Oct 16 2010

God's One-Eighty Plan

We love hearing how God has changed your life! Here's a couple stories we've heard this week

Dena - my heart is blessed daily by how good the Lord is to me. I, after 2 failed marriages, decided that being high and drunk all the time was better than hurting constantly. Today, after being clean and sober for 5 1/2 years, I know there is no greater "high" than having a relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. K-LOVE reminds me of that daily. THANKS KLOVE FOR BEING THERE FOR ALL OF US. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Cindy - JESUS has brought me out of years of drug abuse, prison, and the courage to escape an abusive marriage. I am now a hard work in JESUS ROCKIN WOMAN. Sure I still have my few defects that the GOOD LORD is helpin me get beyond them, but I will continue to spread the word as I know to anyone and at anytime anywhere. THANK YOU. Klove is the only station I listen to - a daily all-day positive n spiritual upliftin station. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH N GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

Now it's your turn -- tell us your 180° story!

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10/21/2010 11:48:33 AM
sofi United States
yeah. i just wanted to say that no, i cannot really give any money but yes i wish i could. wow ive been so touched by all these stories. i luv the djs and and all the helpers and people on klov. i listen evry day!

sofi Smile
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