Sep 24 2010

Mira Sorvino and Karen Kingsbury from "Like Dandelion Dust" are on the show!

The new movie, Like Dandelion Dust opens today and our guests are Christian author, Karen Kingsbury (the movie is based on her novel) and Academy Award winning actress, Mira Sorvino, who stars in the film! What motivated Karen to write this story? How has acting in this film changed Mira? They'll answer those questions and more!

Listen to Karen and Mira below:

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See an exclusive clip of Like Dandelion Dust here:

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9/24/2010 2:38:46 PM
Tracee United States
I am so excited to hear Karen Kingsbury talk about this book. She has been my favorite author of all time. I just read this book while on vacation a couple weeks ago. I sat at the kitchen table and didn't move until I was done. Awesome book. The turn of events were not what I was expecting at all. This book is so different than her other writings. I am so glad she always incoporates scriptures and inspirational words about God in her writings.
Thank you for having her on the show today. I can't wait!!
9/24/2010 3:41:29 PM
Paula Glauber United States
Paula Glauber
It doesn't look like this movie is playing anywhere in No. California.  We are in the SF Bay Area - any plans for airing it north of Fresno?

I absolutely loved the book - as I do all of Karen's books!
9/24/2010 3:45:28 PM
Janet Axelson United States
Janet Axelson
My dear friend tried for years to have a baby and many more years on an adoption wait list. She recieved little ERIN in May of 1993. My friend has been the best mom and has raised Erin to be a wonderful daughter and christian. She is so thankful for this wonderful gift from another woman. Adoption is the most selfless act.
9/24/2010 4:00:53 PM
Nina United States
I don't like the film at all! I adopted as well but was from the states and when that is your history then it is more possible for this situation to happen to you. I could hardly stand to watch that clip seeing what happened to that child as he went to live with birth parents. I think it will highly discourage adoptions in the US where this can happen.
9/24/2010 4:19:28 PM
Cindy Anderson United States
Cindy Anderson
Karen Kingsbury is by far one of the best authors of all times, and she is most definitely my favorite author. I read this book when it first hit the shelves and had forgotten that it was going to be made into a movie, can not wait to see it. On another note God has laid it on our hearts to adopt. My husband and I have a long strange history while we both have biological children and grandchildren I have been dreaming(so I thought) about adopting children but at our age I did not think it was something my husband would want to do, however about a month ago out of the clear blue sky my husband said I think we should adopt. We are now going through the process of classes and home studies, background checks etc. It is from the Lord I know because if neither one of us had discussed it and both have been thinking about it the same amount of time it has to be God's wish. We have financial problems and we will get through that obstacle with the help of the Lord. My dream or maybe the Lord's wish is for us to get a sibling group that we can keep them together I would like to ask for all the prayers for strength and God's favor in this situation. May God Bless all of you.
9/24/2010 4:28:55 PM
Jared United States
If opening weekend does well, the film will expand to more theaters each week. You can see the cities listed by state here:
9/24/2010 5:59:35 PM
Laura United States
My brother and I are adopted. I spent my younger years searching and making alot of bad choices just trying to fill the void that I had. I had the feeling I had been rejected. I knew there must be something wrong with me, or that it was my fault. But after years of pain and emptiness I realized that I had what most kids would give any thing for ! I had a wonderful family that taught me about God. I was chosen and loved. I was wanted! God loved me before I ever was and made a way for me to be in a loving home. I cringe at the thought of where I would of been had my parents not adopted me!Thank you Jesus!!!! Laura
9/25/2010 7:57:33 AM
Ed & Crystal Gates United States
Ed & Crystal Gates
My wife and I have three children of our own. We fell in love with KLOVE almost 3 years ago and have been reborn through the ministries of KLOVE. Listening to all of the stories of the artists and listeners, we started looking into adoption. After kicking the idea and concerns around for a year, we decided to go for it. We know we have the love for another child, the warm, caring,accepting home, and support of our families. We have been jumping through the hoops, attending all the classes, and gearing up for the home inspection by the county we live in. We are adopting a child from the U.S. We are looking for a girl five to eight years old. And with that, we are trying to prepare, not only ourselves, but our children, that this child will need extra acceptance, love and understanding. She will come from a home that wasn't like ours. She may have been abused, neglected, and or just not wanted. We are very excited to be in the position that allows us to try and better a life for a child. To try and show her that a family is their to love, support and care for kids. And we are excited to introduce her to the love and grace of God. This is our story, I hope to be able to update you all as the different phases of this long journey continues.
