Sep 22 2010

Biggest Loser Is An Eye opener!!

As I was watching Biggest Loser last night, I saw stories of abuse and discrimination toward people who were overweight!  The thing that struck me was it seems many people find discrimination toward those who are overweight to be ok!  Now perhaps I am little more sensative than most because I too have endured the same type of discrimination, but the show last night showed that someones's outward appearance isn't what makes them an beautiful person, it's what is on the inside!  My hope is that we all learn NOT TO JUDGE, at times, we all are guilty, but in Christ, there is no room for such behavior.

I found a quote of what True Beauty is all about!

"There is only one kind of beauty that can transcend time, and many women possess it. It is, of course, beauty of the spirit that lights the eyes and transforms even a plain woman into a beautiful one. Women with wit, charm, and warmth, who are interested in others and forget themselves, and who accept each stage of life gracefully, are the lasting beauties of this World--and the happiest."

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9/16/2010 1:31:22 AM
Pam Mulfinger United States
Pam Mulfinger
Dear Scott and Kelli just heard the lady that said that she lost her 4 month old baby, my heart goes out to her but I praise her for saying that the baby is with the LORD.  My Mother went though this but my brother was 27 and everyone couldn't believe how strong she was during all the services and she said:  THE LORD GIVETH AND THE LORD TAKETH AWAY.  This isn't to say that she didn't grieve I now she did but I also think she felt that the LORD was with her.
9/16/2010 11:37:27 AM
Jasminn United States
Hi I'm 13 and what I don't get is why they don't make fun of skinny people just fat people
9/16/2010 9:45:16 PM
Grace Mae United States
Grace Mae
Hi Kelli and Scott!

I heard to about the lady who lost her 4 month old baby. I am praying for her and the whole family.
God Bless and Keep you always, Grace
9/17/2010 6:44:11 PM
Dave McAdams United States
Dave McAdams
Scott, Thanks so much for sharing your heart about this topic. We have Students in our Ministry that have been fighting this battle and this was a perfect way to explain it. May the Lord bless you and keep you may His Face shine upon you today. In HisOverFlow, Dave
9/18/2010 3:18:00 PM
Beth United States
Has i watched the biggest loser I could see the pain within people that have caused them to deal with life they way they have.  Whether you are skinny or overweight you deal with pain in different ways, and the only one that can heal you of that pain and bring you out on the other side is Jesus Christ!!  
I don't see the Biggest Loser has something that is making fun of someone because they are overweight or discriminating against them, but trying to help them and encourage them to take care of themselves and live a more healthier way!
As followers of Christ we are to honor our bodies to God for we are temples of the Holy Spirit, this is in how we take care of our physical body along with our souls (mind, will, emotions) We are body,soul, and spirit and I believe in order to be fully effective for Christ we need to take care of all three equally! When one suffers the other two suffer.  Why would God not want us to  take care of the temple that He so perfectly made?We need to rely on Him for this, because in our flesh we cannot do it! We are fearfully and wonderfully made!!
Let our prayer be that we honor ourselves to God in ALL that we say and do!!  He is Worthy!!  Thank you!  

