Sep 29 2010

What makes a great teacher?

NBC News is focusing on education all week and Bill Gates is spending big bucks to improve education. His question: What makes a great teacher? You can help! What do YOU think makes a great teacher? Share your story here!

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9/29/2010 1:17:08 PM
Adriana United States
I have a math teacher  who is amazing!!! When I'm struggling with my Algebra or Geometry she is the patientest person I know in explaining things to me. I know her job must be stressful when kids are asking the same questions over and over again but she never shows any anxiety in helping us, and she continues to help us until we understand the concept. I feel so blessed to have her as a teacher and she is truly a great teacher Smile
9/29/2010 1:18:01 PM
Carolyn United States
A great teacher views their career as a calling.  They long to improve the lives of children by exposing them to education.  Money and benefits are not the motivating factor for these types of teachers.  The need to help children read and discover the world around them is so huge they go the extra mile to see this happen.  Great teachers can use the resources available with success - regardless of what is available.  They see the gifts that a child has and knows how to highlight that child so he or she can see themselves as the success the teacher sees.
9/29/2010 1:19:16 PM
Jeannine B. United States
Jeannine B.
I think a teacher that takes the time to learn her/his students learning styles, and then makes the classroom a place where those learning syles can flourish, is a great teacher. All children learn in a different way, and to minister to those differences is a gift.
9/29/2010 1:19:16 PM
Steven M. Dodd United States
Steven M. Dodd
Jesus was the best teacher, and He set up the standard! He was patient, kind, slow to anger and quick to forgive.

But the greatest aspect was what Jesus was best at! Love! A great teacher loves each of his or her students more each day and strives to teach them EVERYTHING Jesus teaches them as well as the subject matter. A great teacher cries like a baby everytime his/her students move on and she/he has to say goodbye.

This love...comes from God...through the Spirit and enables the teacher to be consistent throughout the years and throughout the changes in students. Real Love is consistent, reliable, unending and unyielding in it's protection of each person.

For you see Bill, money does not matter, love does! I see in the Spirit you are slowly learning that...praise God!
9/29/2010 1:19:20 PM
Rick - WI United States
Rick - WI
A good teacher is one that looks at their class as a group of young individuals with each their own skills and way of learning and then ignites each of those minds based on the individual to become the best they can be.
9/29/2010 1:19:37 PM
Steven M. Dodd United States
Steven M. Dodd
Jesus was the best teacher, and He set up the standard! He was patient, kind, slow to anger and quick to forgive.

But the greatest aspect was what Jesus was best at! Love! A great teacher loves each of his or her students more each day and strives to teach them EVERYTHING Jesus teaches them as well as the subject matter. A great teacher cries like a baby everytime his/her students move on and she/he has to say goodbye.

This love...comes from God...through the Spirit and enables the teacher to be consistent throughout the years and throughout the changes in students. Real Love is consistent, reliable, unending and unyielding in it's protection of each person.

For you see Bill, money does not matter, love does! I see in the Spirit you are slowly learning that...praise God!
9/29/2010 1:20:13 PM
Rick - WI United States
Rick - WI
A good teacher is one that looks at their class as a group of young individuals with each their own skills and way of learning and then ignites each of those minds based on the individual to become the best they can be.
9/29/2010 1:20:34 PM
Amy Harrell United States
Amy Harrell
I have experienced first hand what a great teacher is.  My son who was in the 4th grade last year had a teacher that he will surely look back on when he is an adult as being the best teacher he has ever had.  My son has attention deficit disorder and a processing disorder that makes it a little more difficult for him to learn.  She was able to cater to him and alter her teaching methods to him so that he could keep up with the rest of the class. As a result, he earned straight As for three out of the four grading periods. She referred to her class as a family and they even had their own class song which she would have them sing every so often to motivate them and foster a team mentality.  When she would see that they were no longer "tuned into" what she was teaching, she would have them close their textbooks and stand up all around the room and toss around a small football just to help them to clear their minds and then refocus on the lesson.  She was quick to return any phone calls or emails from us and worked quickly to address any concerns we had.  When we went to 5th grade orientation this year, we had to stop by her classroom.  When she saw my son come through the door, her face lit up and she grabbed him and just hugged and hugged him.  She generally loves all of the children in her classroom and that love really shows.  I can only pray that my son will continue to get teachers just like her for the rest of his school years.  
9/29/2010 1:21:44 PM
Beth Bingham United States
Beth Bingham
The best teachers recognize each student as an individual, and shows the student they feel this way through patience and willingness to allow different approaches in learning.
9/29/2010 1:22:09 PM
Chamaine United States
Someone who is student centered, student driven, who cares about the whole child & each child's needs, in order to make learning grow to the maximum potential. What DOESN'T make a good teacher? Someone who is curriculum centered, data/test driven, and who cares more about following status quo politics than teaching.
I hope I am the first kind of's what I strive for.
9/29/2010 1:22:26 PM
yvonne Canada
Teachers need to RESPECT children and their thoughts/ideas... and make learning FUN!!

When we send our children to school every day - we are entrusting the development of our child's mind to the teacher. It is an HONOUR & PRIVILEGE to be able to have an impact on a child's life.  WOW!!!

Former Preschool Teacher

9/29/2010 1:23:30 PM
Nancy United States
I can tell you what I think makes a great teacher by the fact that I witness what that looks like each week.  My son is in a special ed program at our school.  He does not have a serious handicap but struggles with taking test and retaining information that is given to him.  One of his teachers is exceptional.  Here's why I think so.  She believes in him and his abilities to accomplish what he sets out to do.  She treats him as one of her own.  She reaffirms him with positive statements and listens to him when he speaks.  I love how she treats him as an individual not just another student to pass through the system.  She allows me to speak my concerns to her and makes an excellent sounding board for me.  I could go on and on but for sake of time and space I'll end by saying, she is truely gifted by God to see her students as individuals and does what she can to see those students be succeessful.  Not in the worlds eyes necessarily, but in God's eyes.  I am so very thankful for her and how she has helped shape my son's life.  
9/29/2010 1:25:15 PM
Christy United States
A great teacher is one that not only knows their subject and can commuicate to the students in a clear manner at the student's level, but one that shows caring and compassion. They know when to be tough and hold students accountable yet when a student needs a shoulder or an ear. That great teacher is my husband.  I am still amazed at the notes and letters his 8th grade students write him at the end of the year.  It makes the job very worth while.
9/29/2010 1:27:09 PM
alyssha geraldo United States
alyssha geraldo
9/29/2010 1:27:48 PM
Irene Boren United States
Irene Boren
A great teacher is one who makes learning fun but also relavent to life. He or she is able to take a student from struggling to success and really make an impact that students life from now on.
9/29/2010 1:28:14 PM
Kimberly United States
My favorite teacher from High School was a very caring and compassionate man.  Even though he moved me because I was talking to a classmate he still took the time to work with me on my English papers and explained what he expected of me.  Just the fact that he took the time to work with me and explain things made a huge difference in my work.  I will always be thankful to Mr. Favat!  I was a better student just from taking his class.
9/29/2010 1:28:40 PM
Brent United States
To answer the question what would improve education. I truly beleive we need a better student to teacher ratio. Class room sizes just have to decrease so that there is more interaction between teacher and stundent. Let us use our teacher for example,Christ. He kept the twelve very close before He sent them on there way. What would that say to God if we did what He taught us to do.
9/29/2010 1:29:30 PM
Lynnlee N. Watts United States
Lynnlee N. Watts
I have been a teacher at a small Christian school in Lexington, KY for several years.  From my experience, what makes a teacher special is relationship.  The impact she/he has on a student's life is all in the relationship built with the student.  Teachers who model Christ for their students have the greatest impact in their lives.
9/29/2010 1:29:42 PM
Eric Allman United States
Eric Allman
As a 6th grade teacher in the same school that I attended as a child, I feel the best teachers are those who care about the children, who talk with and listen rather than talk at the children. The teachers who show respect before expecting to recieving it. A great teacher knows the answer but allows the child to find it themselves.

