs better, too. I am exercising during my lunch break and walking the dogs in the evening after I drive over to my daughter's house she we can walk together and help her overweight pomapoo.

It's hard to lose motivation when this morning and evening I will help my friend go to the bathroom and this evening I will do my Saturday call to dad and hear him complain. Right now is when I have the choice on how I will be in 30 years or even in ten. If I was caring for a church building would I treat it like I treat myself? No. I've treated enemies with more kindness than I do myself sometimes. We are told to deny ourselves and serve others but that fed codependency for me. But, I am God's temple and He wants me to take care of myself. I'm finally learning that is the right not the wrong thing to do.
9/15/2010 2:45:38 PM
Jason Vannier United States
Jason Vannier
I think that screaming kids and their families should be allowed in restaraunts. When I was in the Coast Guard, my wife and I had just had our daughter and were in an IHOP. Our daughter started screaming and would not calm down. We started eating in shifts, I would take our daughter out while my wife ate and visa versa. When I went to finally pay for our meal, the waitress said another couple saw our difficulty and paid for our breakfast. If we banned screaming kids from restaraunts, how can I bless others the way I was.
9/17/2010 9:10:17 AM
Andrea Acton United States
Andrea Acton
I have endured many hardships through out my adult life.  My way of "dealing" with "life's little troubles" was to push it aside and do what I had to do to get by and raise two children.  After 12 years of dealing  with my troubles this way, it caught up with me.  In 2004 I sank into a deep depression.  I ate all the time, didn't clean at all, and slept as a means to escape reality.  I sank so low that I attempted suicide in 2005.  It scared me so much that I sought help and am doing much better now.  The only thing left to tackle is the 100 lbs I put on my 5'2" frame from the depression.  I am sure that something like P90X would help me in my quest, but am unable to afford the program.  It would mean more to me than anyone could ever know to lose my unwanted weight.  Please find it in your heart to help me on my journey.  Thanks.
9/18/2010 9:03:22 AM
Anthony Gick United States
Anthony Gick
I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I can honestly say that I have never been skinny. The biggest impact that my weight had on my life was when I was in the Navy. Due to my weight issues I ended up slipping 2 disks in my lower back early in my Navy career, I loved the Navy but due to the injury I was discharged after 8 years of service to my beloved country. I worked on the flight deck and there is nothing more thrilling and scerene that a high tempo flight deck in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. After I was discharged from the Navy I became depressed, everything that I loved and that really brought me joy came crashing down all around me. You see, I was also a volunteer with the local rescue squad. I loved helping people and making a bad situation better. There was nothing more personaly rewarding as seeing the positive results from CPR. With a back injury I was forced to leave the rescue squad. with all the heartache I became angry at the world and at God. I just couldnt understand why God would take all that I loved and the things that brought me the most joy in mylife away. After turning my back on God and making very poor life choices it was not until about a year ago as my marriage was becomming to crumble around me because of my anger, depression, and rage that I had to take a step back and come to the relization that God took these things from me because he is a jealous God and he wanted my joy and passion for him and not the rescue squad or the Navy. As my marriage crumbled around me so did my Job. I did not loose my job as a firefighter but I had to transfer to another fire department because I was constatly hazed, demeened, and belittled because of my weight. with all this going on I was diognosted with depression and my anger continued to grow, to the point that my wife really didnot want to be married to me and my 2 and 3 year old boys no longer ran to the door when I came home. I knew at this point God was the only solution. It is awsome that even though I turned my back on God he was there right beside me waiting for me to turn back to him and cry out to him and allow him to hold me and carry me. I am still overweight, I now have high cholesteral, deal with cronic lower back pain, and my knees are shot due partially to working 20 hour days on a steel flight deck but mostly because I am overweight. I look back and I see so much that I missed out in life because I was and am overweight. TO be able to live life to the fullest would be awsome. Listening to the P90X interview really does give me hope and inspiration to become healthy. I understand now that God has to be number 1 and weight loss is after God. God deserves all of me, not part of me. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement.

Anthony Gick
9/18/2010 3:46:04 PM
Heidi Cooper United States
Heidi Cooper
Okay... so my husband and I were not too happy with our current state of fitness.  Well I just happened to be listening to Klove about 7 weeks ago.  I heard Tony Horton talking about P90x on Klove.  I thought WHAT I just can't get away from this feeling of needing to get fit so I can better serve the God who made me.  I was shocked to hear Tony Horton on a Christian radio station but what he said really sank in.  He was talking about struggles between couples when one is working out and the other isn't.  Well... I knew my husband had been looking into P90X for a while but I just thought there was no way I could do it.  I am as anitathletic as a person can be.  Needless to say I took God's not so subtle prodding and we made the investment into the program we are in our fifth week.  My husband has lost 14 lbs and I have lost 12.  My back pain has virtually gone away and I am almost excited about working out now.  I can't do all the reps yet and I take breaks but wow have I seen results in me and my husband.  Thank you so much for having Tony on the show and encouraging my husband and me.  To all the listeners who may read this working out as a couple has really been helpful.  We have made it this far and have no intention of stopping.
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