Oct 07 2010

What does your handbag say about you?!

A new documentary, "The Contents of Her Purse" claims that you can learn a lot about a woman by what's in her purse! So, what do you think the contents of your handbag say say about you and why?

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10/7/2010 3:57:25 PM
Anupama United States
I have a debit card, credit card, driver's licence, scriptural messages, phone, bunch of keys, my pen drive, what does it tell about me?
10/7/2010 3:57:39 PM
kellen huggins United States
kellen huggins
I bought my 5yr old daughter a lil pink Nintendo DS case for her birthday and my wife wendy got jealous and wanted me to buy her one too. . . . but she has no DS. . . it's now her purse LOL
10/7/2010 4:00:49 PM
Miranda United States
Well, my purse would say I do not like alot of clutter and make-up is a must! If I lost my purse, live would not be over but my driving would be for atleast TWO weeks. Darn Virginia DMV snail mailing ID's. Tong
10/7/2010 4:11:32 PM
Vikki United States
Because of a digestive disorder, I'm not able to eat many prepared foods so I carry my own snacks that won't make me sick so my mother describes it like this, "Vikki eats out of her purse".  There are apples, bananas, nuts, homemade granola or any number of other good stuff.
10/7/2010 4:14:07 PM
Leah Marlborough United States
Leah Marlborough
My purse says I am a Security Sergeant. I have a lot of recipts, so I guess I spend a lot of money. And I have a daughter, I usually have some kind of girly hair ribbon or toy or something in it.
10/7/2010 4:14:18 PM
Rachel United States
My purse says i'm a student. I have more than half of it filled with pens and pencils and highlighters, to top it all of i have a large calculator stuffed in it and can barely shut it! oh my..
10/7/2010 4:15:55 PM
Amanda United States
I am a female contractor, so my purse says I work hard! I have chunks of granite, wood, paint samples, screws, tape, a sharpie, my wallet, a notebook and pen, and a tape measure!
10/7/2010 4:17:37 PM
Sara United States
My purse has pens and pencils, tissues, a wallet with a checkbook that records checks made to a university, gum, hand sanitizer, and a calculator. It says I am a college student! (:
10/7/2010 4:18:29 PM
Blake United States
I carry everything in my purse! I have books, tooth brush, tooth paste, ballet shoes, ipod, cell phone, gum, deodorant, chap stick, wallet, debit card, licenses, keys, sun glasses, mints, notebook, pens, advil, hand sanitizer, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  
10/7/2010 4:20:36 PM
April United States
I have a wallet, pens, pieces of candy, receipts, food wrappers, todo list, chap stick, phone, ipod, keys, water bottles...lol what does that say about me?
10/7/2010 4:22:01 PM
Melanie United States
I have a larger purse/bag and it has all kinds of stuff from books,to receipts, coupons, to pens to cheerios! I guess you could say I have a baby who likes cheerios,  but what else does my contents say?
10/7/2010 4:23:08 PM
magon United States
oh wow..my purse?!!..haahaa ...can you say mom?! ,,,i have snacks for my 10 month old, my 8yr sons pokemon cards and my 9 yrs old daughters DS//// along with doctors appt papers , church bulitin , and camara (always gotta be ready to take that OH SO CUTE PIC OF MY BABIES!! ..
10/7/2010 4:39:39 PM
Riley United States
i have everything in my purse! haha people say i have the most random things, but they always come in handy. id say im pretty prepared. (:
10/7/2010 4:57:37 PM
Elizabeth United States
I have to say my purse says buzy Mom prepared for life.
10/7/2010 5:20:37 PM
Stacy United States
I have lipstick,at least 3 shades,lip gloss,gum,keys,debit card,drivers license,insurance cards,pens,sharpies,scissors,tape,small bottle of perfume,hair clip,lipliner,mascara,comb,change purse,fingernail file,lunch money,
10/7/2010 5:29:07 PM
Gina United States
My purse...number 1 is heavy.  I don't know what with!  I'm an organized person, and so is my purse.  As a matter of fact, with all of the pockets, and being so organized, I can't find anything!!! Smile
10/7/2010 5:31:15 PM
mandy United States
my purse is simple it has a wallet with no money, but id. my small bible, cell phone, gum, pens, and ipod. so i guess i dont like clutter according to purse (but my bedroom messy) and that im always reading and writing. and music is my thing.
10/7/2010 5:47:33 PM
Roxanne United States
My purse would say I am a mother, and it is the only part of my life that is organized. Everything I do not want my children to get ends up in a pocket of my purse.
10/7/2010 5:56:52 PM
Shelley Turpin United States
Shelley Turpin
Right now, sticky notes, peanut butter crackers, cheese n crackers, 2 hot wheels, 2 motorcycles, a dirt bike rider, wallet, meds, receipts.
10/7/2010 5:57:01 PM
Ashtyn Payne United States
Ashtyn Payne
I am almost seventeen, my purse contains my wallet, 21 sharpies of various colors, some scrap paper, a chapstick, a brush, ponytails, pencils, pens, and one piece of gum.