People always ask "what do you teach?" and my reply has and will always be "I teach children."
9/29/2010 1:30:03 PM
evonn voisine United States
evonn voisine
What makes a great teacher? My U.S. History teacher was so amazing, and i learned so much from him. When he was discribing a war or something to that nature he would dress the way they did in that war and go threw all the actions to teach us what happend and he would use the student to help him. I learned so much from him and i will never forget it
9/29/2010 1:30:32 PM
Megan Hanner United States
Megan Hanner
A great teacher, is one who is just like a family member to you.  Someone you can trust to help you and someone you know will be delicate with you when you become frustrated.  Kindness and dedication is the best traits for any teacher to have and sometimes it's great when they are blessed with a sense of humor.  They have a way of making things fun and comfortable.  They shed away that wall of fear just like my choir teacher from highschool Elvin Porflit! Not only does he have dedication and kindness to every student who asks him for help (even though he has over 200 students sometimes), he is also a comedic character that always has every student rolling in the chairs laughing.  He made a way to take choir from being a class where people don't want to be recognized to a class where everyone wants to join because of his goofy personality.
9/29/2010 1:33:51 PM
Gabby United States
A great teacher is one who doesn't show up at school just for a pay check. I had an awsome 2nd grade teacher. Her name was Mrs.Martin and she wasn't affraid to be an open book! When she taught she gave real world examples and never suger coated anything. She treated her 2nd graders as if they were her best friends.
9/29/2010 1:35:02 PM
Matt United States
A great teacher is exactly what the title says...a TEACHER - someone who actually wants to provide his or her students with knowledge. A teacher challenges students to become smarter, better thinkers. A teacher should NEVER try to make a class difficult in effort to establish power over his or her students.
9/29/2010 1:35:12 PM
Abbas Kid United States
Abbas Kid
I had a really hard home life as a youngster,and when I was in 6th Grade I had my first male teacher. He was a veteran of the Korean War, and was disciplined, funny and strong. He could see through my behavior to the pain in my life. He showed compassion for me, and for the first time in my life I realized that I could do something well--that I had the potential to be excellent at something. He was able to reach me on a level that no other teacher ever has. I beleive it was the Spirit of God in him that allowed him to do  that. He made no secret of the fact that he was a Christian. He changed my life by changing my opinion of myself.
9/29/2010 1:37:27 PM
Elizabeth Robins United States
Elizabeth Robins
I think the greatest teacher is one who shows Passion in what he/she is preaching. I've always noticed even if a person is teaching something totally controversial, he will have a bunch of followers if he pursues it with passion. My favorite teachers have been my Statistics teacher and my Music teacher. They loved their subjects and taught it with so much passion and in turn made me love the subjects and excel in them.    
9/29/2010 1:37:46 PM
Valencia United States
I had a 10th grade biology teacher named Mr. Tomko, and you could hear him down the hall yelling at his classes. He would get angry with  his students that he knew could do better than they were doing. He would have several students come back after they had graduated, asking for letters of reference from him. He was a tough teacher, never using the book tests, he would write his own tests, and you'd better pay attention in class to pass them! He died my senior year of HS, and I just cried. He was one of the best teachers that I ever had. He always used to say, "If you fail this class, it isn't because I failed you, it's because you failed yourself." He pushed me to always do better in his class.
9/29/2010 1:40:10 PM
Dana Simonson United States
Dana Simonson
A great teacher is one that causes a student to learn.  They may not be popular with the students at the time.  Two of my boys had a Jr High math teacher that they absolutely hated.  She was called "a witch" and "mean".  Yet once they got into the IB classes in High School they both came to the realization that they were lucky to get her.  While the students that had the more popular teachers in Jr High were struggling to comprehend the material, they, along with the other students of this teacher had the foundation they needed to sail to the top of the class.  Ask them now, and they will tell you she was one of their best teachers.
9/29/2010 1:40:20 PM
Kurt Hayes United States
Kurt Hayes
In addition to the many great comments posted here, a great teacher protects their students and provides a safe environment for learning.
A great teacher does not allow bullying in their classroom.
9/29/2010 1:40:23 PM
Jenny Campbell United States
Jenny Campbell
I had a 7th grade teacher (Mr. Michael Pierre - Monforton School - Bozeman, MT) I will never forget.  To this day he is the one person I will always remember as someone who inspired me to love school and to love math.  He taught from his heart.  He taught in a way I understood.  He was funny and always had humor and fun stories to share with his class that related to real life.  He taught Algebra on his own time at 7am before school started and didn't get paid for it.  He was always out on the playground with us; playing basketball and not only being a "teacher" but being a mentor, a friend, and a coach.  I live in San Diego now but every time I go home I make it a point to stop and see him.  A great teacher is someone who can truly connect with his/her students.  Once you have their attention - you can teach them anything and they will grasp it and retain it for ever.  It's like reading an encyclopedia (which no one wants to read) or reading your favorite book that you're really into!  
9/29/2010 1:43:33 PM
Emilian Romania
A great teacher in my opinion should be a person who's using to taste his words before speaking, when he make statements about life. I remember some words of my teachers since I were in 1st grade. Even if at those time I wouldn`t gived any attention to what the teacher were saying.

The second point, is that the teacher should often put themself in the skin of the students. To ask themself, would I understand it, if my teacher would teachs me in the same way I teach my students, would I understand his message? Or there could be easier ways of teaching not so complex? I had teachers on college, but the biggest marks we had on the courses of the teachers who had used simple vocabulary. It's enoying for a student to see a teacher who doesn`t actually wants to teach him, but instead of that, he(the teacher) is bluring the student brain with terms which you can`t find even on DEX. Some teachers had expressions and compossed words which were used only on their books, and to the followers of them, who liked their books.

