Dec 16 2009

What Makes Christmas So Great!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I love the fact that there are so many people open to hearing of Christ’s love.

There are so many things that make Christmas wonderful, like spending time with your family, the ample opportunity to love on others, and all the celebrating, Christmas parties at work, school, in the neighborhood, at church, in the community… they are everywhere!

For me, Christmas brings back such great memories.  I remember the road trips to grandma’s house, the cookies that my grandpa used to make, my favorite are those Russian Tea Cakes!  I remember the thrill of picking out our Christmas tree, and decorating it as mom played Christmas carols on the piano, or the Carpenter’s Christmas record, and of course I loved the presents.  I think half the fun was trying to figure out what we were getting, one thing that was never a surprise, new underwear! (thanks Mom)

I loved being in the church Christmas play every year, I got to be Joseph a lot, that was fun, I am just glad that I was never a cow!  I remember all the band and choir Christmas concerts, and the fun we had, and oh I remember when I was in high school, singing in the Madrigal singing group, I wasn’t thrilled about having to wear tights though!  Ewwwwwww! 

As an adult, I have a whole bunch of new reasons to love Christmas.  Christmas was the first time I kissed my wife.  It is a blast surprising our kids with gifts under the tree, there was that one year though where we found out they peeked… we weren’t happy!  Watching all of their Christmas plays and concerts, and being the dad who pointed out, “that’s my kid!”  I can only hope that our kids will have as fond of memories as I did growing up!

I have lost both my parents now, sadly, both of them passed during the Holidays, which makes it especially hard.  It makes me realize just how important it is to make the most of every moment that we are given.  I hope that you have an amazing Christmas this year, may the Peace ushered in by the birth of Jesus be with you and your family, and may you soak in every moment!


Dec 15 2009

TobyMac freestyles about Ugly Sweaters

Here's a few shots from tobyMac's visit to the K-LOVE studios. Toby spent a little hang time in the studio with us, and he shared about everything from whether he was a Coke or Pepsi guy, Pepsi, by the way, to where he was spending Christmas. He also shared about how much fun they have been having on the Winter Wonder Slam Tour! For the first time in a long time, he did some Freestyle rapping, and we will post the video here on the blog, in case you missed it, or want to share it with your friends!!! He will be closing out the Winter Wonder Slam tour in Phoenix, AZ, and he wants everyone that's coming to wear their Ugly Christmas Sweaters!!! Oh Yeahhhh! Got a picture of you in your ugly Christmas Sweater... Post it!!!



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Dec 02 2009

Get a human!

"Thank you for calling. All our representatives are helping other customers right now, but your call is important to us. Press one for...." Sound familiar? Ever get frustrated trying to reach a human? We've got help for you! Check out this site--you'll find all the shortcuts to connect you with a human!


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Make a Difference - Extreme Version
Oct 18 2010

Make a Difference - Extreme Version

During pledge drive we hear from soooooo many of you who share what God's done in your lives. We're blessed knowing God has used us to make a difference in hearts and families around the world. If you'd like to be part of our team, we hope you'll consider making a pledge today.


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Comments (4) -

10/18/2010 2:42:51 PM
Marla Alsup United States
Marla Alsup
I give to K-love each month and am blessed that the company I work for matches my gift every month.  I am frustrated that more people don't support this ministry.  3% percent of k-love listeners carry the sweet load of this ministry. I pray that at least 10% will get on board and help this ministry be fully funded by Thursday. God is doing such great things on k-love.  Please get on board to keep k-love strong.  

Thank you Scott and Kelli for all your hard work.  I know how exhausting this must be.  Keep you chin up.  God is faithful.

God bless

Marla Alsup
Drain OR

10/18/2010 5:11:04 PM
Katie S. United States
Katie S.
K-love is the best radio station ever, but right now I don't have any money to give. I am getting my friends and I to save up a lot for next year's pledge drive.I love K-love, and I'm sure other kids do too!!Thank you for such encouraging songs!!!!!
10/19/2010 10:11:23 AM
Angela Hobbs United States
Angela Hobbs
Hi Scott and Kelli, I am a daily listener to KLOVE.  I LOVE KLOVE!  I have a CHALLENGE for your listeners on this pledge drive:

Give a gift that is attached to the Bible verse that God has promised you, you live by or is your favorite!!  

I gave a one time gift of $42.12 and changed my monthly gift to $42.12.  God's promise to me is Job 42:10-17 and especially verse 12.  I have been a supporter of KLOVE for a while.  God impressed on my heart to change my pledge.  By changing my pledge I will be giving, not to get back, but to remember and claim God's promise to me every month.  I am a single mother of 5 blessings. When times get tough, and they do, I remember God's promise to me!

So why give to KLOVE?  Because you are with me in the car, at home and at work.  I seem to get a word through song every time I need it.  I have felt a "tap" from God as He says... "listen to the next song, it's for you."  There are SO MANY times this has happened!  One of my favorite memories is when I was hurting desperately in my heart.  God told me to call my Dad to come and hold me.  I felt so odd in requesting this from my dad.  We hadn't had a great relationship up to that point but God said HE was going to heal our relationship.  I called my Dad in that moment, he dropped everything he was doing to come and hold his 40 year old daughter.  As he walked in the door KLOVE played, "I'm gonna wrap my arms around my Daddy's neck, and tell him that I LOVE HIM!!"  I bawled like a baby at God's timing and KLOVE'S obedience to His call.  THAT was the beginning of 2 years of reconciliation.  We are SO wonderfully close!  I'm so glad that KLOVE had a part in that!!  THANK YOU!  THANK GOD!
10/19/2010 11:49:18 AM
James United States
Please be very careful about giving money away to beggars and "down-trodden" people you see on the streets.  Lots of scams out there and I bet even Klove has policies about this.  I am very concerned about Matthew West's new song - "Population Me" and how it advocates giving money to a "homeless widow."  Nice sentiment, but it can be a real scam problem, especially as we head in to the holidays and people feel more generous than usual. has a lot of recommendations on how NOT to get taken in by con-artists:
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