Oct 01 2010

What Is The Worst Mascot Ever???

With Mascot names like the Crimson Tide, which is algae, and the Banana Slugs... It got us to thinking... What do you think is the WORST mascot EVER???
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10/1/2010 2:22:00 PM
Lynn Phipps United States
Lynn Phipps
The mascot for the University of Alabama, CRIMSON TIDE, goes back to the 1920s when a sports announcer commented that the U of Alabama team, all in their crimson jerseys, looked like a "rolling crimson tide" as the came onto the field.  In the modern vernacular, it refers to the crimson tide of blood rolling under the feet of the herd of packederms as they run toward their next victims. This is the blood of those they have already conquered.  This is effectively portrayed in a popular painting of this which has been produced into a poster.  For more info go to rolltide.com, the official website of U of A sports.  ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/1/2010 2:24:36 PM
Lynn Phipps United States
Lynn Phipps
Whoever it was that said CRIMSON TIDE refers to the "red tide" occasionally seen in the gulf must have been an AUBURN fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/1/2010 2:25:31 PM
Julie United States
One of my friends from college years ago went to a high school where the mascot was the cupie doll.  Smile
10/1/2010 2:29:17 PM
Pam Young United States
Pam Young
University of Arkansas at Monticello  Boll Weevils  I was a cheerleader and it was strange to yell for a Boll Weevil, it is weird but unique.
University of Arkansas at Monticello's mascot is the Evil Weevil.

The boll weevil is a small gray bug that poses a huge danger to cotton crops. In 1920s Arkansas, that made the boll weevil public enemy number one, so it was naturally scary opponent and a good name for the team.

Their motto: "There's nothing more evil than a damn boll weevil."
10/1/2010 2:31:44 PM
Tiffany Dugas United States
Tiffany Dugas
Hey Scott & Kelli - Just a little FYI....the Crimson Tide mascot DOES NOT come from algae.  The story of the Crimson Tide is: The name "Crimson Tide" is supposed to have first been used by Hugh Roberts, former sports editor of the Birmingham Age-Herald. He used "Crimson Tide" in describing an Alabama-Auburn game played in Birmingham in 1907, the last football contest between the two schools until 1948 when the series was resumed. The game was played in a sea of mud and Auburn was a heavy favorite to win.

But, evidently, the "Thin Red Line" played a great game in the red mud and held Auburn to a 6-6 tie, thus gaining the name "Crimson Tide." Zipp Newman, former sports editor of the Birmingham News, probably popularized the name more than any other writer.

Also - the elephant - in one game...there was so much noise that sounded like a herd of elephants - so hence the "Rolling of the Crimson Tide".....

Thanks! Tiffany Dugas
10/1/2010 2:39:30 PM
Melissa United States
There is an elementary school in my neighborhood (grades K-3) and it used to be called the Cumberland Cucumbers! I don't know about you... but I think that is pretty bad! I also heard about a high school who's mascot was the Butte Pirates. Yeah, its pretty bad.
10/1/2010 3:04:27 PM
Gunnar United States
In a school in our district, we have the roadrunners, and the Colorado Rockies have a dinosaur with the name of "Dinger." So I suppose that is rather interesting...
10/1/2010 3:06:18 PM
Gunnar United States
In our district we have a school with the mascot of "Roadrunners," which reminds me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. The other one I can think of is The Colorado Rockies', which has an odd name of "Dinger."
10/1/2010 3:10:45 PM
Michelle United States
I live in the KLove city Somerset, KY. The mascot for the city school system here is the Briar Jumpers (rabbits). That is definately the most unique mascot I've ever seen locally.
10/1/2010 3:11:09 PM
Jennifer Leivestad United States
Jennifer Leivestad
I had a friend in college whose high school was the Irrigators.  I guess because it was very dry in western South Dakota and the farmers used a lot of irrigation to grow crops.  
10/1/2010 3:11:31 PM
Doug United States
If they have a track team I'd vote for the University of California, Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
10/1/2010 3:12:11 PM
Christie United States
I grew up in Santa Cruz area.  University of California-Santa Cruz changed their mascot to the Banana Slug.  It had previously been the sea lion.
10/1/2010 3:12:24 PM
Andrea United States
We have some strange ones in Montana...I graduated as a Laurel Locomotive.  My dad was a Glasgow Scottie Dog.  But by far the weirdest one of all is my mom's high school mascot: the Chinook Sugarbeeters.  They even have the Sugarbeet festival every year.  What can I say, we're a unique state!
10/1/2010 3:12:46 PM
Doug United States
I'd vote for the banana Slugs if University of California, Santa Cruz has a track team.