I`ve been teached on an after-college course how to be a teacher, using a lots of methods adapted for each kind of generations. But what is the use of being a great teacher, since most of them reject God?
9/29/2010 1:43:56 PM
Karen United States
When I was a senior in high school, I was married and had a a baby.  My mom could no longer keep my baby everyday and I called my favorite teacher Mrs. Black and told her I was going to have to quit school.  She told me to hold on and come to school in the morning and bring the baby, too.  When I got to school, she had already talked to all my teachers and they agreed to let me bring my baby on the days that my mom couldn't keep him.  He stayed in Mrs. Black's room during classes that required my full attention.  She made him a pallet, fed him and put him down for naps.  I would not have graduated if it had not been for her and the relationship that she had already built with me.  I think that building relationships with students is the most important thing a teacher can do.  I am a teacher now and I strive to build those relationships and trust.  Every Friday, I tell my students to have a good weekend, make good choises and call me if you need me.
9/29/2010 1:44:06 PM
Benjamin Lima United States
Benjamin Lima
The great teacher is someone that listen to every student and says that there is no stupid answer. They make the class interesting and ask for opioins.
9/29/2010 1:44:19 PM
Jami United States
In the fifth grade, I was inspired by a teacher who believed my impossible dream was a possibility and he encouraged me to pursue them with integrity.  He inspired me to become a teacher and never give up hope in the pursuit to attend a private Christian university in Seattle, something rarely attempted by a poor girl from a small town.  Thanks Mr. A!  I graduated last year with a degree in Theology and would be proud to follow your example in encouraging and loving the children I serve.
9/29/2010 1:44:32 PM
Daisy Hoover United States
Daisy Hoover
I beleive that what makes a great teacher is the willingness to care about the children that they are teaching. If they do not take the time to help the students succed than they do not learn as well as they would with a teacher that showes and takes the time to care.
9/29/2010 1:45:21 PM
Lauren United States
Aside from everything that everyone has already said, the best teachers I have ever had are the ones that struggled with the subject they are teaching when they learned it. For example I am horrible at math and best math teacher was the one who stuggled when she was in high schoool learning it. She knew exactly how to explain it becuase she understood why i was not getting it.
9/29/2010 1:46:38 PM
Mackie Greaser United States
Mackie Greaser
I believe a great is someone that loves what they do and loves kids, want's to help kids at any age, is passionate about their profession and attaining the professional development needed to make themselves better at what they do (my district has done away with professional devleopment due to buget cuts).  They need to think outside of the box becuase the kids sure do!  Great teachers expect nothing less that the best from their students and students are learning when they think they are having fun.
9/29/2010 1:46:43 PM
Michelle United States
When people hear the word "teacher" they often, if not always, think of classroom teachers.  There are others who are teachers as well though...homeschooling moms and dads.  Every homeschooling parent that I know chooses to sacrifice their own career advancement and do without a lot of material things so that one parent can stay home and provide a wonderful education to their kids.   A great teacher is not only one that makes sure all the academics are taught and taught well, but is one who knows each child and does their very best to meet the needs of each one.  A great teacher also teaches things like patience, endurance, self-sacrifice and personal responsibility.  A great teacher also makes learning fun and memorable.   Many homeschooling moms and dads teach classes, orrganize activities and field trips that are challenging, fun and memorable.  Many also form co-ops where they do everything from administration, to teaching, to cleaning the building where they meet.   Homeschooling parents are some of the best teachers I know because of their love, dedication and service to not only their own children, but others' as well.
9/29/2010 1:48:42 PM
Luke United States
There are lots that make a teacher great....but something that I think people miss that makes teachers even better...are parents that teach their children the value of education, respect for their teachers, and importance of behavior in public places....everyone loves to fault teachers as to why their kid is not learning or getting good grades...and although I'm not denying it can be the case...the children need to have a solid foundation...just as we need one in God, children need one in their parents too.
9/29/2010 1:49:06 PM
Tiffany United States
I truley think a good teachers is one with a big heart, a firmness that still comes with calm & understanding & mostly I think a good teacher is one that is always learning, a teacher tat is willing to learn from their student  and make changes makes all the difference in the world. I teach peschool & learn daily that lesson plans don't dictate the day the kids do & I am blessed to work with these kiddos & knowing that in some way I am helping shape their future makes me strive to come in each day with a smile & a good mindset reguardless of what may be going on outside of work.
9/29/2010 1:49:16 PM
Mia United States
My son had the best teacher last year in 4th Grade.  She motivated them and made learning fun.  I thought she really gave them a foundation to work off of and challenged them to work things out for themselves and really made them think about what they were doing and why.  It got to the point that they couldn't wait to get to school the next day to see what she would do next. My son has carried some of what he learned last year into this year and I find he is challenging himself already.
9/29/2010 1:50:11 PM
Jon United States
Let's look at scripture...

Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

The "way he should go" is not a matter of education, it is a matter of how they will live their life, with the ultimate goal for our children to live a life of service for God.

The primary concern a teacher should have is WHO a child will be - not what or how successful.  I think one common thing in all of the stories of great teachers is that the teacher is actually concerned with the student - not as a "pupil" but as a "person".

I'm not saying at all that education should be neglected... quite the contrary, I believe we should never stop learning.