God Bless all of you,
Ed & Crystal
9/25/2010 5:30:54 PM
Cathy Haley United States
Cathy Haley
Our Adoption story.   We started our journey one year after our son was born and we wanted another child.  We went through all the tests and then applied for adoption with the state. We finally were informed we could adopt 2 little girls that were 5 and 6 (By this time our son was 7).  We felt after praying for another child for that long it was truly God’s answer.  We however did not pray for confirming circumstances.  We tried for 13 months to make it work and finally knew we could not finish the adoption.  We had to call and ask to have the girls removed.  It broke our hearts and left a huge hole in our family and our life.
We continued to pray for a child or for the desire for children to be removed.  One of my patients was aware of our desire and asked if she could speak to a judge that she knew to find out where we should go next.  We were put in touch with an attorney and an agency that worked with us.  We filled out our forms and said we would rather have an older child or a sibling group since we had a son that was now 7 years of age.  
Within a very short time we received a call from the agency stating “a woman came in today and asked if we had anyone that would take 3 children.” ( She wanted to keep them together and did not want the state involved.)  We were the only family that had requested an older child or siblings.  The agency rep stated the children looked more like us than our natural son (he was a redhead and the 3 were brunettes like us).  We prayed for confirming circumstances and were rewarded with many things to make it evident  this was in God’s plan.
We visited with the kids that weekend  and moved them into our home 10 days later.  It was like our lives were finally complete and we were finally the family we were meant to be.  
That was in 1987 and we have been blessed with 8 grandchildren now.  We have never regretted the decision for a minute.  If God had answered our prayers earlier, we would not have had the blessing of all 3.  It was all in His plan and His timing, as always, was perfect.
9/26/2010 8:08:46 PM
Cyndy United States
My husband and I saw the movie yesterday and both of us were wiping our eyes.  We are adoptive parents of 3 beautiful girls.  I can't imagine the pain of losing them.  We struggled w/ fertility issues then things fell through with domestic adoptions and finally God led us through international adoptions.  It's hard to believe but our eldest daughter Hannah will be celebrating her 16th "gotcha day" with us on Oct. 31st!  God answered our prayers in His time, not ours, in His way, not ours and had a plan for our lives.  God knows no barriers, He puts lives together that have fallen completely apart.  Without a doubt I know God provides for all of our needs.  I do pray for the birth parents and especially their salvation.  Everyday I thank God for the blessings He has poured out on me.  God is so Good, He's so Good to me!!!!
9/27/2010 3:37:02 PM
Hunter Marie United States
Hunter Marie
My adoption story is very different from all the others.  I am a 19 year old going to college and being adopted has changed my life forever.  My dad died when i was 2 and my mom was a drug addict and she decided that she didnt want to take care of my sister or me so we were both adopted out but we were kept together which is a total blessing.  Well my adoptive family loved me but my adoptive mom had so many issues that she was not able to give me the love and support that i really needed.  Things got so bad that she kicked me out of the house the summer before my freshman year of college and i went to college the with less than a weeks worth of clothes.  Arriving at college i learned about Jesus and have been following him since. He has given me the support that I have needed and I could never ask for anything more but God is so great He knew that i really was in the need of a earthly family so i got a new family this summer and they adopted me into the family and they love each other so much.  Adoption has such a special place in my heart i am going to school for social work so i can give back and help the kids who are in the system and are in need of love.  I praise God for being there with me protecting me through everything and bringing the people into my life at just the right time.  God is so awesome!!!
