Nov 02 2010

Ever had an odd injury?

Scott's son, Austin spent hours in the ER today after getting hit in the face by a metal door. Ouch! Ever had an odd injury like that? What happened?

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11/2/2010 5:05:08 PM
Noele United States
I once broke my arm after just throwing a ball in the air and i broke the bone. Haha very weird right
11/2/2010 5:05:37 PM
Charlene United States
I have had 2 unusual ER visits. I am a nurse and worked ER for several years. I was working one afternoon when my husband brought our 15mos. old daughter in. She had fallen and split the edge of her lip open. Since it was a small hospital and there was only one other nurse working, she held my daughter down and I assisted the doctor to stitch my baby up! The second was when my daughter was older. (we had a lot of ER visits with her) She was playing volleyball and went to spike the ball, dislocating her shoulder. After exam and x-rays, the doctor kept bringing other doctors and nurses in to see my daughter's shoulder and walked out with disbelief on there faces. All the time, never telling me what the x-rays showed. As a nurse and knowing too much I began to think the worst. After a while, I ended up on the ER cart after about passing out, thinking my daughter would probably have to have surgery. In reality, her ligaments were so loose that she could pop her shoulder in and out of joint without flinching and the doctor was amazed. She just had to wear a sling for a few days to allow the joint to heal!
11/2/2010 5:09:36 PM
Zaneta Simpson United States
Zaneta Simpson
When I was 13 I went to the ER for a broken wrist but I got it when I was mooning my sister!! We were making our beds and we had hardwood floors. I told her to kiss my butt and I mooned her. Just as I pulled down my pants I slipped and fell. When I got up I was in so much pain and I needed to pull up my pants and I was begging her to help me but she fell to the floor laughing. When she realized I was really hurt she helped (even though I had my pant almost all the way on).