My point is this...  There are plenty of well-educated criminals, liars, cheaters, theives and the like.  The best teachers will teach students the right life decisions.
9/29/2010 1:50:21 PM
Kara United States
What makes a great teacher, well for one, a great teacher has to be slow to anger and quick to praise their kids in the class. I am a Homeschooled student in the 7th grade and my mom is my teacher, she is also a teacher to my 4th grader brother and she hardly yells when we do bad, she takes the time to explain the problem we have that we can't get it, then when we get it she praises us greatly. And that is what i would want to look for when my kids go to school.
9/29/2010 1:50:34 PM
Marina United States
A great teacher is someone who can make learning fun, and who cares about the student's success. Mr. DeHeart was my 7th and 8th grade math teacher, and my 8th grade Health teacher. He was a lot of fun. He told us stories about his family, he joked around with us, and one day he even gave me extra credit for knowing the name of the Jetson's dog. he let the students draw on the whiteboard by his door whenever we had free time. He would keep the drawings we made on the board as long as he possibly could, and when he did have to erase them, we just drew new things up there. And now my little sister has him as a P.E. teacher, and will probably have him for health too. I talked to him at her open house, and told him that I'm starting college here soon. He told me that if I ever had a question about math that I could call him and him and his wife would do their best to help me. It's been four years since I had Mr. DeHeart and I still think he's the best teacher I ever had, but a close second would be my 8th grade science teacher. I don't remember her name, but I do remember that she would play K-Love in the classroom while we did our work. Laughing
9/29/2010 1:51:05 PM
Perhaps the problem with our schools in America are not the schools. A study conducted by the U.S. Dept. of Education showed that Homeschooled children, on average, are four grade levels higher than their public AND private school counterparts, by the time they reach what equates to the Eighth grade. Are all these Homeschooling parents amazing teachers? Probably not. But what it does show is that involved parents make a huge impact on the education of their children. Could it be the breakdown of traditional families that is the problem with schools in America?
9/29/2010 1:51:16 PM
Jamie McGuinn United States
Jamie McGuinn
Wow. I'm sitting in my car right now in the drive way, typing on my computer because I am too overwhelmed with tears to move.  The minute before I turned on the radio I was talking to Gog about my calling to be a teacher.  I am a senior in High School, and I'm part of a teacher cadet program that allows us to go into school systems and teach kids.  Today was my second day working at Jamestown Middle School, and I got to interact with the students for the first time, learning names, answering questions, and actually helping a few kids.  It was by far one of the best experiences of my life.  When I got into my car this afternoon, I just said, "God, I know.  I don't have to know anything else, but that where I am is exactly where I need to be.  I'm going to be a teacher."
9/29/2010 1:54:16 PM
mandy United States
I think that is a very great question and simply answered..I have learned that as a mom a great teacher is one that constantly learns and listens, not just sitting there and nodding but actively listening..When you have children with special needs or disabilities you wonder if your child's teacher truly listen, well my family has been blessed with a few of these..Thank you to the lord for them..we are children are blessed with these great professionals and people.
A personal story is that when I was in high school, (I was pregnant and leaving early)it was my senior year, and I had a chemistry teacher who went past the lessons she was teaching and handed me a gift bag. The compassion for a student from a teacher, she didn't have to do this, but inside this bag was a book called "love you forever", this has touched me in ways that she will never know so I thank her for that..I thank the lord for that moment so many years a great teacher to me is a person..who remembers that were all people..
9/29/2010 1:55:05 PM
Michelle Reagan United States
Michelle Reagan
Regarding a great teacher, I agree with everyones comments including the ones that have called into the station.  A great teacher not only has to know the material but to teach it in a way the kids can understand.  My son has struggled with comprehension and has test anxiety even when he knows the material.  He gets so down on himself.  In 3rd grade he had a teacher that on the first day of school he told her that it was the best day of his life.  When she asked why he said because you think I am smart.  He had his best year that year and learned a lot.  Unfortuantly his 4th grade year was not so good.  That teacher was retiring that year and really did not show much interest and just taught what she had to, so he had a rough year.  When you can make learning fun and interesting a long with showing compassion to your students, or children as they should think of it, that makes a great teacher.  He is in the 7th grade now and even now when we sees his 3rd grade teacher he always has to give her a hug and talk to her.  I also think that parents should also let the teachers know how important they are and how much you appreciate them.  I think that might make the teachers want to keep doing what they are doing and love it just like at any job.
9/29/2010 1:55:50 PM
TJ United States
i think what makes a great teacher is someone who loves the subject they are teaching and they get really passionateabout what they are teaching, whether its biology, chemistry, or even advanced trauma, they care about what they are teaching and get excited to go to school and share their knowledge. eg in my paramedic classes one of my teachers got excited because we used a whole box of tape in one day simply because it meant we were doing everything like we would in the feild, and gets frustrated when we verbalize something as simple as taking off a shoe. better to just take it off than pretend...
9/29/2010 1:56:54 PM
Debbie West United States
Debbie West
I taught school for many years and especially enjoyed working with students who struggle.
I wrote this poem one day as I saw through the eyes of a child..
I dedicate it to all the teachers who take the time to notice and help those students who need extra grace..they may not remember all you taught them but will always remember how you made them feel!!

A student's prayer

I need a teacher to teach me
to love me to csre
while i need structure and discipline
and expect life to be fair

I want learning to be fun
mutual respect in all ways
and understanding when i'm vulnerable
on those "bad hair days"

When i misbehave or am hyper
I don't know how to mention
I have this overwhelming need
to gain your attention

Please pray for me daily as I'm
not sure what I'll be
My feelings are so mixed up
Do you see the real me?

I know rules are necessarey
My parents drill that often
But are you noticing my heart
Are you teaching it to soften?

I need a solid foundation
The world out there is tough
Decisions to be made
Will i learn enough?

Although I may not show it
Your impact on me is real
I'll not recall all you've taught me
But will absorb how you made me feel.
9/29/2010 2:01:19 PM
Bill United States
I believe it takes a great temperament to be a great teacher. I read a book over 30 years ago by Tim and Beverly Lahaye about the four temperaments. The phlegmatic is easy going, doesn't get upset and is never boastful. A phlegmatic could most likely never be a disc jockey. They don't have the mouth for it. Did you ever have a Sunday School teacher that was absolutely precious sort of like Scott's daughters teacher from last year? That person is most likely has a phlegmatic temperament. A person with a sanguine temperament on the other hand will walk into a room and everyone knows they have arrived(very outgoing). You have a primary and a secondary temperament and after reading the book, you will learn which temperament category you fall in.

Keep up the good music and God Bless
9/29/2010 2:01:48 PM
shanany South Africa
hello im new here.I like your radio station positive encouraging klove.well nice to talk to you bye GOD BLESS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!
9/29/2010 2:04:02 PM
katie m.l United States
katie m.l
i go to a christian private school and ALL the teachers their r amazingly AWSOME!!! so as an 11yr old i would say wat makes a great teacher is having a good heart and being patiant with the student. my teachers (i have 2) r both very nice they r (ushally) patient with me lol!!! they r always nice too!!! gotta love 'em!!!! i went 2 six school and these r the best teachers i have gottin yet!!!! BUT IM never LEAVING this school!!! i love it
9/29/2010 2:05:13 PM
Deborah Thompson United States
Deborah Thompson
This is my second year teaching Kindergarten in El Dorado, Ar.  What makes a great teacher, first and foremost displaying the role of Christianity, being that model for the kids.  Definitely believe that Christianity needs to be displayed back in schools.  Stop considing with the world to make everyone happy; yo're don't going to please everyone.  Secondly, a teacher has to show compassion, concern, care, patience even when times are tough.  They have to be understanding.  In addition, using positive reinforcement, praising and rewarding students.  I have treats and children also do chants and celebrations.  They have to have a safe classroom/ positive classroom environment.  Interact with children, teach fun and intervative lessons.  Use manpilutives, challenge students to go above and beyond.  We as a state and nation, throughout the U.S. adhere to state mandates testing.  Start with basic learning needs and then move up to the next level instead of cramming everything in from the beginning. All kids are on different academic levels.  Some of mine didn't go to preschool, therefore they are far behind.  Think every child should be required to go to preschool and head start, between ages 3-4 before starting kindergarten.  In addition, think it should be a law about parent interaction and communication with parents, not just contacting parents when negative behavior occurs.  Parent and teacher interaction helps make a child succeed.  Two and two coincide.  Also, teamwork is made readily available between collegues.  We are not out competeing against whom can score better on testing,; hand in hand, together we stand.    
9/29/2010 2:07:46 PM
Carolyn United States
A great teacher is one who listens to the child and is willing to teach to the child's learning technique even when the school budget has no money to pay them to do so.  The school my daughter graduated from is such a school.  All the teachers went several months without pay because they believed God had called them to teach at this school.
9/29/2010 2:19:09 PM
William D. Palmer United States
William D. Palmer
I am a retired high school teacher of 31 years.
The emphasis seems to be on teachers, and that is  fine. Being fair, having high expectations,and being structured are solid points. But two things should be pointed out in addition to the teacher issue-A) CLASS SIZE can really make a difference. In the 1980's if you had a class size of 22 or more another section was created. One-on-one teaching is tough with 36 kids in a class.This is huge!!! B) STUDENT ACCOUNTABILITY should be an important concept for the kids. We hear that teachers should be accountable. That's fine(as long as there is a qualified evaluator,e.g.administration/school board), but I found that if you expect more from the students you'll get more. This goes for academics and citizenship.Technology this and that- won't save the ship. It has to come from the kids. Let them help make the rules and guidelines, (even have a student court or the like to help with dicipline) and the kids are generally pretty tough on slackers. Obviously it has to be policed by the staff, of course, but it works.
Finally, I was an old school stickler- but fair.And whenever I see my students from the past they are always cordial and happy to sse me as I am to see them. Kids like structure. It's what they need to survive in the world.(and I'm sorry , but many aren't getting it at home)I have had many parents tell me that their child is too hard to handle and are glad when the teacher-school can help out in that area.

