Sep 21 2010

Matthew West unveils his new music!

Matthew West is our guest today and we are SO excited! His new album "The Story of Your Life" comes out October 3rd and today we get to hear some new songs for the first time! Not only that, we'll call some KLOVE listeners to let them know that Matthew has written a song about their story!

Listen to Matthew on K-LOVE below:

Matthew West talks about his new CD and touring.

Matthew shares the story of Tanya Burns and the song Strong Enough.

Matthew, Scott & Kelli call Tanya Burns to tell her about the story of her life and the song "Strong Enough."

Matthew talks about sharing the stories of those who sent them to him.

Matthew talks about telling some jokes Scott told him on stage. Hosting the Dove Awards (if invited).

Matthew shares Ginny's story and the song he wrote based on it, "The Healing Has Begun."

Matthew West calls Ginny to share the song he wrote based on her story.

Matthew hears Ginny's reaction to her song based on her story.


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9/12/2010 11:40:39 AM
Kerri United States
I'm listening to your show today and LOVING Matthew's new song!! Thank you all so much for touching my life by just being on the air!
9/12/2010 11:41:11 AM
Julie United States
Okay. I am listening to "Strong Enough" and I have chills. Perfection, Matthew. Well done.
9/12/2010 4:52:50 PM
Ava United States
I so hope Matthew is still there and I am able to tell him I am so excited to get his new CD. I have heard now two songs from it and even though it was not about my life they were written,I can relate to them. I was a mother and a wife at age 13...I come from a childhood of abuse of every kind...I lived a life of drugs for about 6yrs and by the grace of God I am now a "BUTFOR" But for the grace of God there go I. I love K-LOVE and I listen to it ALL the time. Thnak you Matthew...Thank you Scott and Kelli...Thank you K-LOVE and most of all THANK YOU MY FATHER FOR YOUR MERCY AND GRACE!!!!!
9/12/2010 9:54:07 PM
Amy United States
Can you tell me the name of the brand new song that Matthew West just sang on KLOVE?  It was around 5:40 pm central time.  It really spoke to my heart and I felt like God sent me that song at that very moment because I needed to hear it.

I appreciate your ministry so much.