9/27/2010 3:38:13 PM
Karen Archibald United States
Karen Archibald
My husband (and now our family) has been touched by adoption.  My husband had a sister adopted, and my dad adopted me.  It was a little over 3 years ago, that God gave me a dream and I was in Africa and there was a little boy in it.  Little did I find out a week or so later, that THAT little boy is a boy that we are called to adopt.  He is in Liberia.  After his paperwork was processed, we came to find out that he has a baby sister who now we are waiting for.
Our children haven't come home yet.  Yet we are touched just the same.  Our hearts ache for our children.  We have shed many tears, and I have had the privilege to go and meet our babies.  The government has put a hold on things.  Right now we are on pins and needles to find out we can go and at least get our son.  Until then we wait.
We see so many things, hear sermons or songs and we are reminded of the wait we are in.  However, we have discovered that we aren't alone in this waiting.  God has carried us through.  There have been times I just couldn't do it anymore, and God wouldn't allow it.  He has remained faithful and true and has been our rock.  I couldn't imagine doing an adoption without Him.  He deserves all the glory and all the credit for the story that is coming out of us.  To Him Be All the Glory!!!
9/27/2010 5:18:14 PM
Tami United States
I am not adopted in the worldly sense, but I have seen how life changing spiritual adoption can be.  When I was 14 years old, my dad left my family and everything got hard in my life.  God sent people my way who adopted me in a spiritual sense.  They are always there for me, and I credit God for sending them to me when my natural parents needed someone to help them out.
  Many families from my church have brought children into their homes and called them their own, and after knowing how important God's love is in raising a family, I plan to adopt children when I have a family.  
9/27/2010 5:58:09 PM
Teresa United States
Dear Scott & Kelly,

My daughter, Sarah Jo, and I were listening this evening to your program.  Sarah is adopted from China.  She was 22 months at the time of adoption.  She is now 6 years old.  The adoption journey for us, as well as so many others is truly one that shows us how amazing God is.  We started the process in June 2004 (can you guess when she was born? - yep, June 2004).  The process at that time should have only lasted a short time, but for some reason it was taking forever.  I couldn't understand.  Even the notary was not perfect three times and had to be sent back.  Within a week of when the paper work was finally confirmed and sent off, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in May 2005.  In June, my dad had open heart surgery.  I moved in with my parents at that time to help care for them.  I would have never been able to do that if we would have gone to get our precious child.  Then in July, my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  At that time I came to understand God is truly in control and His timing is perfect.  With so many people recommending we should no longer consider going through with the adoption, we were unsure as to what we should do.  God continued to give us confirmation not to stop.  My mother went on to be with Jesus.  My husband continued treatments until the diagnosis became worse.  He had surgery to remove his bladder, and it was discovered he also had prostrate cancer.  In February 2006 he had surgery and  spent most of the month in the hospital.  With God's undeniably perfect timing, it was also at that time we receved Sarah's picture asking us whether we wanted to continue with the adoption.  With the agency aware of our situation, we made the decision that God was the one that opened the door, therefore, we trusted Him to either keep it open or close it.  My husband spent much of March in hospital as well.  But, guess what, by the first of April, he was declared cancer free and went with me to China on April 10 to get Sarah.  (He still had tubes in him, and carried a bag with all kinds of medicine.  We were never questioned or stopped at any airport with all the bottles of medicine.)  There are so many amazing things I learned about God through this journey.  You see, when God is for something, not man nor nation can stand in His way.  He choose Sarah for us and us for her.  We have been so blessed and thankful He did.
9/27/2010 6:15:38 PM
Kathy United States
I was not adopted nor did I adopt.  However, I am filed with pride and respect for my second daughter, Trina.  In 2006 she found herself pregnant with her fourth child; her third was barely six months old.  Knowing she could not give this child the life she deserved, my daughter and her boyfriend made the ultimate sacrifice and most heart-wrenching decision of their lives - they put this precious little angel up for adoption.  I held and cuddled my ninth grandchild the day she was born; my daughter fantasized that she was hers for two days.  The hardest thing Trina ever did was walk out of the hospital without her baby.  We've had pictures, and she is just beautiful, healthy and happy.  Trina has never regretted her decision but misses her deeply and thinks about her every day.  