10/1/2010 3:13:39 PM
Dyana Baker United States
Dyana Baker
Alabama's mascot is an elephant, the team is called the Crimson Tide.
10/1/2010 3:16:17 PM
Scott Dirks United States
Scott Dirks
Benson High School Mighty Bunnies located in Omaha Nebraska.
10/1/2010 3:16:57 PM
Sandie Cline United States
Sandie Cline
I am not a Crimson Tide fan, but the name really could be intimidating.....Jesus blood was the ULTIMATE CRIMSON TIDE!It couldn't get much better than having Jesus be the number one fan. : 0
10/1/2010 3:17:14 PM
Michelle Stephens United States
Michelle Stephens
I grew up in Christiansburg Virginia.  Yet our mascot was the Demons.  I never thought anything about it growing up, but now that I'm a Christian I look back on cheering for the demons and think that's weird.  Especially in CHRISTIANSBURG!
10/1/2010 3:18:40 PM
Paris Dabate United States
Paris Dabate
In Scottsdale arizona the Scottsdale community college ARTICHOKES
10/1/2010 3:18:48 PM
Loretta Peets United States
Loretta Peets
FYI:  Alabama's mascot is Big Al.  He is an elephant.
10/1/2010 3:18:48 PM
Robin United States
The "Lambkins" at Fort Collins High School in Colorado.
10/1/2010 3:19:32 PM
LeLane United States
in Cleveland ms the mascot for delta state university is the fighting okra.... A vegetable
10/1/2010 3:19:35 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
I just wanted to say that the oregon ducks rock and a duck can be very fierce, I have been hist at before by a flock off ducks while riding my bike and then one of them bit my tire. Ducks may look cute but they can do damage when they want to!
10/1/2010 3:20:00 PM
Mitzy United States
I went to Scottsdale Community College is Arizona whose mascot was the Artichokes, and the colors were light pink and green.  The student body did not want a sports program.
10/1/2010 3:20:19 PM
Janelle United States
How about Scottsdale (Arizona) Community College ARTICHOKES????

Or Grays Harbor(Washington)Community College CHOKERS (logging terminology)
10/1/2010 3:20:31 PM
Jeff United States
How about the Frankfort Hot Dogs from Frankfort, IN ?
10/1/2010 3:21:07 PM
Jackie McCaslin United States
Jackie McCaslin
I think the Montgomery Biscuits are the worst ever!
10/1/2010 3:21:09 PM
Sarah in Alaska United States
Sarah in Alaska
Who says they have to be intimidating? If you don't have any strength (like a tree) how can you intimidate anyone?

Be careful with the watts though ... they might zap you if they are electrified! Get enough watts and you've got a lot of "electricity."

You do have a point though with some mascots ... they are head-scratchers. Have fun!
10/1/2010 3:21:24 PM
Gena aycock United States
Gena aycock
In the Mississippi delta .(Cleveland, MS).. The Delta State mascot is "Okra" no joke!! Smile
10/1/2010 3:21:44 PM
Tamara United States
There is a town in Indiana called Frankfurt. Yep, the mascot is the hot dogs.
10/1/2010 3:22:16 PM
Chris Jahraus MD United States
Chris Jahraus MD
Though you are a fine DJ, Scott, on football, you are utterly misguided . . . at least about Alabama.   The monicker of "the Crimson Tide" comes from an old time radio announcer who described Alabama's players in their crimson uniforms as foreboding, appearing as a "crimson tide" flooding down the field.  The mascot itself is actually an elephant.  They got that off the cases they carried their equipment in, and those were manufactured by the Birmingham Trunk Company, whose logo included an elephant.  Thus, the elephant is in fact our mascot.  Foreboding, don't you think . . . at least to a Gator!  As for the weirdest mascots ever, my birth state of North Dakota takes the cake!  One town, New Salem, has as their high school mascot the Holsteins (a kind of cow), and another town, Kenmare, has as their mascot the "Honkers" after the Canada geese that are hunted near there.  I wonder if the prom queen, "Queen Honker" ever got a date after being coronated!?!?
As for Bama, our mascot is pretty cool, don't you think!
-- Chris Jahraus, MD
Chelsea, Alabama
P.S.  Please get us a K-LOVE station in Birmingham!
10/1/2010 3:24:08 PM
Gunnar United States
The Dartmouth college mascot is a massive keg of beer. Apparently, the students are so embarrassed, they shun the mascot and  avoid it.
10/1/2010 3:24:28 PM
Ducky United States
10/1/2010 3:25:04 PM
Katie United States
I'm from a little town in Ohio: East Liverpool. Know for the potteries, our high school team is the Potters and our mascot is a Kiln (fire mouth and all). His name is Potter Pete!
10/1/2010 3:25:44 PM
dawn United States
Freeport Illinois has the Freeport Pretzels,  I dont even know what their mascot is.  When i went there i dont remember a mascot.  But they have pretzel's on their jerseys
10/1/2010 3:26:33 PM
Ducky United States
10/1/2010 3:29:40 PM
Jennifer Leivestad United States
Jennifer Leivestad
I had a friend in college whose high school mascot was the Irrigators.  I guess because it was a small farming community in dry western South Dakota and they used a lot of irrigation to grow their crops.
10/1/2010 3:29:53 PM
cory stipp United States
cory stipp
My high school mascot was the cornjerker, which was an ear of corn with arms and legs. The mascot's name was Jerky. Our football helmets just said jerkers, our team often had corn thrown at us by the opponents fans.
10/1/2010 3:30:46 PM
Robin United States
Phillips Universary ~ PU ~ mascot was a skunk
10/1/2010 3:32:56 PM
Don Halver United States
Don Halver
Worst mascots ever:

Chinook High School, Chinook, Montana: Chinook Sugarbeeters.  A small farming community where a lot of sugar beets are raised!

Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZ:

Missed their chance: Mesquite High School, Gilbert AZ passed on Mosquitoes!!
10/1/2010 3:35:14 PM
Susan Peterson United States
Susan Peterson
The worst mascot ever is the Scottsdale Artichokes!
10/1/2010 3:45:06 PM
leah walker United States
leah walker
I have a school that is k-12 near me there mascot is the Hobo's and there proud out it to there colors are baby blue and yellow also!
Laurel Hill Hobos!
10/1/2010 4:14:27 PM
Parker McCool United States
Parker McCool
Olemiss has the worst mascot ever. It's a fish. It's like beware of the fishes.
10/1/2010 5:23:30 PM
Amanda R United States
Amanda R
In Logansport, In there are the Berries... Imagine being afraid of berries...  The mascot is Felix the Cat, though.....
10/1/2010 5:26:12 PM
Rick Smith United States
Rick Smith
Southern Arkansas University Muleriders. I was in the Mighty Mulerider Marching Band. They're rivals are the University of Arkansas at Monticello Boll Weevils.
10/1/2010 5:38:17 PM
Ashley United States
Arkansas Tech University Wonderboys.
10/1/2010 5:40:01 PM
Karen United States
My Junior High school mascot was the moles. lol
10/1/2010 5:40:25 PM
colton knight United States
colton knight
How bout the Montgomery Biscuits baseball team. Cuz when i think of a biscuit i'm always struck with fear!
10/1/2010 5:40:33 PM
Liz United States
The Triple A team for the Baltimore Orioles is in Norfolk, VA.  They are called the Norfolk Tides.  The mascot is a Rip Tide.
10/1/2010 5:41:52 PM
Dana United States
In Northwest Iowa there is a small town Everly.
The school has a very intimidating mascot:
The Cattle Feeders and Lady Cattle Feeders.
Opponents beware!
10/1/2010 5:43:09 PM
Mollie United States
In Northern Illinois the high school mascot is a pretzel... even the middle school is the pretzel sticks. yeah
10/1/2010 5:43:56 PM
Tami Martinez United States
Tami Martinez
At Jordan High School in Sandy, Utah, the mascot is a beetdigger named Digger Dan. He looks scary. I don't know if he'd look less scary if he were wearing overalls. The mascot idea embraces the area's sugar industry, but I think a harvesting combine is waaaaay more threatening.
10/1/2010 5:45:27 PM
Vickie United States
In boothville Louisiana there Is a high school known ad the. Oilers there Is also a high school in Louisiana know as the hurricanes
10/1/2010 5:48:25 PM
Mollie United States
In Northern Illinois the high school mascot is a pretzel... even the middle school are the pretzel sticks. Another funny thing is 30 minutes norh of our town... their mascot is the cheese makers. Pretzels and cheese.. so tough.
10/1/2010 5:53:16 PM
Mike Isenberg United States
Mike Isenberg
In West Virginia there is a county named POCA...(pokuh) The football teams mascot, well the entire school for that matter, is the POCA Dots....yes, I said, POCA DOTS!  Truly the worst every, how do you fight Dots?  With stripes?
10/1/2010 5:57:27 PM
Paul May United States
Paul May
I went to Bedford North Lawrence HS in Bedford, IN and we were the Stars, we even had a mascot... a giant red whte and blue star.  But worse than that was 2 towns south was Paoli IN, whose claim to fame is a large rock that looks like a jug.  Theiir mascot was the "jug rox" that is no typo, they spell it with an x.
10/1/2010 6:15:03 PM
Paul May United States
Paul May
The shoals hs in shoals in are the jug rox after a large rock shaped like a jug.
10/1/2010 6:35:56 PM
Rod Glock United States
Rod Glock
The story (circa 1928) about the elephant mascot for Alabama comes from the team had matching luggage for road trips from a Birmingham company that had a red elephant as the logo on the luggage.  The elephant mascot was not adopted until 1976.