Mr. Gates- What makes a good teacher? In review, the following points-
ONE-is to be fair, structured, have high expectations, and be supported by the administration. And, have a little charisma. We have to compete with the Internet, Video Games, etc.
TWO- class size,
THREE, student accountablity,
FOUR, encouragement and strong values at/from home.

In watching talk shows, CNN, etc. everyone seems to side step the issue of student responsibility. The school is there, it has rules, it has everything that is needed for success. Buckle down and get to work.I think our generation (Baby Boomers) slipped up a little got a little soft on the charribs.
Set the bar high, they'll respond. Moms and Dads(of which I was a Dad for three)- they'll be fine. Show support and keep a strong set of values at home.   Then worry about technology. Smile
Whew, sorry, I got a little long winded. Smile
Hope that helps,
Klamath Falls, Oregon
9/29/2010 2:24:46 PM
Vanessa United States
I have always hated math, and use to think that math teachers could not explain math at all that they knew how to do it but were not so good at explain it until this semester I have the best teacher ever!! he is amazing he tells us how other math teacher look at his book and say "oh you give students A's nobody in my class will get an A" He is great at explaing and and he wants us all to learn and pass because he believes in all of us I can say he is the best teacher ever!
9/29/2010 2:26:08 PM
destiny United States
hey i have a math teacher that just holds my hand through the tough times. he good about anwering a quetion that's been asked about fifty times. he the best!!!
9/29/2010 2:27:00 PM
Tori United States
Mrs. Dyane Smokorowski (aka Mrs. Smoke) is the definition of a perfect teacher. She was my advanced english teacher last year as an 8th grader. Her room was filled with everything disney. She worked there some years back and that's all she loves. And when everyone's talking and not listening to what she's trying to teach, she doesn't yell, she doesn't simply wait. She picks out a single student in the class and starts a personal conversation with them. She'll ask them how their sibling is doing or how the soccer season is going. Eventually everyone stops talking and she goes back to teaching. She is my al time favorite teacher, and english this year is just not the same. I love you Mrs. Smoke!Smile
9/29/2010 2:27:04 PM
Alexis United States
A great teacher is someone who has a passion for teaching. My 1st grade teacher taught as long as she could until cancer took her. She took the time to teach us all and to make sure none of us were left behind. She loved to teach and she loved every single one of us.Out of all of my teachers, she was my favorite. (:  
9/29/2010 2:32:39 PM
Tonya Voris United States
Tonya Voris
I work in the classroom as an assistant, and tutor children in a low income area after school. The one thing that I have found is that teachers who take the time to really care and show real feelings for students are the ones who have the most success with their classroom. Don't judge them by who their parents are or what they look like or how little or how much they have but see them as a person just like you as a teacher are a person. This is when kids connect with you and actually show you respect and care about learning when you care about them.
9/29/2010 2:48:08 PM
cristi cessna United States
cristi cessna
A great teacher is someone who will go to practically any length to teach another person what they are needing to know or learn.
9/29/2010 3:04:01 PM
amanda United States
I have a special needs child that is in pre-k in the town we live in. His teacher has made a huge diffrence on BOTH of our lives. My son started school when he was 3 years old. The program for special needs he was in only went from birth to 3 years. So he was turned over to the school system where we live. His teacher has made a HUGE impact on my son. He loves going to school everyday! He has learned so much from her and the para's in his class. I thank God everyday for my son and the wonderful teacher he has. She has helped him reach so many milestone's in his life. He will be in kindergarten next year and I am going to cry when this year is over. She has been the best teacher I could of ever asked of hoped for. I am going to miss her next year.
9/29/2010 3:20:56 PM
Dorothy Folkman United States
Dorothy Folkman
A great teacher will push you beyond what you think you limits are and encourage you to go further still. A great teacher will be proud of your efforts even if you fail.
9/29/2010 3:39:59 PM
Gary United States
A great teacher is someone who has Great passion for his/her students and takes a personal interest if you succeed or not.
9/29/2010 4:01:48 PM
Dawn United States
A great teacher is a teacher that has such great patience with the students, good example, and good influence. Someone that really cares about each student, and their ways of learning, what they need to focus on, spending time with them to train and teach them. A person that has the patience so when the student doesn't understand right away, not to put them down. A great teacher cares about making sure each student is educated,  taught the right information, and stands up for whats right. They encourage the students a lot when they are frustrated with themself, and tries to encourage them to strive for excellence in everything they do.
9/29/2010 4:11:11 PM
Chris United States
I believe what makes a great teacher is a person who is not only knowledgeable about the subject and prepared to teach it, but also someone who understands the language, culture, and perspectives of the students.  He or she must be a student of the subject to what they teach as well as a student of who they teach.

He (or she) must be passionate about their subject and really seek to see their students develop that same passion and/or at least an understanding of the subject.  

This is my dad.  As a pastor, principle, and now college professor, he is not only passionate about what he is teaching, but regularly seeks to know more so that he will be better able to teach.  He then studies his students to see if they are getting it and adjusts teaching tactics in order to best educate the students.
9/29/2010 4:15:34 PM
Dawn United States
Teachers should not be teachers that are not what a lot of us described. I've had a lot of really awesome teachers that took us under their wing to really care about us, teach us, and were a Godly example. Unfortunately, I've had a few bad ones. Ones that would put me down and some other classmates. They were sarcastic, talked down to us, and called us names. That should never happen if a person is a teacher! I've forgiven them for sure, but just sharing that it's very wrong. It can damage a child when their young until it's dealt with so they can heal. We need teachers that are trustworthy, and have Godly integrity!  Smile
9/29/2010 5:18:00 PM
Nicole :) United States
Nicole :)
My AP Human Geography teacher is the best teacher. He is funny and helps you out with things that you don't understand. He gives you a couple of days to get things turned in and we almost always never have homework. He helps you with things that you dont get, but he doesnt help you with things that are basic and he likes people to ask a LOT of questions so that you understand what he is talking about. He said, " Just because you are Freshman doesnt mean that you dont need to understand what we are talking about."
9/29/2010 5:33:29 PM
Gregg United States
I know where this topic is headed because it has been shown that "good" teachers result in almost a years' improvement over "bad" teachers when students are tested.  So how do we find the "good" teachers?

Along with some of the great comments made I would like to suggest one very important aspect to teaching.

Because I have been interested in this topic for a while now, I have been going around asking adults how they learned to read or where they learned their math facts. Most of those I have asked have said they were learned at home. Although the teacher presented the material (the curriculum) it was (usually) the mother who did the tutoring and drill that actually resulted in the learning.