Some day I would like to hold this angel again, and I want very much to thank her parents for all the love they have for her.  She has a sister, adopted also, and I consider her my granddaughter just as much as my angel.  Although I cannot hug these girls like I can the rest of my 8 grandchildren, 2 step-grandchidren and 2.5 great-grandchildren, I love them and think of them often.  

To all those parents out there who have adopted someone's angel, thank you.  Thank you from a grandmother who hopes one day to hold my angel again.
9/27/2010 7:20:17 PM
Danyelle Cotten United States
Danyelle Cotten
I am Danyelle, my husband of 15 yrs is Kevin and our sons name is Noah Angel Cotten. We tried to have a baby from the moment we got married. I've been with Kevin since I was 15. Each month was detremental to me that I wasn't pregnant. Deep inside I always knew I would never give birth as our 1st yr married I wrote a poem titled "to the child I may never have" We always wanted children. I had several health problems that played a part in me becoming addicted to prescription pills. During this time a pastor that didn't even know me and my husband by name said the Lord had told him to tell us by that time the next ur we would be parents. I timed it just right bit mever become pregnant. My sister in law did which hurt even worse! Unbeknownst to us at that very moment the next yr our son was being born, February 2, 2003. A few months later it was mothers day and what I "thought" was the worst day of my life. A friend from church knew his biological mother who had abandoned him for two wks and she had him with her On Mothers Day. I Got to Hold My Beautiful Son On Mothers Day Oblivious that I Was Holding My Son. Later we become foster parents. My son is half Hispanic and was 16 months old the day I picked him up with bruises from head to toe and dried blood in his ears from another woman the biological mother had yet again abandoned him with. Now my husband is 6'2 White with blonde hair and a red beard and from the moment our son saw him from across the parking lot his first word with is was Daddy!!! I had to jave a complete histerectomy less than a month since we got him due to endometriosis and ovarian cysts that had attached themselves to my appendix and intestines. I became angry at God and depressed. Carried on my drugs for another 3 yrs even through our adoption of our son. God has since delivered and completely set me free, my.husband and I are now certified counselors in a drug and alcohol recovery ministry called Dying to Live Ministries at Christs Church in Laurel Ms. Our hearts are to help families who are where we were. My son is almost 8 now and loves the Lord with all his heart! He also Loves listening to klove! We started out wanting to become foster parents to be a ray of hope for children that I.never had growing up physically and sexually abused. I thought never being able to have a.biological child was the.worst thing in the world bit it was actually the best. God made Our Son specifically for us!!! We could have never made anything as great as God Give us the Perfect child!! You all had something a.while back...what has Jesus saved you answer...everything He to minister to others with...hell, physical and sexual abuse, addiction and never to give birth. God never wastes a hurt. And I thank God every day for mine because now we.have.a beautiful son and because of our.experiences can minister to others saying "I've been there, GOD brought me out and He can bring you.out too". Thank you for.all you do to minister to others tjroigh klove. You have.truly.ministered to me and my family.
9/27/2010 8:21:52 PM
Dawn Jeffers United States
Dawn Jeffers
I would like to share the story of how adoption has become a very near and dear thing to me. I am a RN and I work in a Pediatrics Office.  I took care of a little boy recently who was up for adoption and who so reminded me of my friend's adopted little boy, that I called her and told her about him.  Although it did not work out for her to adopt him specifically, it started a series of events that could only have been orchestrated by God.  My friends had been praying for years for another little one to adopt and also praying that they would see the Lord's hand work and that things would just go smoothly.  Well, they were chosen quickly by a very special young lady and were able to participate in the last several months of her pregnancy as well as to be present for the delivery.  Landon James was born healthy and beautiful.  Everything was so perfect and ran so smoothly.  They left the hospital with their beautiful little boy only to return 2 days later when he spiked a fever.  Landon was diagnosed with a virus that in adults rarely causes more than the common cold but in newborns can cause serious illness.  He lived for only 5 more days before he lost the battle and went to live with Jesus.  I can not begin to understand the plans God has for my friends and their two other adopted children but this i know, God is good and faithful.  In the short ten days of Landon's life, he has impacted more people for Christ than most of us will in our lifetime.  His parents have continued to give God the glory through their sorrow and have rested in the hope and promise that they will see their son again.  the verse on the backside of his memorial is this, "I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.  So now I give him to the Lord.  For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.  1 Samuel 1:27-28."
