Sep 17 2010

What have you sold at a garage sale that you never thought you would sell?!

Kelli is planning a garage sale and we started thinking about the stuff people are willing to pay money for! What have you sold at a garage sale that you NEVER thought would sell? Share your story here!

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9/11/2010 9:14:33 AM
JJ United States
I know. It is crazy. I am 14 and my mom has yard sales at the beginning and end of almost every summer. Sometimes the things you think will really sell like a entertainment center won't sell, but a bag of pencils will...Really?
9/11/2010 2:19:25 PM
Jennie United States
Kelli, here is an idea for your books and your garage sale. I also like to own my books and I used to have a hard time parting with them. Then I found where I could create a virtual bookshelf with all the books I have read. I could also invite friends and share my latest reads with them and find out what they are reading. Now I only keep my most favorite books and store the rest on my virtual shelf. My house is a lot less cluttered and my husband is happier when we move! P.S. I never thought I would like an e-reader, but I got one recently and I love it!!!

9/11/2010 7:19:54 PM
Stephanie United States
We had a garage sale a couple of months ago. We had some great stuff, but a guy bought our rotisserie that wouldn't even come on!! -He did know this ahead of time- Not sure what he was going to do with that, but it's out of my junk!!
9/12/2010 12:24:14 AM
Carol Allen United States
Carol Allen
We had a garage sale for our youth group to raise money for a 6 Flags trip & I put an ad in the paper but forgot to put where the sale was at .. well, we had these huge white old ladies pumps and we laughed about Who?? would buy those - they were the first to go, we were busy with sales all day..someone tried to buy an old broom with bristles that were about an inch long that was in the corner of the garage not for sale, and an old crippled dog that didn't belong to anyone it just appeared under the porch the day of the sale. At the end of the day we told our last buyer he could have the rest for free if he loaded it up and hauled if off.. we made over $500 that day without advertising. It was a fun, laughable, GREAT day!
9/12/2010 5:31:35 AM
RS United States
We had a church yard sale once where someone donated a bin of kidney beans for the event.  The beans weren't in a sealed bag or anything, so who knows what life those beans had lived before they were brought to the church yard sale!  Anyway, we just couldn't bring ourselves to put a price on these beans so we set up a table of **FREE** items and placed the beans on there. Low and behold, a woman came to the sale, picked up the bucket of beans and brought them to the cashier.  Though the item was free she paid $0.05 for the beans.  Amazing.  I'm still a bit baffled by this, but God bless her if she could use those beans!
9/12/2010 10:44:56 AM
Rick United States
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,...

Yah! Garage sales are a lot of work.  Some will come by early, early and offer to buy a "lot" so know what estimate you are willing to accept.  Also be sure there is more than one person present all the time, and keep little cash for transactions outside. Never let anyone come into your house or garage.  AND find out what local charity is open in the afternoon so that you can take what didnt sell to them. Otherwise you end up with all the junk back in your house or garage!  HAVE I THOROUGHLY DEPRESSED YOU YET? HA!HEE! WHOO--eeee!  Tell Scott he needs to get up @ 4AM and come help you set up AND keep using GERM-OFF so you dont get his "SNOTTY" STUFF ALL OVER EVERYTHING AND INFECT THE WHOLE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY!!hahahahahah---IT's FRIDAY, SCOTT, beTHANKFUL!  KEEP UP ALL YOUR GOOD CHEER AND JOY!
9/12/2010 8:49:36 PM
Mary Fitzgerald United States
Mary Fitzgerald
Last month we were really strapped for cash, didn't know how we'd make it to the end of the month.  I was reminded of the widow with the oil and asked myself what do you have in your home.  So I had a garage sale and asked the Lord to bless it. We did pretty good for a mid-month sale. The next weekend I was pulling things out of the garage to clean up.  People started showing up and asking if things were for sale! God is so good!!! We were able to keep food on the table and gas in the vehicles for the rest of the month!
9/13/2010 1:53:17 AM
Mary Waterloo United States
Mary Waterloo
At my father's estate sale I sold a jar that held the remains of a once-record-holding coral snake, preserved in formaldehyde.  I got $5 for it.
9/13/2010 6:59:21 AM
Darci United States
Yard sales ! can be a blessing.