9/18/2010 8:45:41 PM
Nickole United States
recentley my five year old daughter came home frome school and told me that another child told her that she would not be friends with her because she was fat. This broke my heart as well as her's. My daughter is the most careing, helpful little girl. I didnt think that my husband and I would have to deal with this while she is in kindergarten. We told her that God has made her beautiful inside and out, no matter what anyone else tells her. The Lord will always love her and be with her, as well as her family.
9/19/2010 3:07:48 AM
Kelly United States
I just wanted to say about that woman on Biggest Loser that you were talking about. She has the prettiest hair. I mean if I had her hair I would be extatic. I hate that her mother couldn't see what a beautiful daughter she has and love her the way a mother is supposed to love their daughters. In the end she will or has already lost the most valuable and loving and lovable person in her life. I love biggest loser and I agree that people are discriminatory about weight but the worst offenders are the ones who are supposed to love them, ie the family and especially the parents. What good did her mother do none. She just made it worse. I hope her and the others on this show get healthy and get their self respect and love themselves in the end. I have never been over weight but many in my family are and most of my friends are overweight. I love them very much. I know what it feels like to be put down and considered unloveable. Because even though I am not overweight I have never been what most people think of as pretty. I have never had a long time relationship. I kind of connect in some ways with those who go on this show in that way.
9/20/2010 9:53:44 AM
Debbie United States
I totally agree that people that are overweight should not be made fun of or discriminated against.  I love the Biggest Loser!  The brave contestants on the show inspire me.  But, I think that we need to take responsibility for ourselves and our children to end the upswing that is happening in our country with obesity becoming an epidemic.  In March of this year I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  On May 24th I underwent a bilateral mastectomy with total reconstruction (a 7 hour surgery).  My Oncologist told me the best thing I can do to prevent cancer from returning is to get down to a healthy weight.  I am currently about 50-60 lbs. overweight.  I have a 9 year old son that is also overweight.  My husband can stand to lose a few pounds as well.  Our family has made a commitment to change our lifestyle.  As of August 30th we exercise daily and have totally changed our diet.  I am happy to say, I have lost 9 lbs., my son has lost 8 lbs. and my husband has lost 7 lbs.  It is a lot of work, but, the alternative is not one that I will accept any longer.  As adults we have to take the initiative to raise healthy children.  How many 9 year olds go grocery shopping?  For any parent who tells their overweight child they will never be loved, look in the mirror.  Who is in control?  Teach your children healthy habits.  We can change the future!  These past three weeks have been difficult.  Many prayers have been said for strength to continue this healthy lifestyle change.
9/20/2010 8:38:01 PM
Laurie United States
As a young woman...too young to get married...I chose to marry the father of my baby.  It was a very small and informal wedding with very few family members present.  As I took my father's arm to walk down the aisle, his words of wisdom to me were "don't put on weight like your mother did".  WOW!  Really dad?  That's what you've got for me?  That really stung.  Obviously these are the things that stick with us for a lifetime.  
9/21/2010 6:42:31 AM
Beth United States
Opps!  In regard to my comment above,I re-read the article, sorry i misread the first part of the article, about the discrimation. Yes people do discriminate against heavy people.  
Jillian on Biggest Loser herself said once that thin people can be just has out of shape as heavy ones.  I use to be heavier,but have lost weight.  I need to exercise just like everyone to take care of my body!!  
9/21/2010 5:05:13 PM
Jenna United States
it seems like my weight was never acceptable for society.  i was overweight... in in late high school and college, developed a severe eating disorder.  i lost much more weight than my body could stand.   suddenly i was too thin.  what the heck??  through recovery i have gained the weight back however i am learning to love my body as it is- curves, rolls and all..  i just want to be healthy.  it pains me to see others go through this kind of discrimination, because i know what it did to me.  i am so glad that i now know who i am in Jesus.
9/21/2010 10:09:26 PM
Aaron Hutsell United States
Aaron Hutsell
One thing that has bugged me my whole life is my weight. Its something that I have mainly keep to myself and never talked about. I would get made fun of grown up and I can't tell how many times I have sat in the bathroom by myself crying for the hurtful word people have said to me.
For me its very embarrassing. I think its time to talk about it.  When I started 12th grade I was at 265 lbs. I never realized how much I ate. When you get bored..what do you do?? You go find something to munch cant sleep? You find something to munch on..Then you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner on top of all the snaking. The thing is..there is nothing wrong with snacking or eating fast food. Its all about portion control. I had joined weight watchers to help teach myself  portion control. After the first week on weight watchers I lost five lbs...guess how many times I ate out that week..THREE times, yes three times. What did I eat? Chicken sandwich and a water. Pop is one thing that gets ya every time..Try to cut back to one pop a week. So after three months of weight watchers I lost 32lbs and now was sitting at 233 lbs. It was the best I felt in a very long time.