So I suggest that an often overlooked quality of teaching is the parents that the teacher works with. They are the unsung individuals who make sure the practice and homework are done, that the child has the materials needed for class, and that the child comes to school with the proper mood for learning to occur.
9/29/2010 5:43:04 PM
Nina United States
To me what makes a great teacher is a person with a passion for their subject and students.  My most inspirational teacher was my  band teacher.  BLESS HIM Mr. Olsen would teach us music and listen to us screech through the songs, and then taught us how to march for parades BLESS HIM.  I was never a talented musician, I  have no natural rhythm and can’t tell if I am playing off key, but still at almost 50 years old I Appreciate Mr. Olsen and all his patience, most of all his love of music.  My mother always loved classical music and Opera, but until Mr. Olsen I had never seen anyone LOVE music so much they would share it with our young minds and still love music in it’s roughest form.  I toughly enjoy supporting my local symphony and Opera association’s, I know this love of music was fostered by my family and Mr. Olsen.  Thank you Mr. Olsen!
9/29/2010 5:44:27 PM
Lorie Jarvis United States
Lorie Jarvis
I think my husband is a GREAT Teacher. He started out being a mechanic then became a millwright which pays very well. However, he had a desire to go back to school to become a teacher.  Obviously he didn't go into it for the money. So why do I think he is a great teacher? It is because he works for a very small school that doesn't have a lot of financial funds for his woodshop class: so he goes out every year and gets donations from local businesses so that the kids don't pay for any wood, stain and other supplies they normally use. He wants every kid to have a chance to create something of their very own. There are kids who would never be able to take his class if they had to pay for the supplies. He says that he doesn't work anymore, because school isn't work. He absolutely loves being a teacher. He teaches grades 7-12th. When he was a kid, you would have never imagined him being a teacher- he was the one causing all the trouble. I think this gives him an advantage because he can relate to the troubled kids and he gets them back in line. No matter where we go, there are kids running up to him to say "Hi Mr. Jarvis", whether current or past students. I don't really remember seeking out one of my teachers just to say hello.
9/29/2010 5:45:32 PM
Sara Collins United States
Sara Collins
Perhaps being a teacher I am biased about what makes a good one.

Before I even knew my calling to be a teacher by God I new I wanted to serve my community because of the influence my teachers had over my life. ALL of my teachers as I was growing up were encouraging and worked to help me overcome struggles I had both in school and at home. Because of their support I was able to graduate second in my High School class. Therefore I would say what makes a great teacher is an encouraging and loving spirit.
9/29/2010 5:49:18 PM
Dalia United States
  The last class I took to get my degree from college was taught by a professor that said Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher that ever lived. Because of his love for Jesus Christ he stived to teach like Jesus Christ.  He had the mind of Christ and therefore he learned his material, so that he could prepare his students well.  He constanly prayed for the campus, his fellow peers, and his students.  When he disciplined the few students that were difficult he did it in such a postivie way that the students did not realize they were being disciplined. He constanly praised the students and acknowledge God for the wisdom he used in his classroom.

In my years of attending school and knowing my children's teachers I have come to realize that the best teachers are true Christians.  They show their love for Jesus Christ in the way they teach their students with so much love and patience.  most of these teachers practice the fruits of the spirit in their love for their students. They are patient, kind, they do not boast, they are not rude, self-seeking, or easily angered, they keep no record of wrongs. These teachers always protect their students. Their students can trust them and they never fail the students.
9/29/2010 5:51:21 PM
Anna United States
1) Great teachers are TOUGH.  They hold their students to high expectations, and give kids opportunities to show they can meet them.
2) Great teachers find ways to make learning FUN, because we all learn so much more when we can be comfortable. (Yes, you can be comfortable and still meet those high expectations of #1!)
3) Great teachers find ways to relate to their students as PEOPLE, not just generic minds.
4) Great teachers genuinely LOVE their students, and are not afraid to SHOW it.
9/29/2010 5:55:42 PM
madison United States
well i have to say many things make a good teacher. I am 13yrs. old and I have nice teachers but, 3 of them are very good at what they do and i enjoy them very much. I have a wonderful english teacher she made me actually enjoy english. I dont know how she does it but she gets us thinking about how to do things on our own and realy just lets us shine in the papers we write. she always has a smile on her face even when we aren't being a good class. my math teacher guides me but makes it fun. she is persistant and ready to help. My bible teacher is funny but very serious about God. all of these trates make a good teacher
9/29/2010 6:08:43 PM
Tim Trulove United States
Tim Trulove
I think what makes a great teacher is the same thing that made Jesus a great teacher and something I have learned in over 30 years of selling, "until you care, they will not hear". Because Jesus truly cared about people, they listened to what He said and chose to follow Him, because Great Teachers truly care about their students, they listen and learn. I have three children and have personally witnessed this statement to be true. I have also watched my sister who is one of THOSE Teachers take students who really did not like learning and change their world, primarily because they KNOW she truly cares for them as people. The fact that she knows her subject is secondary.
9/29/2010 6:48:05 PM
Catherine United States
Great teachers make learn fun and make it where it's not just sitting there in the classroom writing stuff and the teacher teaching lessons.
They also try to get to know their students, knowing what their good and bad at and help them approve in both areas.
9/29/2010 7:13:19 PM
Sheryl Hayes United States
Sheryl Hayes
Great teachers make learning exciting and relevant.  They also care about their students as individuals.
9/29/2010 8:48:38 PM
Danell Case United States
Danell Case
My mom was my teacher! she homeschooled me from after 10 years old for about 7-8 years because of health and learning difficulty issues, her and I think that the BEST teacher is 1 that is focused on (in a teacherly & appropriate manner)and cares more about the person or child there teaching MORE than caring about getting there pay-check for teaching! I am now 24 and am graduated from school becuase of her determination to NOT give-in or/and give-up! she IS MY BEST and FAVORITE teacher of ALL time! always has been ALWAYS will be!
9/30/2010 8:15:55 AM
Buck United States
The most important thing for a teacher is to want from the bottom of your heart for your students to learn and master what you teach them, and to have compassion for them.  You have to teach positively; telling your students how bad they are and how much better they need to be does not motivate them.  Therefore, you also have to be a good encourager, constantly encouraging your students and acting as a coach in addition to a teacher.  You have to be able to see how good your students can be when they don't see it themselves, and tell them about that at every opportunity.  You have to know each student's personality and skill level so that you'll know who and who not to call on, who to push hard, and who you may have to coax through slowly.  Lastly, while you have to be kind of business-like during class or private lessons so that the student will be focused on the lesson, it is also important for a teacher to be a friend to their students.  It is hard to explain, and almost intangible, but the best teachers I've had in my life are some of my best friends today.
9/30/2010 10:38:23 AM
Sophia United States
What do I think makes a good teacher? I think someone that is willing to help you and is also understanding of your struggles with a class(es). I have an english teacher at my school and she is kind and understanding of all of her students different learning abilities! I <3 her and I <3 how she is so great at what she does! I can tall that my Senior Year english calss is going to be great with her as my teacher.
9/30/2010 12:10:48 PM
Mrs.Beason United States
The exact ingredients that make a great parent. Teaching starts in the home with the parent.
9/30/2010 12:38:20 PM
David United States
     I can add nothing to what has already been said above by teachers, students, and parents alike. Enthusiasm, compassion, dedication, patience, and committment to a higher ideal are all necessary to success as a teacher.  However, effectiveness in the classroom is also dependent on an institution that supports its staff.  Education, like any large entity, is run on bureaucracy.  If there is a flaw in the bureaucracy it will eventually affect the system as a whole.  Education in this nation needs to be corrected FROM THE TOP DOWN.  
     We have tens of thousands of good teachers in the U.S. but there are problems within the system.  I do not mean to accuse administrators only.  There is room for improvement in all areas.  However, when an innovative and compassionate teacher/instructor is inhibited in their work by over-loads of reports that eventually end up in the trash anyway, there is a problem.  The students are victims of this type of problem.  
     It is difficult for administrators was well.  The problems faced in K-6 are different from those faced in middle school or high school.  College campuses face different problems than those at the secondary or even university levels.  I teach at a community college.  The problems that I face at the beginning of every semester is to have students who have graduated from high school but are funtionally illiterate.  They enroll in college level courses where they are meeting classes with successful students who have the drive to compete for their goals.  The poorer students are usually overwhelmed by the situation and usually drop-out after a few weeks.  In our society ther should be safe-guards to prevent this from happening.  We need a better system to recognized the needs of students, and to meet the needs of the majority of students.  You can not expect a "cookie-cutter" patterned system to do that.  It take specialization; which in turn requires more money.  Also, money for education is not always interpreted as "teacher salaries."
     On another note, a teacher can teach nothing to an unwilling student.  They have to inspire the student to learn; and each student has their own personality that is motivated by different things.  Classroom instructors need support from the parents.  In recent years that support has eroded.  A new partnership must be established between teacher and parent so that the lessons learned in the classroom are reinforced at home; and vice-versa.

