Sep 28 2010

Are you happier than you think?!

A recent article states that you may be happier than you think! Some signs that you are? You're not glued to the TV. You keep souvenirs on display. You make exercise a priority and you hang out with happy people. What do YOU think? What are the signs that you are happier than you think? What makes you happy when you're not feeling very happy? Share your tips here!

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9/28/2010 5:26:20 PM
Holly United States
Holly brings me so much happiness and I feel so relaxed when I cook and I also think there is something very special when you gather around a table together.
9/28/2010 5:39:46 PM
Sarah United States
If I'm feeling down, I have text messages saved on my phone that just make me smile. Like, if my freinds just send encouraging words, or fun pictures, I keep them saved to just look at when I'm feeling down.
And, of course, KLOVE makes me feel better. Smile
9/28/2010 5:49:04 PM
Deb Ueltzen United States
Deb Ueltzen
Anyone can be happy. Even the world. A touch of a hand, the embrace of a child, a simple smile. But when you know Jesus as your personal Savior, it goes beyond happiness. It's joy. Happiness isn't mentioned in the Bible, but it mentions joy over & over. Even when all goes wrong, when I'm broke, when I hurt, when the world has turned against me I can stand in His presence and have joy. Not a happiness that depends on my circumstances, but joy. For "In His presence is fullness of joy & at His right hand there are pleasures forever more!
9/28/2010 6:04:23 PM
Ian Albright United States
Ian Albright
Hi, My name is Ian and i'm from West Branch,MI. A sign that shows me I'm happier than I am is the love my family shows me. All summer I was in a state of depression just sitting around watching tv and because of my Christ loving sisters I am walking close with the Lord again.Everyday I thank God for the people He has put in my life.
9/28/2010 6:04:46 PM
shelly craig United States
shelly craig
what makes me happy is waking up every i'm not a morning person.  but, just over a year ago i had colon cancer and almost didn't make it.  now i thank God for every morning that i wake up again!
9/29/2010 3:31:09 AM
Jimmy Greeene United States
Jimmy Greeene
I was going into a store last night and a lady coming our looked at me and said you sure are happy.  When I came out , I heard K-Love talking about my happiness.  I have had Parkinson's fr twelve years, but I still have Joy.  I just came back from a mission trip to Romania and I must be still wearing that on my face.  Hear is a one page writing about this trip.  We went to Romania: You and I

I saw things happen that have never happened before.  
I saw lives touched that would not have been touched.  
I believe these are just the tip of the iceberg.
Greater things are yet to come
And YOU played a part in changing the future.  

You know who you are:
If you prayed, if you gave,
Whether large or small amount,
Or in your heart just wished you could

I offer this in payment:  
It came from their smiles
God told me to gather them.

And if you somehow miss it,
It will be waiting on you in heaven
On their face
THANK YOU for giving to the Lord

JIMMY “the balloonman” Greene

My time with the children of Romania was wonderful, but Saturday I became sad because I was missing my H/S reunion.  We returned from supper at 9:30.  The hotel was hosting a Hungarian wedding reception.  I twisted a 4-balloon bouquet for the bride and groom.  I presented the balloons to the bride and walked out.  The hotel manger came up to my room and offered me anything I wanted to eat or drink and he invited me back to the reception.  I said no thanks. After thinking it over, I made two love swans (necks shaped like a heart), got my balloons, and went back to the reception.  The two videografy guys came to me (they spoke some English) and explained that the groom was asking me to make some balloons.  They ask if I would do my program.  I don't have a wedding program (or didn't until then) but I started making some balloons in front of these 90-100 people.  They chimed their glassed with silverware repeatedly. I made about ten different creations and heart flowers or apples for every lady and a jester's hats for the father's of the bride and groom. (At the grooms request) They didn't understand why I wasn’t asking for anything.   I told them that God had sent me to gather smiles and they were part of my quest.  They seated me at a table of honor.  They danced and sang all of their traditional song and taught me many of their customs.  One of these was that people didn't leave until the cake arrived and it was always near the end.  It arrived abut 4 am.  The video/photo guys said they would edit a short "you tube" video of my program.  I got back in my room at 4:55 am.  I then had to pack for going home and meet the other 7-team members at 8:30.  We did a special service for the kids of VBS.  We ask them to invite their parents.  When we got to the church we had 85 kid and about 50 (mostly unchurched) parents?  We had a 2-hour service (team testimonies and children singing) We then started our 3 hour drive to the airport in Budapest, where we began our flight home.  We got back at 4 PM Monday.  I can only say WOW, what a finish to an already wonderful week.  I had a substitute for the reunion and God gave me unexpected smiles.
9/29/2010 1:46:33 PM
Daisy Hoover United States
Daisy Hoover
What is the high light of my day is when my children are home and all laughing and talking. That is my joys in life. No matter what my day has gave me just one look from them makes it all disapear. Love my family.
9/29/2010 2:22:40 PM
destiny United States
hi im eleven years old and i live in colorado. when ever i;m sad all i have to do is listen to k-love!!!
9/29/2010 5:25:26 PM
Lissie United States
A good teacher is someone who has a God-given talent, and has a passion to teach kids not only in math, language arts, science, history, and those kinds of subjects, but also in the ways of the Lord.
9/30/2010 9:02:55 AM
Florence United States
Klove brings my family happiness.  On tuesday I picked my 9 year old daughter from dance class and she looked very sad.  When we got into the truck she started bawling because she did not like the costume that most of the kids had picked for the recital.  I tried to comfort her and tell her that it would turn out ok.  When I started the truck, the song Better than a Hallelujah was playing. She stopped crying immediately, the sadness just melted away and she started singing along.  
Thanks Klove for being there at the right time all the time.
9/30/2010 9:49:18 AM
DONNA United States
10/4/2010 6:21:57 AM
Смесители Grohe United States
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10/4/2010 7:12:09 AM
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