9/27/2010 9:18:40 PM
Roberta United States
My husband and I started foster care 14 years ago and have adopted 7 kids and we have 3 birth children. In Jan of 2006 I had this deep desire to adopt another child.I know it was from God because we already had 10 and I was busy. We tried sevral avenues but the doors were closed.But the desire still continued.and wouldn't go away. I kept praying and searching but the doors stayed closed.We were licenesed foster parents but our house was full and they were reluctant to give us more. So we prayed about it talked. We decided that we were done. We were just going to parent the 10 we had. The next day I got a call from our social worker I told hime we are done and he said well I wondered if yu were interested in a critical care infant. I was floored. I thought God was moving us on and he oped the doors wide. We went to the childrens hospital and there was this tiny baby girl 3 months old. She had been severely baby shaken and abused. She had brain damage, paralysis, broken ribs and blind in her right eye. They told us tht baby shaken babbies cry unconsolubly but she never did. From the day we brought her home she has been the biggest light in our lives. She has somuch joy and she gives it out freely to anyone who comes in contact with her. God has done many miracles in her life. They told us she wouldn't walk but she does. They told us she wouldn't talk but she gain more language everyday.She loves to sing, worship and knows every tune on K-love. I have learned more about forgivness and perservering from her. My little sonshine.
9/28/2010 8:55:31 AM
Robbie Lyn United States
Robbie Lyn
God created my mom to be a mom.  The true desire of her heart was always to have children.  Once her & my dad were married they began trying for children and soon found out they had fertility problems.  They prayed for God to show them how to start their family and he began leading their hearts toward adoption. Then I came along!  They adopted me through Buckner's when I was eleven days old.  Two years later they were blessed with a biological child, my sister, and then another two years later my brother.  The Lord built our family in a unique & perfect way for us.
Adoption has contiunted to be a theme in my family's life twenty-three years later.  It is the desire of my heart to adopt chilren of my own & give them a real life picture of the adoptive love of our Savior.  My younger sister was so profoundly influenced by the way God used adoption in our lives that she is going to college to become an facilitator of international adoptions.  
I am so thankful to the Lord for not only allowing me to be adopted into my earthly family, but for adopting my into His family so my life's purpose can be bringing Him glory.
9/28/2010 9:15:01 AM
Christina Henry United States
Christina Henry
I am an adoptive mommy, my son, Samuel, is just a little over 2 years old now and I have been his mommy since the day he was born. I prayed so long for this child that my husband jokes and says that I was in labor for him for 10 years! God opened the door for Samuel to be with us and that story itself is pretty incredible, but I have to back up and tell you about my niece, Paige. She had a son when she was 18 and chose to provide a loving family for him. I was there when she interviewed the family and when she told them that she chose them. I was also her birthing coach and was there when that sweet angel drew his first breath, and the day he went home with his mommy and daddy. My niece sacrificed her heart for her son because she wanted him to have not just a loving mommy, but also a daddy who would always be there for him. She knew in her circumstance the biological father would only cause pain to her son. She knew this because she had a father who abandoned her and her brother and mom when she was young. She also knew the love of a real father when her mother married again and she and her brother were adopted themselves. When Paige turned 19 she joined the United States Air Force because she wanted to make a difference, serve her country, and get an education. We were all so very proud of her for the decisions she had made. While in basic training she contracted a virus and became very ill. My sister and I flew to TX to be with her while she lay in a coma on a ventilator. Doctors did not believe she would ever recover. After over a month in a coma she miraculously woke up. We were overwhelmed with joy. She could barely move and had a trach so she couldn't talk. Over the next few weeks she worked diligently towards recovering and strengthening. Because she had completed all the necessary tasks to graduate, she was able to graduate from basic training in a wheel chair, with a trach. She received her airman's coin and a medal of honor for meritorious service, the youngest ranking person to ever receive one. While in TX we found out how many people's lives she touched and encouraged while there, she never gave up and wanted nothing more than to graduate. Two days after graduation, while making plans to bring her home, my sweet girl suffered seizures and was put back into a medically induced coma. Due to complications she passed into the arms of Jesus on August 7, 2007. It was the worst day of my life.