If you have reached this portion of my message, thank you for your patience.  It is probably to no avail, but here is my two-cents worth.
9/30/2010 3:04:13 PM
rrhoop United States
A good/great teacher is one who WANTS to teach and it's not just a job and a paycheck which is how a lot of teachers act. But it takes a special person to be able to teach now-a-days. It's not like it was when I was a kid. Teachers need incintives to be good teachers just like everyone else. Give them reasons to want to be a teacher.
9/30/2010 3:34:30 PM
Kristin United States
A teacher is one who inspires a person to reach beyond their comfort zone and reach out into the unknown world of knowledge. I have a music teacher that inspires me to push passed what I feel about how I play my instrument and just play. Don't care what other people think, but just play because I want to. Also, I had a math teacher that just inspired me to further advance my knowledge in math, as I am very good at math, and to open up to a world of equations and figures. It is amazing when you find a teacher who inspires you to be more than you are. Also, it makes the class seem a lot better than if the teachers don't inspire you. The ability to inspire someone is not a skill that you learn, but a God given talent which becomes amazing in every way when you inspire someone. Thank you to all those teachers out there who gave their all to inspire their students.
9/30/2010 3:38:22 PM
Courtney United States
     I think a great teacher is like mine he's a 5th grade teacher named Mr. Bond. He made a thing called brain break where you go outside on a field and play sharks and minos and he plays with usSmile. He also gets girls to play football with the boys and he is always on on the girls team. He also joke around like once he said that Peyton is in a book and it is a picture of a lizard. He also eats lunch with us. He is my reading teacher and he makes reading fun. He is the best teacher I've every had which is hard to say because I love all my teachers but he's the best. My sister had him and she said he was amazing so when I got him I so happy. He is the BEST.
9/30/2010 4:45:14 PM
Melanie United States
There have been lots of great comments already.

1.Class room management is HUGE and not taught in the education process our future teachers go through.

2.Passion for both the subject being taught and the children in the audience.  

There is always more learned at home than anywhere else.  No matter what we as parents model we can be sure that we are the main source of education for our children. So creating a better outcome in education starts at home.  Hold yourself and your children accountable for their actions and you will see change in the schools.

9/30/2010 6:52:17 PM
Felicia United States
I really wanted to respond to this yesterday but I didn't have an opportunity.

To me teaching is a calling not a profession. You can't go into this job with the mindset that you will have all the holidays summers off, that isn't what teaching is all about. To be a great teacher you have to truly care about children. You have to want to see them succeed and do everything in your power to help them succeed. You have to look at each day as a new beginning and not allow what happened yesterday to affect today and you most certaintly cannot let it affect your mood or behavior towards your students. You have to be willing to give all of yourself (emotionally and physically) to your students. While they are in your class (and possibly afterwards) you are acting like a parent because you are helping to nurture and mold them into who God wants them to be. A great teacher has to be enthusiastic about being a teacher in general and what they are teaching. If you aren't then your students are going to think that what you are teaching them isn't important and that it doesn't matter if they learn it or not. As a great teacher you have to make learning fun and come up with inventive ways to get your students engaged in whatever you are teaching them. As a great teacher you also have to be strict yet loving. Your students need to know that they are expected to follow the rules but at the same time know that you love them and are there for them no matter what.
10/1/2010 5:01:22 AM
Benjamin Foulks United States
Benjamin Foulks
I think students are their own great resource.  They learn so much from one another.  The best teacher is one who can teach others how to teach the subject and tutor those who need help.  The teacher who can mentor; teaching a student how to study the subject on their own, inspiring them to do so, and leading them to a point where that student can then pass on to!  That's the perfect teacher!    
10/1/2010 5:16:26 AM
werner South Africa
I am coming from a teaching family, so when we have family gatherings, its a hole bunch of teachers together. what I rwalized, is that all of them have a passion for what they do, they love it, and just cant seems to fit in some where else. teaching is not as easy as it was a few years ago, with all the rights students have, but still they continue as the results of having no failures is there! If you love your job, you never work!
10/1/2010 10:31:15 PM
Betty Kinyoun United States
 Betty Kinyoun
     A good teacher is called, and will teach their students HOW to learn! Teaching students where to look, the processes for finding information, ways to understand difficult concepts, persistence, patience, utilization of available resources, methods of study are the beginnings of education.  
     My daughter is probably the best teacher I've seen.  She knows how to break information down into easily understood, essential components. She then takes a step by step approach, insuring that each segment is learned and thoroughly absorbed before advancing to the next level.  Having a good sense of humor, high expectations, and genuine concern for her students really makes a difference in their lives.
     I believe we should develop a series of tests to help identify how each student learns.  Some learn best by hearing, some by reading, some by hands on approaches.  I know many teachers try to tailor lessons to all learning types but believe if we could improve on these techniques, more students would retain what is taught.
     My other thought is that parents are the best teachers.  Many people are parents but have no idea what their true role is in their child's life. God made us to be their main source of learning and if taken seriously enough, teacher's jobs would so much easier.
10/2/2010 4:18:27 PM
Melissa United States
A great teacher is someone who is there for all of your questions, does not make fun of your crazy questions, and tries to understand where you are struggling. They are a positive role model and  respect each individual for themselves. They make their topic interesting and attempt to make appealling to all.
10/2/2010 6:03:32 PM
Maddie United States
I had a teacher in 6th grade that was great. You could tell she cared for all of her students and she was a genuinely happy person. She only once ever yelled at the class and for a bunch of 6th graders that is pretty darn good. Aside from that she also designed the classroom so that people could be working at their pace and their level. There were different spelling groups, reading groups, ect. And you always had the opportunity to move around in what level you were in.