After all the hard work of losing 32lbs, some life trails came and I just up and stop caring. I started back to my old ways. Stopped weight watchers and stopped watching what I eat. After four years of not caring (which was about three months ago) I was up to 298.5 lbs, that I know sure I had reached over 300lbs (scale wasn't my best friend and tried to stay off of it). Its very sickening to even think about it. It was so bad that I had heartburn almost 24-7..Every time I ate, every time I brushed me teeth (toothpaste gave me heart burn), and every time I would take a deep breath. Over time, the heartburn turned to chest pain.

As time went on, I noticed people I hadnt seen since graduation would see me then walk off and start talking about my weight. So I started wearing sweatshirts to "try" to hid my weight since they are baggy. It would be 80 outside and I would still wear them plus it was the only thing I had that would really fit me. I become very stress and depressed. Stress and Depression turned into angry. I got very hateful towards my family that was around me daily (Sorry Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Monica). After living like this for a while, I got to thinking...this isn't the life style that I want. I dont want to go everyday being depressed..stress..having heartburn, and chest pain. If I dont get this under control then its going to take my life. Three months ago when I decided to make a change, I was at 295.5lbs. Today when I got on the scales I am at 260.5. I am very proud to say that I have lost 35lbs. Its had its ups and downs but I haven't given up. Once I reach my goal of 75.5 lbs lost..I will be at 220 lbs.

So everyone is still wondering how I did it. Its only three main things..

1. Started applying what I learned in weight watchers, and that is to watch your food intake.
2. Started drinking LOTS of water
3. Daily Walks. (anywhere from 1 - 3 miles)

Now that my body I use to me walking..I am going to start jogging two telephone poles and walk one...jog two more and walk another. Once I notice my body gets use to that..Ill start jogging the 1 - 3 miles that I walk now. I am hoping to run the mini marathon come next year..we will see ;)

I hope this is every encouraging to everyone. Try not to let your weight run your life. Its not fun at all. Take control before its to late. Here is also a photo before for I lost the weight.


God Bless,
Aaron Hutsell

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

UPDATE: I have lost 47.5lbs so far!
9/22/2010 11:03:54 AM
Hailey and Farren United States
Hailey and Farren
Hi Scott and Kelli we are 13 years old and we have a friend who is overweight and people make fun of her and she tells us it hurts do you have any advice for her????
9/23/2010 9:40:14 AM
Katie B United States
Katie B
I grew up a skinny little kid that didn't "blossom" at all until I was 15.  I was teased a lot for being skinny.  I remember being humiliated once when I wore shorts.  Some kid in class looked at my ankles and exclaimed, "You're ankles are so SMALL!  How do they even hold you up?"  Maybe I started eating so much because I didn't want that to be a problem anymore.  I ended up struggling with my weight once I got out of high school.  I am now at 210 lbs.  However, I have been using Tony Horton's P90X and have lost 15 lbs so far.  I don't think people realize how much what they say can cut through to the core of a person.  I love the song, "More Beautiful You."  I know that God sees me as a beautiful woman and with Him I feel beautiful.  The only opinion that really matters is God's.
9/23/2010 8:49:00 PM
Molly United States
The Biggest Loser has really given me a heart for people who struggle with weight issues.  I love seeing these beautiful people transform their self-image from one of low worth to that of a treasure.  We are all God's treasures, but can be so deceived by what we hear and what we tell ourselves.  And as they lose the weight that has burdened them for so long, you can see them begin to glow with that inner beauty that has been there the whole time.  My only wish for the show is that they could talk about God's role in their beauty and taking care of their temple, the place where God dwells. Smile
10/4/2010 7:11:03 AM
Will U.A.E.
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10/4/2010 11:25:31 AM
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