Sep 23 2010

What secret menu item do you order at a restaurant?

Turns out several resturaunts have Secret Menus... We knew about In and Out Burger... But this is a Surprise!!! Do you know of any Secret Menu items at your Favorite Restuarant??? What are they???

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9/20/2010 1:17:10 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
At Pops Branding Iron, you can pick salad instead of fries or baked potatoes even thought the menu says u cant!!
9/20/2010 1:17:12 PM
Deanna United States
My husband loves the secret Catina tacos at Taco Bell. They are warmed corn tortillas filled with pork, chicken or beef. They're more like authentic Mexican food! They were a special item a few months ago but don't have them on their current menu but still offer them.
9/20/2010 6:21:48 PM
Mindy United States
This isn't about a menu item on @ a restaurant, but what most people don't know is that at a certain amusement park that rhymes with Wisney Dorld, will (sometimes) let you ride the thrill rides a second time without making you wait in the loooooong line again.  If you just ask nicely, nearly all of the rides have secret doors that lead you right back to the front of the line.
9/20/2010 11:31:57 PM
InGod'sOhana United States
I work for fast food and there is a lot fo secrets that you can do.  We do them all the time. LOL.  You have to remember though that it depends on the restaurant and who you get behind the counter.  Some restaurants can't do things because of the owner.  Like where I work, some things we can't do because we are franchised and our owner can be a pain.  Also, depends when you go too (ex. if they are really busy or not, if a big wig is there checking on the restaurant, etc.)  For me I don't mind doing special things for customers if they ask nicely.  It's when they get nasty and rude that it's really hard to help them even as a christian.  LOL
9/21/2010 9:45:08 AM
Tracy United States
Ok Kelly,I heard your talking about your dilema over Starbucks raising prices and I too love the pumkin spice latte so I pulled up a recipe so you can make it at home and it won't cost $4.00!
9/21/2010 2:46:38 PM
Destinie United States
Talking about driving test's, I just got my driving test and it wasn't that hard.  I passed the first time. THe first week that I had my driving test, I broke the bumper of the van and I was soooo scared to tell my parents, but they showed me grace and mercy, so that is why I am still Alive.  THe thing was that when I made my test, the only opening was like a month's wait but then a week later I checked to see if there were any cancelations and there was an opening 2 weeks from then.  I sooo happy,and I passed.  So now I am free.
9/22/2010 11:23:21 AM
Connor United States
WHOO!!! You guys rock Scott and Kelli. In fact everybody who works at KLOVE rocks. I'm 16 and the only radio station I listen to is KLOVE. I just think you guys do an awesome job spreading the love of God! Everybody behind the scenes rock too: the answering the phone guys, the prayer guys, the guys who read these comments when there's too many, YOU ALL ROCK!!! I've heard so many stories about how when people get saved they need some Christian music to listen to. Everytime they say the go to KLOVE and crank it up! Ya'll have no idea how much God does through the jobs you do everyday.
9/22/2010 4:30:18 PM
Kenzie United States
Did you know that at In-N-Out Burger you can order "Animal Fries"? I've never ordered it, but I hear that it's really good...I think they put some kind of sauce or something on it. Not really made out of animals, just called that.
Also, you can order a "Grilled Cheese". Basically, it's a cheeseburger without the burger. That's what I get since I can't eat meat - it's really good, too!
Oh, I want to eat Smile
9/23/2010 5:44:16 AM
Elizabeth United States
I like to order the All American meal at McDonalds.  It's like a cheeseburger/hamburger happy meal, without the toy and a larger drink.  Perfect when I'm having a McDonalds craving.
9/24/2010 2:53:47 PM
Megan United States
At jamba juice you can order almost any candy flavor, like gummy bear or snickers. You can even order a specific color of gummy bear! They aren't on the menu but they taste fantastic.
9/25/2010 12:30:08 PM
vicki United States
At Taco Bell they do not have chili on the menu but if you order a nacho bell grande or nacho supreme and ask them to add chili to it they will Smile
9/27/2010 8:08:24 PM
Kimberly G. United States
Kimberly G.
At Sonic you can order the extreme tots (tater tots with chili, ranch dressing, onions, jalapenos), but it's not on the menu. Yum!
10/2/2010 9:07:05 AM
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california restraunt
I like to order the All American meal at McDonalds
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10/3/2010 6:29:20 AM
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10/4/2010 5:10:34 AM
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