Because she was active military, she had a life insurance policy paid by the military. Out of that my sister gave us a monetary gift that year for Christmas. I didn't know what to do with it because I wanted whatever it was to honor her sacrifice, so I never cashed the check. Two months later the opportunity to adopt our son came and we knew exactly what to do with the money. We opened an adoption account and with it we were not only able to pay all of our adoption expenses, but were able to even buy all the furniture and supplies we needed for the first few months. The gift of our son, Samuel Paige, came through my precious girls sacrifice.
Since then, my sister and I have started the PAIGE Foundation (Pregnancy Adoption Information Guidance & Education) in her honor. Because of her experience with a teen pregnancy, she wanted to reach out to young women and not only educate them on the consequences of premarital sex, but to show them the beauty and value in themselves so they would know they didn't have to do that to feel loved or valued.
Now we, along with 5 of her best friends, are carrying on her legacy to reach young women and help them to make positive decisions for their own lives and the lives of their children.
It is amazing how adoption has touched our entire family.
9/28/2010 10:11:56 AM
Tony and Teresa United States
Tony and Teresa
I had dreamed all of my life about becoming a mom  That dream began to fade, though.  After I got married I had several miscarriages. So at the age of 40, it seemed like all hope was gone -- and it was so painful.  Then all of a sudden we got the news I was pregnant!  We knew this was finally what we had been hoping for . . . we got to hear the baby's heartbeat.  We were so excited!  However, at the next dr.'s visit, the tech said, "I'm sorry, Honey, there is no heartbeat."  To say that we were devestated would be an understatement.  Through lots of tears and horrific hearrbreak, one day I cried out to God and said, "Why can some of these other women have babies and then abuse them -- and You won't let me have a child!" God immediately spoke to my heart and said, "Because I want you to take care of some of those babies."  Little did I know what God was about to do in our lives.  
To make a long, miraculous story a short one - - a few months later my husband and I went to an adoption fair just to "check it out."  We had briefly talked about adoption one time.  When we left the fair, we knew we were headed to Russia to adopt a child.  From that moment on, God showed us that HE is in control of everything -- of governments, of adoption agencies, of man.  What man said could not be done -- GOD DID.  They told us it would be a minimum of a year before we would even a referral of a child.  In just a few weeks we received a phone call about a sibling group in Siberia -- a brother almost 3 yrs old and his 16 mo. old sister.  We brought them home shortly after that -- but the miraculous part of it is all the things God did to show how much He loves us and how He made this experience so extra special because of all the pain we had been through.  He had a much better plan all along!  We got to see and touch our babies for the first time on Mother's Day.  Of all the days we could have traveled, GOD chose Mother's Day for us.  The agency warned us that the children would probably not be receptive to us for a while.  So, my husband and I began praying that they would recognize us when they saw us.  He had done so many things, He could put our faces in their little minds.  When we arrived in Siberia,they brought the children into the room one at a time.  Each of them came right up into our arms, smiling, and snuggled right up against us.  They knew us -- and within 30 minutes our little boy was calling us "Momma" and "Poppa".  I had him at the piano and started playing and softly singing "Jesus Loves Me."  He hopped down out of my lap and ran over to the interpreter and said something in Russian.  The interpreter turned to me and said, "The little boy said he wants to play the piano with Momma."  
