Oct 14 2010

Imagine the Impact of God's Word

A Biblestick in the hands of a soldier. Each new EZ Gift $40 pledge releases another audio New Testament from Faith Comes By Hearing to one of our soldiers around the world! So excited to be a part of this project - will you please join us.

Found these awesome testimonies on the Faith Comes By Hearing website:


“Many of us have been in Iraq for a while, and the doldrums lifestyle leaves you worn out and empty. It has never been easier to get into God’s Word.”
--Chaplain’s Assistant, Iraq

"Listening to the audio Bible really helped me to understand the emotions in the Bible. I can read the words over and over, but to hear the word spoken to me really puts it all together. Thank you."
-- U.S. soldier, Kosovo

Thanks for getting involved - For more info about making a pledge to K-LOVE, click here


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