Out of any class I learned the most in hers.

Later, she made a larger impact in my life though. When my parents were going through thier divorce I was really upset and she was there to help me through it, even though I was no longer her student.

Then, the year after that one of my friends came to her with questions about God and Church because she knew from the way this teacher acted that she was a Christian. This teacher talked to my friend and explained things to my friend in a way that she could understand. This lead my friend to Christ.

A year after that, my parent's divorce was still not finalized and there was a lot of stress in my family. My friend that had just accepted Christ because of that teacher invited me to youth group and the first night I went to youth group I ended up accepting Christ.

One thing that, that 6th grade teacher had taught a lot in her class was that, "No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted". It was the kindness that she showed to my friend that led my friend to Christ and that friend led me to Christ.

I think what made this teacher so great was that she cared and she showed she cared. She also lived what she taught us and was excited. She kept her classroom environment positive so even if you didn't understand something you still hat the attitude to find the answer and not give up.
10/2/2010 7:08:35 PM
Arnold P. United States
Arnold P.
I've been a teacher for the past 20 years and I was intrigued when I heard this question on Klove.  I enjoyed reading the posted comments, especially the posts by former students of their favorite teachers.  

There are many aspects to what constitutes a "great" teacher and as some have commented, these teachers are "not in education for the money," although it really helps to have a paycheck.  

Life is about relationships and based on all the posts, building and maintaining good and positive relationships with students is priceless and a must for all teachers.  Great teachers have solid, positive and lasting relationships with students.  This helps with classroom management.  It also helps inspire and motivate students to do their best.

Great teachers are knowledgeable in their area and creative in teaching it.

Great teachers have the courage to continue learning and admit when they need help or new ideas.

Great teachers are well-balanced. They have strong work ethics, but know their priorities or what is important.  Although students are important, a great teacher (if he/she is a believer) puts God first, followed by his/her spouse (if married) and family.  My work and my students are always after these.  As Gods' word says, if I cannot manage my own household, how in the world can I manage anything else?

A great teacher teaches with excellence, or doing the best with the resources on hand.  As a believer I choose to operate in "God's Economy."  For many of the events and activities I plan for my students the cost is impossible for me, but with God "all things are possible."  I must believe that nothing is impossible for Him and as I move forward in faith, I know He will open doors, close doors, provide other ways, send people to provide, or guide me those who will provide.

Finally, to quote Pastor Greg Laurie,"the heart of the matter is always the matter of the heart."  A great teacher has a heart for all his/her students and models this through godly character traits: integrity, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and exercises self-control.

Great teachers fail many times over but they do not give up.  They also know that they cannot reach all students but teach as if they can.  They set high but realistic standards for their students and are happy when they see their students giving it 110%.

In the face of a poor economy, larger classroom sizes, smaller class budgets, increased work load, furloughs, minimal parental involvement, negative public opinion, punitive education reforms, and the list goes on, it is a wonder that we still have people who have a heart and passion for our children.

On the other side, to see your students succeed in life, seeing them achieve their goals, going on to do greater things than me and knowing that I played a very small part in helping them AND maintaining a solid relationship with them is PRICELESS! It is even a bigger blessing to see them come to know the Lord as their Savior!  I thank God for this calling even though there are times I want to give up.  God is faithful!

10/3/2010 11:55:33 AM
Taylor United States
Im Taylor im 9 and my mom is a kinder teacher. she loves it but when she picks me up from school she s so tired.i think my mom is a great teacher because my mom is always excited and never shows shes tired to her kids. when i get home shes talking to my dad at the dinner tabel, and shes saying the kinder team is kinda being mean and just rude to her. so she told her student teach to always have somthing encoringing on her desk like she dos. my mom has about 50 different bible verses put in to a book laying on her desk to help her through tough times.
10/3/2010 4:59:03 PM
Dan Charette United States
Dan Charette
Bill Gates is an EVIL man and i cant believe you would even honor him be making him look good...Bill dont care about you or your kids..he is all for THE NEW WORLD ORDER and he wants your DEAD...yes i said DEAD...he want to kill you and your kids off quickly by VACCINES..he think we are over populated..God says to be fruitful and multiply...well BILLY BOY dont believe in God he has tried to buy his way into the ELIETE Secret Society group called SKULL and CROSSBONES.. read the articl here if you dont believe he is after your LIFE..your Kids life too this guy is a disgrace to this country and you all uplift him...we need to pray for this man to wake up..or pray that YOU wake up and stay away from this man
10/3/2010 5:16:51 PM
Dan Charette United States
Dan Charette
Hey Bill Gates dont care about you or your kids..he wants you DEAD...he is all for THE NEW WORLD ORDER..he has tried to buy his way into the secret society group called SKULL AND BONES ..he is and EVIL man..he thinks we are over populated and wants to kill off your children and you quickly by VACCINES..check it out yourself if you dont belive me..  God says be fruitful and multiply.. Gates thinks we are over populated... i think we need to pray for this man and stop honoring him by making him out to be a good person ...i cant believe you all being a christian station dont do your research about a person before you start to praise him...I believe GOD is very Discusted with BILL and we need to pray for bill..thank you
10/3/2010 5:19:51 PM
Dan Charette United States
Dan Charette
Hey Bill Gates dont care about you or your kids..he wants you DEAD...he is all for THE NEW WORLD ORDER..he has tried to buy his way into the secret society group called SKULL AND BONES ..he is and EVIL man..he thinks we are over populated and wants to kill off your children and you quickly by VACCINES..check it out yourself if you dont belive me..  God says be fruitful and multiply.. Gates thinks we are over populated... i think we need to pray for this man and stop honoring him by making him out to be a good person ...i cant believe you all being a christian station dont do your research about a person before you start to praise him...I believe GOD is very Discusted with BILL and we need to pray for bill..thank you
10/3/2010 5:22:48 PM
Dan Charette United States
Dan Charette
God says to be fruitful and multiply
10/3/2010 5:56:54 PM
Dan Charette United States
Dan Charette
10/3/2010 5:57:16 PM
Dan Charette United States
Dan Charette
God loves you all
10/3/2010 9:04:17 PM
sarah busick United States
sarah busick
i have been homeschooled by my mom for the past 3 years. this is our fourth and last year, because i will be in 9th grade next year, and am going to public school. my mom is a great teacher, not only because she is my mom, but because she helps me get my work done, and i get a lot more leeway. she is loving and kind, but we have our moments. who doesn't? lol. she is by far my favorite teacher!
10/4/2010 7:12:35 AM
Olly Italy
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10/28/2010 7:19:24 PM
Maddie United States
Congratulations Ellamae!
12/24/2010 10:14:16 PM
phil People's Republic of China
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