Oct 19 2010

180 Degree Turn-Around

We've been hearing lots of 180° turn-around stories from our listeners. It's amazing what God does in your lives - truly INSPIRING!

Check out this testimony by Monica who shared with us on our facebook page: "I'm a 17 year old teenager who lost her father a year ago... I had become severely angry at God and I knew I needed to change but couldn't. I didn’t understand why God would take my dad who was a pastor and was doing amazing work through him.... I was almost at my breaking point and I went to church camp where I let go of all the anger and God broke down the wall between us!!! No KLOVE didn't change me but I now listen every morning as I'm driving to school and at lunch, and on my way home to get that encouraging word to keep my focus in him and not on the things of this world! So thank you KLOVE for being that support to me."


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10/19/2010 12:55:27 PM
Stevn Horsell United States
Stevn Horsell
GOD is always their evan though we are mad at him he will never leave us or foresake us god loves us un condishtionly .......
10/19/2010 1:43:36 PM
Sara Grace Killian United States
Sara Grace Killian
i know wht its like to lose your father. i lost mine when i was three. my dad was not who he should have been. he wasnt where god wanted him. he dieb because he overdoced at a new years eve party in 2000. his mother found him dead jan 1, 2001. even though i was three, i still remember eveything like it was yesrterday. for the last 11 years ive wondered why god took my dad away from me, my brother, and my mom. i know what my dad did was wrong, but i was mad at god for years. i didnt understand why gos would take something that was so important away from me. i grew up fatherless. i never had a dad to teach me how to ride a bike or do all the father daughter things. i just didnt understand. so i kept asking god why would he do that to one of his own children? then i realized that what happend to my dad was not gods fault. my dad chose the world instead of gods way. i know my dad was forgiven. im a better person because of it. i look at people all the time who have their parents, and wonder why they take them for granted. god gave me wisdom and hope for my future. he gave me happiness that no one else could ever give me. i love my god. he brought mr through years of depression. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH MY GOD!
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