We had to make a 2nd trip to bring the children home, and they told us it would be at least 2 mos. before we could get a court date.  Well, we went home.  Three weeks later we were packing our suitcases to go get our children.  We were in court, and the children officially became ours on . . . Father's Day!!!!!!!!!
I could go on, and on, and on about all the things God did to show Himself to us through this adventure.  He did so many things that could only be explained as being done by Him.  The things I've written here are only the "tip of the iceberg."  God did one thing after another to show us that He is in control . . . of everything.    The children are now 8 and 10.  Last Fall, each of them asked Jesus into their heart . . . and I remind them so often of Jeremiah 29:11. . . that God has a special plan for each of them, and He has since long before they were ever born.  We are very, very blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9/29/2010 7:18:06 AM
Libby United States
I never dreamed I would ever get the pleasure of being a mother, and I secretly stayed mad at all my friends that got the opportunity to be a mother.  I had been the victim of an abusinve marriage in which my husband took away possibility of ever giving birth to a child of my own.
I am in the last stages of adopting my son.  His birth mother is my first cousin, she is also adopted into my family.  It took us 3 months to get him into my home and he was six months old.  He turned 2 in June.  
God blessed me when I had no hope of being a mother.  He not only blessed me but he blessed my parents with a grandchild as well.  The ending to my story is that not only did he bless me with a son he also has blessed me with a daughter.
God is good all the time and I am so grateful that he loves me.
9/29/2010 11:35:21 AM
Marlene Holmes United States
Marlene Holmes
From the time we met, my husband and I talked about having two children and adopting more.  We were 17.  By the time we were 24, we still had not conceived.  We went to the state adoption agency and they told us we were still too young.  However, when I finally gave it to God, He blessed us with a little girl.  When she was six, we applied again to adopt but were told that since we had a child, it would take longer for a placement.  Four years later, we stumbled upon a private adoption and were blessed with another little girl.  We witnessed her mother's agony at giving her up.  It was heart wrenching.  Although we were open to including her in our new daugher's life, our attorney insisted that we do not.  When Sarah was 20, I read the obituary for her birth mother (since we knew her name).  I was shocked since she was only in her early 40's.  But, still, God brought something wonderful out of this sadness because we contacted Sarah's birth family to see if Sarah could come to the funeral.  It would be her only chance to see her birth mother.  They said okay.  My husband and I went with her to the funeral home.  Her being there brought much comfort to her birth mother's family.  They had lost a daughter and sister.  Sarah's birth grandfather welcomed her with open arms.  As a matter of fact, since both my husband and I lost our fathers, her grandfather is her only grandfather.  They keep in touch quite regularly.  Meeting her family brought Sarah more understanding as to why she was given up for adoption and that we were all were her family.  In fact, her birth family were Christians, too.
9/29/2010 1:48:06 PM
Daniel and Amy United States
Daniel and Amy
September holds many special memories for my husband and I.  In September of 1992, my husband and I had been married for over 8 years.  We were longing to become parents, but both fertility treatments and attempts to adopt had been met with failure.  It seemed as if we were going to be childless for years to come and we were both making plans to move ahead in our carreers in the effort to save the funds needed for a future adoption.  God's timing is always perfect.  That September, we were approached by a perspective biological mother who asked us if we would consider adopting her unborn baby.  After beginning the legal process, we discovered that I was also carrying a child!  By September of 1993, we had 2 babies -- a 9 month old girl and a 3 month old boy!  Two years later God blessed us with another baby girl -- giving us 3 babies in 2 and a half years!  We now have 3 teen agers and God continues to give guidance and strength as we seek to raise them to love Him.  Adoption changed our lives forever -- both when Christ apopted us into His family and when He brought a beautiful dark haired baby girl into our homes and hearts to be our daughter.
9/30/2010 4:28:31 AM
Margaret United States
In 1990 my husband and i were blessed to adopt two beautiful children.  When we discovered that I couldn't carry a child, we applied with our county Department of Social Services to do a special needs adoption.  In February of 1990 our social worker called and said, "I know you only applied for a single child, would you consider a sibling group?"  We met with her and saw the pictures of our two beautiful children, a daughter then 5 and a son, 3.  They were ours in our hearts the moment we saw their pictures.  