9/13/2010 2:55:01 AM
magon United States
that first lady yall were talking about the single mom that grew up with her daughter and the struggles they have gone through..and talking about being strong enough.really hit home....i had my first child when i was 19,..i have three kids all together and now im a single mother...still growing up with my can definetly be hard..but with God anything and everything is possible
9/13/2010 12:58:14 PM
Kenzie United States
WOW! I love the song "Strong Enough". It was amazing! The verse from Philippians is one of my favorites, so it's really cool that it was in the song. Love it, can't wait to hear more! Smile
9/13/2010 11:06:24 PM
Shannon United States
I just heard Matthew West's new song "Strong Enough" and it just touched my life right where i am. Lately I have been feeling really burdened with life and have been telling my friends "Im drowning, Im drowning, I can't do this anymore!" To the point where I recently was crying on my way to school. Well coming home today I was listening to some music i probably could have gone without, and I just felt God saying to turn to KLOVE. As I did Matthew West started playing his new song and it changed everything. Through your song, Matthew, God just revealed to me that yes I am not strong enough but "I DON'T NEED TO BE! As long as i Call on Him, he will carry me through the mountains I can't climb." Thank you so much.
9/13/2010 11:06:37 PM
Jamie French United States
Jamie French
I love Matthew West's music. The new stuff sounds great as well and I cannot wait for the new one to come out! As I was listening I thought I would ask you all to pray for a 9 yr old little boy in our community named Rowdy who was hurt when a 900 lb hay bale fell on top of him. His skull was smashed and both legs broken. He has a brain injury along with other problems. He is in the Childrens hospital in Denver, CO. It has been 2 weeks and he is still in a coma. Please pray for healing for this boy. If you want to know more about him visit his facebook page "Cowboy Rowdy".
Thanks - Jamie French
9/14/2010 9:14:04 AM
Doug United States
The songs in this new recording by Matthew West will minister to many people now and in the future. Thank you for sharing them.
9/14/2010 2:16:13 PM
kerrie United States
I love the song Matthew West sang "You must think I'm strong..."  Are the lyrics available anywhere yet?  I have a friend who is going through too much and needs encouragement. thanks
9/15/2010 12:18:53 AM
Gayla Burris United States
Gayla Burris
I just wanted to tell Matthew that his song You Are Everything describes me to a T. When I hear the first two piano notes my heart jumps with joy and I know that I am going to get to sing the words to Jesus that tell Him exactly how I feel about Him. God has truly blessed your voice. I pray that you continue to honor Him with it.
9/15/2010 5:20:13 AM
Misty United States
I heard the story that goes with the new song "Strong Enough" and the song. It made me realize that each person has their own "mountains" that seem unreachable and that when we are at the bottom of the mountain we often fail to see the other mountains around us. I think back on the mountains of my life and how the rest of the world disappeared. Matthew's other song "My Own Little World" made me also realize that God gives us the strength to overcome but He also, in that same strength, gives us the ability to help others overcome. And if my weakness allows God to use me to help others find God, then I couldn't ask for anything other than more mountains!! Can't wait for the new CD!!
9/15/2010 10:23:35 AM
Jade Burton United States
Jade Burton
I was listening to "strong enough" by Matthew West and balled like a baby. It's my son's 4 year birthday today and little did I know at the time, he was born in complete kidney failure. He started dialysis at six weeks old and had a kidney transplant at 19months old. He has had 35 surgeries and is my inspiration in life! Matthew's song has really encouraged me!!! Thank you all!!!
9/15/2010 8:41:05 PM
Pam Vandervoort United States
Pam Vandervoort
Strong Enough could be my daughter's song. Her story is similar in many ways to Tonya's daughters. On Aug 18, 2007 when she was 19 yrs old, she was in a near fatal car accident. She received 3rd and 4th degree burns from the hips down resulting in the loss of her right leg below the knee and having to have her left foot... reconstructed using her abdominal muscle. She has had 20 surgeries and spent 8 wks in the burn unit. Phil 4:13 got her through. A friend drew her picture and wrote the verse on a poster the hung in her hospital room. A year after she recovered, she got a tatoo between her shoulder blades that has 2 angel wings and says "God's Will, My strength" Strong Enough could be her song, too.
9/16/2010 6:47:56 AM
Erika Avalos United States
Erika Avalos
I sat here in my car listening to the song "Strong Enough" and cried like I had not done so in a long time reminding me of what my life has been through.  Great reminder that yes we could not through our hardships without His hand's help.  
9/16/2010 11:50:04 AM
D United States
I just heard Matthew West's song to Jenny "Healing Has Begun". I just want to say how much this song touched me. I have hid a secret for so long. It wasn't abortion but it was childhood sexual abuse, abuse, and rape. This was over a 20yr period. Back in May, God asked me to go on a journey, and I couldn't understand. But out of obedience to Him, I went. I didn't know what laid around the bend for me but if I had of known I don't think I would have gone. God wanted me to start dealing with all those years of pain and hurt that I buried so long ago. Well after several months of working through this, God has now been using me to minister with women who have also gone through abuse, and sexual assault of various kinds. God can give hope, and He can heal. He's done it for me, and I know He can do it for others.
