Oct 25 2010

10 Most Annoying Smartphone Habits

A list of the most annoying smartphone habits came out today...are you guilty of some of them? All of them? Here's the link: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/mobile/10/22/annoying.smartphone.habits/index.html?iref=allsearch

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10/25/2010 5:17:36 PM
Becca United States
I find it really annoying when my parents fight it happens alot
10/25/2010 5:22:58 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
At schools you cant text, so its the only place you can text!!!! Sorry Teachers!
10/25/2010 5:24:10 PM
Kayla United States
I have the habit of opening and closing my phone continuously for no reason.

I also hate when someone texts REALLY fast for sooo long! :O
10/25/2010 5:36:32 PM
Carol United States
Cell phones are the worst thing that have happened to our children. The cannot problem solve because the answer is just a speed dial away! My heart aches for my kids reliance on immediate answers.
10/25/2010 5:42:43 PM
Brooke United States
I don't like when you see people walking and texting. They don't watch where they are going and run into youSmile
10/25/2010 5:45:10 PM
Melissa United States
Saying what did we do before having cell phones is like saying what did we do before carseats.  We lost alot of kids in car accidents.  What did we do before pennicillian? we lost alot of people to curable illness.  I have 7 children and many times my babysitter is my 14 or 16 year old.  Having my cell phone on when their dad and I are out for date night not only gives me peice of mind, but it puts them at ease knowing we are just a phone call away if something goes wrong. One time we were out and my 14 year old called to say she thought there was a robber in the house.  She was so scared, she did't think to call 911 first.  I hung up with her and got the police enroute immediately.  Would not have been able to do that if I hadn't had my phone on.  Cell phone stays!
10/25/2010 5:46:37 PM
Sharon United States
With 3 kids still living at home, and losing my husband of 26 years November 10 to cancer this past July 12 after a 14 month battle, I really must admit that I appreciate my phone now for my kids sake if they need me, and while I still had my husband so that if he needed me while I was at my part time job I was only a call away.
10/25/2010 5:47:33 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
Ok scott, You dont think we need cell phones. Think about this. You are late to work at the radio station. You put your keys down to put on yor shoes. You manually lock the door, run to your car but cant find your keys. they are in the house. Your locked out! the only other person that has the key to the house is a friend of yours but he lives 15 minutes away. the phone is in the house. What do you do?? (reply on-air Please!!!)
10/25/2010 5:55:13 PM
Evan Horton United States
Evan Horton
This is in regards to a conversation you guys were having just a minute ago about being more or less worrisome before cell phones. I think Cell phones make people more worried. Let's say you ARE out on a date, and the kids are at home. If you have a cell phone, you're constantly checking it. That's called a nervous habit. If you don't have one, you have nothing to check. You might still worry, but you're not going to have something sitting on the table in front of you REMINDING you to worry every time you see it. I think that your parents had it right. They learned how to deal with worry and accept it, which is a skill we are losing. Think about it: if, God forbid, something bad happens to someone you care about, what are you going to be able to do just because you have a cell phone? If there is a situation where someone NEEDS to reach someone for help, the Police ALWAYS have their phone on. Smile So it's more of a good thing that the person you are worried about has a cell phone. I think we are becoming addicted to having everything "now." I call it the "Veruca Salt Syndrome" or VSS (The spoiled girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). Sorry this is such a long message, but I couldn't get through on the phone line.
10/25/2010 5:58:01 PM
Richard Cruz United States
Richard Cruz
I'm guilty of txting while in church and have my Pastor just give me the look.
10/25/2010 6:02:03 PM
laird cain United States
laird cain
I heard you comment on what we did befor we had cell phones. We trusted God to take care of our familys, and we actually talked to each other.Now we text everything. One persons downstairs the other upstairs, and instead of going to see them we send a text. I cringe when I hear the sound of incomeing text. I glanced at my bill today my son 400+ text ,daughter 500+ , ex wife almost 800 . My phone 68 all in responce to there messages. I can call and talk to you and ssay everything in 2 minutes that you can text in 10. Letrs get back to talking to eachother.
10/25/2010 6:04:13 PM
Kayla United States
In some teenager's viewpoint, its better not to have cell phones. Then parents can't call and ask them where they are! Therefore, the parent can't complain that they didnt answer their phone! In a parent's viewpoint...theyre all for the tracking system on their phone!
10/25/2010 6:08:36 PM
Cheryl United States
I have to say that I DO think it's very rude/unprofessional to be sitting at dinner or a meeting, etc., with your phone on the table.  I should let you know that I'm a single mom of 4 kids - two of which are grown - and I KNOW the concern we have over our kids when we're out.  I have only gone on a couple of dates and wouldn't consider setting my phone on the table.  With that said - might I suggest what I HAVE done - keep my phone on vibrate in my purse or in a pocket, and if you're an intuitive/alert parent (which most of us are!) - you'll hear/feel the vibrate and can politely excuse yourself while you go to the bathroom/outside, etc., to see if it is one of your children - AND if it's important enough to call back.  I have also nonchalantly looked at the number to see if it even is a child - and if not, I don't bother to leave.
10/26/2010 1:30:18 PM
Mikey United States
You are not kidding!  I DESPISE cell phones -- not because of the technology but because people seem to totally forget their manners when their phone goes off!

I was raised to ignore the phone (land-line) during dinner, family meetings, and any other time when a "you are important to me" conversation was happeneing.  But now even my mother who raised me this way is jumping every time her cell phone goes off no matter what.

Technology is not "connecting" us -- it is driving us apart.  Ever notice how many times a group of teens is together but not together?  They are talking on their phones or texting people they are not with, totally ignoring the people they are with.  So backward!
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