We visited with them across the state for 6 weeks then brought them home on Maunday Thursday.  It was a glorious Easter Weekend!  We were blessed beyond measure.  Raising two children is not without challenges, but blessings abounded as well.   Our daughter's health needs meant therapies and surgeries.  Her developmental needs meant extra care and adjustments to meet those needs.  Our son's energy and creativity kept us on our toes.  But always from day one they were our children,just as surely as they had been born to us.  Sherri loved to say at the end of the day as we tucked her in to bed, "Always be my mom?"  And I would say, "Always"

In February of this year, our Precious Sherri passed away suddenly, without warning at 25.  There's a hole in our hearts.  But the joy of knowing her...being her family is worth it all.

I hear so much from Christian artists about international adoption.  I want to encourage folks that there are thousands of children languishing in the foster care system in the United States.  Our children's foster families were loving and kind and committed to them, but they were still temporary homes.  Children deserve an affirmative answer to the question, "Always be my mom?"  Our adoption did not cost us thousands of dollars. The process only cost us the price of hotel rooms and gas when we went to visit.  DSS even gave us an allowance to cover our legal fees to finalize the adoption.  So please also encourage your listeners that domestic adoption is an urgent need as well.  You need not have thousands of dollars, You need not wait year after year.  You need only be open and willing to go through the to the children God may bring your way.

10/1/2010 8:26:55 PM
Latasha United States
I would like to share my story,I was adopted when i was just baby. my real mom was only 13 when she had me and my dad was 17. Well my grandparents was the one who adopted me. They always made sure that i knew who my parents was. So when i was younger i didnt understand why they couldnt just take me home with my bothers and sisters. So i tried to be really good so maybe they would want me too. i just didnt realize that i had parents in front of me that love me so much and that they would do anything for me. Then my adoptive dad die when i was 11 we were so close that it just almost destroyed me .. that is when i turn away from God because all any one said to me is that if i prayed  god would answer my pray. Than i started to rebel against the one women that was always there for me. she finally let me go live with my real mom and thats when i found out how much God work in my life from the time i was not even able to walk, my real mom didnt want me i brought no money in from welfare..So she called my adoptive mom and she could never bring herself to tell me that my real mom never did want me.. I love my mom so much and i'm so proud to be able to call her mom..i'm 34 now i look at where i have come and i look at my brothers and sisters and they are in so much pain ..and on so many drugs ...I think God each day for the 2 people that came into my life and chose me to be ther daughter. I just want to say to all those people out there. There is so many kids like i was that need your help they need someone to say i love you!!!! God bless everyone
10/4/2010 7:11:43 AM
Gareth Spain
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Amy United States
I am the only biological child in my family.  I have to admit that when my little brother and sister were adopted, I had my moment of confusion and selfish tantrum, wishing to be the only center of the universe for my mom and dad.  But now that we are "all grown up", I cannot describe how much God has BLESSED my life through my two best friends, Zach and Joanna.  We could not be more different in our interests, gifts, emotions and appearances.  Big, tall Zach with his incredible knack for science and technology; Beautiful, exotic Joanna with her passion for all things music; little, blonde me with my love for children and missions...How did we end up in the same family?  It could ONLY have been God's plan.  Today, we have eleven adopted cousins, each with a different story of God's hand over their life; each one a thread in the tapestry of our family.  We wouldn't be complete without any of them.  

My family wasn't out to "collect babies" or appear "diverse" by adopting.  They were simply open to whatever opportunities God presented and available to His Call.  A few times, a door would appear open, but His answer would be 'no'. But I am beyond lucky that other times, His answer was 'yes'.  Eleven times lucky, to be exact.  Smile  

If you have a family that loves and a home to share, please consider that there may be a child out there who needs you.  You will think you are doing a "good deed" by adopting.  In reality, you are the one receiving the blessing.  
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