9/16/2010 10:17:42 PM
Julian United States
Hey, i have loved hearing Wests song on here and can't wait to hear more. i have loved the stories and what you have talked about. But, my friend ca't listen right now because he's not in range(out in the boonies) and i would love for him to hear what you guys have talked about for this session. i really like the song Healing Has begun. I have a lot of friends that can relate to that story in SOME way. Is there going to be a recording of it or a vidieo later on this webcite??
9/17/2010 2:11:47 PM
Rosie United States
I praised and thanked our Father for Klove and Matthew West as I listened to "Broken Girl".  I am now 65 and I was molested numerous times by my Grandad from the ages of 9-12 or so.  He was an elder in the church and loved and admired by all. I never said a word to anyone because I felt so used and ugly.  I wouldn't even look in the mirror more than necessary to comb my hair until I was 25 years when my prayer group began to make me feel beauitful inside.  I burried my pain of Grandad for many years until my aunt called my dad and wondered why her daughters spent the night with him after Grankie's funeral.  Then I told and 2 of my others also told.  But I had burred the pain deep inside me.  When I was 64 as I talked to a counselor, she asked if anything bad had happened to me in my childhood.  As an after thought of what I remembered Grandad pierced my heart and I told her about him and I cried.  I still have counseling to try to go back and see him again and tell him how he made us feel
9/18/2010 10:45:08 AM
Shannon United States
I had just got off work and was burdened to spend the evening at my parents house. Mom keeps a radio in the bathroom, and it is always tuned into KLOVE. I just happend to make it into the bathroom when the story of "Strong Enough" started. I have had a very rough summer, and when Matthew said that this young lady said that "God must think that I'm pretty strong". It touched me so much, because God must think I'm pretty strong too. After spending I don't know how long with God, and thanking Him for the song and the strength it gave me, I had to share with my mom. Afterwards, I caught the end of the story behind "The Healing Has Begun", when Matthew said something about chapters in our lives that we just want to remove, so that no one can ever read them, it was as if he was talking about me. I know God has a plan for me, and I know that after everything that has happend, I know that the healing has begun. Thank you so much Matthew, you helped to remind me that my God does not want me to hurt, and today I can honestly say, that the healing has begun, because through God I'm strong enough to get through it.
9/18/2010 3:48:32 PM
Rachel Morris United States
Rachel Morris
Hey there! I loved the new songs.  Klove is the ONLY radio station that I can get for the full 2 hour commute from my home in the center of the Sierra Nevada to work on the other side.  I'm finding myself wanting to call in several times and its always where I don't have cell coverage.  I heard Kelli talking about her hardwired fire alarms.  All of them should have a big button on them that if you depress it for 30 seconds, it will reset the system.  If it continues, you can call your local fire department and ask your fire marshal to come out and look at the system to make sure there's no problems.  Hope that helps.
9/19/2010 2:41:27 AM
Leann United States
Not all of the links work!!! I unfortunately missed "The Healing Has Begun" and am really looking forward to hearing it! But none of the 3 links from that segment contain it! Also, the last file is like a second long! I just wanted to let someone know so that everyone can enjoy all that Matthew had to share with us today!!

I am a huge fan and cannot wait for this new album and the new tour! He is such an inspiration and continues to do God's work in all he does! His music has helped strengthen my relationship with my Lord and I am so thankful for all he shares with us!
9/20/2010 4:58:46 AM
Amanda United States
I think it is totally kool that people can inspire others to write songs about their story about how they came to know christ.
9/21/2010 2:11:29 AM
Cheryle United States
I live in a small town Called Sandy in Oregon and our youth students did see you at the pole this am!! I am so proud of them and the courage they had standing there as the buses and all the other kids showing up at school!! I am so proud of them!! There was atleast 20 kids there. The strength they had in these times!! Gives me chills!

Thank you Jesus!!
9/22/2010 10:01:53 AM
Danielle United States
Wonderful job depicting the emotions and feelings of the Byrnes' family in "Strong Enough".  It is wonderful that Matthew West is reaching out to his fellow Christians through true stories. I'll be praying for this family, will you do the same? Haleigh & Tonia still have a lot to get through. Praying for a full recovery and a normal life for Haleigh, and strength from God for Tonia to help Haleigh though it.
10/4/2010 7:10:54 AM
Ricky Ukraine
I'll use this on my own blog .
. will link 2 you of course Thanks
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