10/1/2010 6:46:09 PM
Maryann United States
In Fort Myers, Florida, there is a high school with a Green Wave as a mascot.
10/1/2010 7:28:31 PM
polly Kaat United States
polly Kaat
The worst mascot was from my high school. I am from Milwaukee, WI. At age 11 we moved to a small town about an hour to the north called Oostburg. Most of the small town is of Dutch heritage. So they are called "The Flying Dutchman" They have red shoe with wings in it sort of like a wooden shoe.
It has been over 30 years since I graduated and the town has not changed much in that time. Most of my classmates still live in the town it is now very multicultural. So I guess a flying wooden shoe might still fit??
Still no so good.  
10/1/2010 8:16:44 PM
Carla O'Dell United States
Carla O'Dell
In San Antonio, TX, the minor league baseball team mascot is a puffy taco!  Henry, the Puffy Taco!  In honor of a well-known Mexican food restaurant called  Henry's Puffy Taco...they are to die for!
10/1/2010 9:26:48 PM
Emily Harlow United States
Emily Harlow
I am a high schooler at Tri-Central in Sharpsville Indiana and our rivalry school is Tipton High School. Their mascot just so happens to be the "Devils".
10/1/2010 9:28:32 PM
Emily United States
A school near my hometown is called the "Frankfort Hotdogs". When we play them in sports, we make signs like "roast the Hotdogs".
10/2/2010 5:58:30 AM
Jake Nobles United States
Jake Nobles
Some of these are just absurd! HAH! The only one I've ever seen that made me laugh, was back in high school in Portland, TX, we played a small town on the coast and their high school mascot was the... "mighty fighting sandcrabs"
10/2/2010 7:13:35 AM
Jeanne Ann United States
Jeanne Ann
at my elementary school, we were the pine village "pine knots".
10/2/2010 11:01:04 AM
Nicole United States
In north Mississippi - Delta State University their mascot in an Okra.
10/2/2010 4:12:33 PM
Marita United States
when my husband and I were on our honeymoon 4 years ago, we saw a sign in the carolinas rooting on a team, saying "Go Wildflowers!"  now, who would want to play on such a "brutal" team... oh the names their competition would call them...
10/4/2010 1:09:22 PM
John United States
LONG before Nebraska started using the name "Cornhuskers", they were the Bugeaters.  Look it up.  Can anyone POSSIBLY top that?
10/4/2010 1:57:09 PM
Brian Smith United States
Brian Smith
By far the worst mascot is the Virginia tech Hookie.  Accourding to the dictionary a Hokie is an emasculated (read castrated) Turkey.  How's that for a bad mascot?
10/4/2010 3:16:48 PM
Jessica Somers United States
Jessica Somers
Amarillo High Schools mascot is the Sandies and it is a big yellow sand storm.  I hated it all through high school.  
10/5/2010 3:24:29 PM
Denise Ward United States
Denise Ward
My family's favorite is chocolate gravy over heavily buttered biscuits, along with bacon, scrambled eggs, and a tall glass of milk.

10/7/2010 6:17:59 AM
Mickey United States
My dad lived in Centralia Illinois as a child.  Their mascot is the orphan.  Yes, that's right, they are the Centralia Orphans.  How depressing is that?!

I also had a friend who went to the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.  Their mascot is the Eutectic.  It's a gremlin-looking creature holding a mortar and pestle.  I had to look up what it meant.
"The 'Eutectic' describes the scientific process of two solids being combined to form a liquid."  Intimidating, isn't it?
10/30/2010 7:53:46 AM
Kellie United States
Ridgfield,Wa Hgh school mascot is the the potato! They're called the " Spudders". The elementary kids are called "Tater Tots". The middle school is making quite the statement with their mascot being the "Rebels".... rebelling against vegetables as mascots, is my guess!
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