we live in Nv, highest unemployment etc. Husband a carpenter - is working as a handyman, praise God he always seems to get just enough to keep us going - I work full time. 2 kids etc.  this spring we were trying to sell our Jet Skiis because Steve had to go into Knee surgery and he would be unable to work - tried craigslist, newpaper, everything. then last ditch effort - yardsale.  2 days before surgery (that we could not afford) Jet skiis sold that sat to a family from our church who happened along and did not try to talk us down on the price - in the nick of time - God always pulls us through.
9/13/2010 5:26:46 PM
Michelle Palmer United States
Michelle Palmer
My mom went to a garage sell once and bought a brass fish that was over two feet long.  We packed that thing up and it moved everywhere we did.  Over 15 years later it is still in the same spot under the t.v. So I guess you can sell just about anything.
9/14/2010 8:58:01 AM
rrhoop United States
I had a very extensive collection of Smurfs (figures, stuffed animals, books, etc). I decided I was going to get rid of the stuffed animals that were sitting on top of the box of smurf figures and I told my husband that he could sell the stuffed smurfs. I was in the house & he popped his head in, asking what did I want to sell the smurfs for. I told him $3. After they left, I discovered that my ENTIRE SMURF COLLECTION was GONE and was sold for $3. I probably had $1,000 worth of smurfs in that box. I was sooooo mad. I put an add in the paper hoping they would bring them back but they never did. My husband felt so bad and it took a long time before I quit bringing it up. My mom spent hours going around to garage sales & flea markets buying these things (the rarer ones cost $25 a piece) By the way, this was about 8 years ago and I still get aggrivated when it comes to mind. Thanks for asking this question!!! lol. Even though I told him the stuffed animals only...I should have brought the box in the house.
9/14/2010 2:38:31 PM
Brooke United States
When sorting through our yard sale items, my son had a very-well-played-with darth vader transformer that was in broken peices. I was going to toss it, but he still talked, so I thought I'd put it in the yard sale first. He was quite excited to get two dollars for it!
9/14/2010 9:49:16 PM
Debbie United States
I sold a 1975 Kenmore sewing machine - heavy as all get-out.  Not remotely new, but not close to being an antique either.  It did sew, though, when the cord was in a just-right position.  (I did divulge that info, btw!)
9/15/2010 8:27:11 PM
Dave United States
My wife and I have conducted yard sales for several years, sometimes as many as 3 a year; have even had loyal "customers" who returned year after year - sale after sale. Getting to know them was great, even old friends would show up looking for bargains. Have sold such things as old hand tools, used doors, hinges & hardware; very sad looking furniture; a lot of very commom knick knacks and miscellaneous houseware; and the list goes on. Key is - don't price based on sentimental or your subjective value - be relaistic. And if you get an offer below asking price on a "quality" item you think will sell later at asking price, resist doing so. I've been left with items that should have sold and would have but for my falure to sell it when the opportunity arose. Had to sell it at next sale for much less. Have fun with it.
9/16/2010 4:29:38 AM
Mike United States
My wife Sandi and I used to have seasonal garage sales, but early on when sorting out what we thought was trash people started searching through the trash pile and asking "How much". So we stopped throwing things away till after the sale.
9/16/2010 11:03:16 AM
Pamela United States
When I joined the Navy I needed to sell my car and my mom and one of her friends was having a combined yardsale so I put a FOR SALE sign on my AMC Spirit and parked in front of her house. I sold it for $400!
9/16/2010 4:08:53 PM
Xandra Sharpe United States
Xandra Sharpe
Half-used shampoo and body wash sold like hotcakes at a garage sale a while back.  I was super surprised!!
9/16/2010 9:30:40 PM
katie m.l United States
katie m.l
a brass fish??? 15 years???? awsome and very very true u can sell probally just bout anything.....:o
9/20/2010 3:23:17 AM
Vikki Tiffany United States
Vikki Tiffany
We'd had an old Suburban parked in our driveway for years.  The engine was blown, the paint was faded, and the lining of the roof interior was falling.  I put a "For Sale" sign on it, & thought I'd be lucky to get a couple hundred dollars for it.  Someone came along and offered me $500, then someone came along & offered more.  Then someone else, then another.  I've since lost track of how many people offered to buy it, but I believe, in the end, I received about $4,000 for it!!  "One man's junk...."
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