I am in art 2, computer maintenance, and web technology. Tong
I also currently have $40 hidden in a secret compartment in it >.<
10/7/2010 5:58:36 PM
Janice United States
My purse has 1. small Bible, 2. umbrella, 3.wallet  full of stuff., 4. comb 5. lip stick. 6. gum, 7. purpurme. 8. powder.  9. evevlpe with  groceries coupons. 10. lotion, 11 small photo ablum with grandchildren in it. It weighs a ton.
10/7/2010 5:59:56 PM
Carrie United States
I have a ton of store/grocery receipts, sunglasses, a calendar, my wallet, pens, mints, gum, coupons and whatever else gets added by my husband and children... but rarely is there cash... ;)
10/7/2010 6:00:37 PM
Katie United States
3 different types of hand sanitizer, 2 things of perfume, 2 lipgloss, eyelash curler, clear mascara, mirror, wallet, photos, address book, cellphone, ipod, water bottle, headphones, IPODS AND ITUNES FOR DUMMIES book, at least a dozen pens and pencils, notpad, camera, nail clippers, keychain, calendar, headband, icebreakers, gum, tictacs... You name it, I've got it.. they call it the walking suitcase!!!
10/7/2010 6:01:35 PM
Gillian Davelaar United States
Gillian Davelaar
I had to laugh as I listened about purses. I work at Starbucks here in Seymour, Ct. Last week at our church as I walked in one of the greeters I know well said hi and asked me if I had any coffee just joking around and I pulled out a handful of the Starbucks Via packages and handed them to him. You should of seen his face it was so funny.
10/7/2010 6:02:17 PM
Ashley United States
My purse has ID, receipts, a bunch of mail, 2 bottles of germ-x, 2 packs of gum, finger nail file, a little pink mesh bag or life saver mints, carmex, clear mascara, pens, a java cafe cinnamints, lotion, tithing envelopes, ibuprofen, eye glass cases, keys, tape, sunglasses, clip board, a belt,thin pair of flip flops, a whole lot of Bobby pins, and perfume.I had no clue half of this was in here that can only say one thing about me.. I am a huge pack rat! Even though I don't need it i feel compelled to toss it in anyway.
10/7/2010 6:04:26 PM
Crusin4christ United States
I have a ton of stuff! powder,lip gloss, 2 kinds of antibacterial gels, mints, 2 types of gum, ponytails, clippies, 3 checkbooks, a wallet, some cash, tooth brush & paste, lots of change at the bottom, paper clips, mini notebook, calculator, coupons, old receipts, school id, kids id's, kids medicines,advil, a rock from my neice, a necklace, and for some reason a dog treat for my little yorkie i guess! oh and suckers and bills to be paid, what is up with all of this stuff?? i do not like clutter at all and this is one area that is packed in!
10/7/2010 6:11:48 PM
Starla United States
Well... I currently carry a Physician Assistant's Prescribing Reference (PAPR) with me everywhere, as I'm a PA student and wouldn't dare leave home without it Smile.
10/7/2010 6:37:18 PM
rrhoop United States
My purse says I'm on weight watchers (if my book is in my purse, otherwise it says nothing). I have the bare necessities (cell phone, drivers license, misc cards, brush, lotion, pens, pad of stickies, gum, compact mirror, tweezers & a few misc items). I can't stand a cluttered purse and no make-up goes in my purse. I clean it out almost daily.
10/7/2010 6:37:48 PM
Michelle United States
I did not hear this subject discussed on air, but..............my purse does say alot about me....... It's a Nine West I purchased on clearance for next to nothing, The lining is all ripped, as I am frugle. I have regular things, but also a flashlight, tape measure, stain stick, soup spoon (eat lunch at work and do not like teaspoons), nail file, toothbrush & paste, sunscreen, sanitizer, lotion, floss, a paring knife, 8-function pocket tool, etc!!!!!!!!!!!

Was a girl scout and a boy scout - cub scout leader.
10/7/2010 6:38:06 PM
Michelle United States
10/8/2010 12:19:52 PM
Kristen Tormohlen United States
Kristen Tormohlen
My purse says that I'm a dancer, and a prepared older sister Smile Very worn ballet shoes, medical tape, ankle wrap, bible, homework, poncho, wallet, lip gloss, sharpies, letter or two from a friend, comb, hair ties, bobbypins, band aids, recpiets, coins, baby toys, a book, pocket knife, rope, jacket, granola bar, water bottle and gum.
10/9/2010 9:56:12 AM
susan United States
goodnes, I have a bag that says I thought about what may be needed (my sister teases me that I have everything but the kitchen sink).  Ihave court papers I carry showing I have custody of my grandson, toys to entertain him, electronic book, wallet, eye glass fixer, glucose tablets, cleaning wipes, a bag with straws, lollipop, small utensils, "brag book", antiobotic creme etc...
10/9/2010 11:43:06 AM
Chelsee United States
I guess my purse says that I'm a neat freak, a Christian, and a song writer because I have certain things in a certain pocket in my purse, and I have a notebook with sermon notes and some lyrics.  The rest of the stuff in my purse is pretty normal: scrunchy, bill fold, keys . . .
10/9/2010 2:21:07 PM
Cheri Quigley United States
Cheri Quigley
I had a housekeeper at the time when this happened. I had run out of hairspray and looking in my linen closet was relieved to find a full bottle of hairspray. As soon as I applied it, I knew something was wrong...my housekeeper had taken an empty bottle of hairspray and filled it with household cleaner! So that day I had au deu cleaning agent scent, thankfully it missed my face.
10/13/2010 6:54:33 PM
Joy United States
My purse probably would say I am a neat freak.  Actually it is so small that it only holds my drivers license, check card, cell phone, and a small vial with my meds.... ha ha, it is a small camera case but it looks like a small leather purse.
2/5/2011 7:43:27 AM
Carla Chile
I bought a vial of Creed perfume (really expensive brand) on ebay and now I'm putting it on and I smell like an old lady. Is this because old ladies wear really expensive perfume or because they wear expired perfume?
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