Also when I was 3 I fell off a swing (it had an wooden square seat) but I flipped and as I flipped the swing hit me in the head (and left a scare) and knocked me out.  
11/2/2010 5:10:49 PM
Heather United States
I've been to the ER with my youngest son Matthew.  He was 2 at the time and was running from the sitting room to the kitchen at my mom's house.  He wanted a drink from the fridge and on his way there, he tripped over his feet and fell hitting his forehead on the corner of the fridge.  He ended up with Dermabond instead of stitches but still bears the scar.
11/2/2010 5:13:05 PM
James United States
My daughter had 2 different emergency room visits as a toddler.  Her first was flipping herself out of the shopping cart at a Price Club (former version of Costco) when wife turned to look at item (before they put in seat belts in carts.) Child was crying but no obvious injuries.  But then she threw up on way home, so we took her to emergency room for x-rays of concussion.  Wife was 5 months pregnant so she could not be in room.  I had to wear a lead apron and hold her down on the x-ray table and another guy had to hold her head with two pads to keep her head still. And she was screaming to peel paint off the walls and the wife had to listen from down the hallway.  Turns out she was fine, no breaks, no concussion.  Then several months later, she was in her room bouncing up and down on her bed and flew into her closet door.  Comes out crying with blood streaming down her face.  Took her to a new emergency room and she had to get about 4 stitches in her forehead.  Again, she had to be wrapped into a "papoose" carrier so she would not move and a paper with a cutout to only show her forehead while on the operating table.  My little girl can scream like it is nobody's business.  The scar is almost invisible now and they did a fantastic job and she is a happy, healthy teenager about to start college next year.  And I was more worried that people would think I was abusing her, though we did have to answer specific questions at both of the ER wards (2 different hospitals.) The joy of kids! Wink)
11/2/2010 5:14:12 PM
Gloria United States
A few years back i received a call from my oldest sons roommate telling me my son had been hit in the head with the trash can lid and the RA took him to the emergency room just to be sure all was fine. the roommate told me not to worry, it was nothing ... a few hours later my son called, he had 10 staples in his head and the "trash can lid" was the outside dumpster lid. He was "clothes lined" by it while walking outside.
11/2/2010 5:23:01 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
I remember having to go to the ER when i was about 5. I was outside in my walker (Im paralyzed)I triped over my own foot, and landed on a cement step which split my bottom jaw horizontally. My dad took me to the ER, screaming. After loosing count of how many stiches were in my chin they gave me some choclate milk and I stopped crying. It was the weirdest and most painful injury.
11/2/2010 5:36:38 PM
Bonnie Plante United States
Bonnie Plante
Just before my son turned 3, we were driving home in our minivan.  Suddenly, a deer (a buck!) jumped through my son's window and into our van.  It proceeded to kick out all of the back windows of the van as well as the car seat in which my som was strapped before it found its way back out of the van.  My son was covered in glass.  He had glass in his ears and even in his eyelashes. Of course we rushed him to the ER but miraculously, he didn't have a single cut large enough for stitches.  He is now 12 and loves to tell this story.
11/2/2010 5:38:44 PM
Vicki Moses United States
Vicki Moses
My son was opening some super glue and the tube broke and shot in his eye. It glued his eye shut. He couldn't open his other eye because any movement of his eyes hurt the glued shut one. I took him to the emergency room where they had to cut off his eyelashes and clean out his eye. He had a brown eye and a blue eye for quite a while. He now has 2 brown eyes again.
11/2/2010 5:39:05 PM
samantha United States
Hi, this is samantha, i am e-mailing you a funny story for when i was 5. I was going down a hill and my wheel got stuck in a pot hole, i put on my frount brake on my bike, and i flipped over my bike and laned on my face. i got a huge lip lost a tooth and got 2 wigglly teeth. Another one i was 11 it was about 7 weeks ago. My hand got sweety and i slipped off the swings. i broke my wrist and had to get a cast for 4 weeks. Funny thing about it is my freind was singing a song her step-mom made up called i'm only going to brake your arm. then i was on the ground with a broken arm.
11/2/2010 5:41:20 PM
tabitha United States
i had a few stories.
when i was 11 i was sitting on my dad lazy-boy chair poking the right arm of it with a wooden skewer in a up and down motion. i lean over to charge position and stab the wooden skewer into my right eye. it didn't hurt, so i check it in the mirror to see if i did hurt it. i did, went to my mother and said my right eye is bleeding. the pain started after the doctor put yellow stuff in it.

when i was 19 i had a cold and i was in the middle of a coughing fit. so i turned to cough and i broke my rib.

couple of weeks ago i linear fraction my right ring finger when the washer lid slam shut.
11/2/2010 5:41:24 PM
Eukara Ross United States
Eukara Ross
Lol...don't you just love those little "coincidences" that God provides? Tonight...not 15-20 min ago, I get in the car to drive over to the store to buy some baby Tylenol. My 2 1/2 year old son, Elisha, was playing in his room and tripped over his Styrofoam baseball bat and his top-right front tooth came COMPLETELY out. As I get in the car balling my eyes out, I hear you guys come on the radio and couldn't help but laugh at the wonder that God is. I really needed to hear that guys... Thank you for letting God use you! ~Eukara~
11/2/2010 5:42:06 PM
Ian United States
I actually have two weird instances I'd like to share. First, about five years ago i was playing with a plastic toy when the cord flies up and cuts part of the iris in my eye. Luckily i was in a hospital already so all i had to do was walk upstairs. Secondly, I was being chased by my younger sister through the house, when i kicked a glass vase with my foot and it sliced my little toe. I had to get 12 stitches in that one toe... needless to say it wasn't very fun.
11/2/2010 5:46:20 PM
Kathy Kissack United States
Kathy Kissack
When I was in high school during indoor track practices we ran around the gym, up bleacher stairs, out doors and through the halls. One practice the coach's son, who was about 5 or 6 at the time, went to open a door in the gym just as guys came through the door on one of their laps.....he went flying as the metal door hit him squarely in the face/head and body.  Can't remember the full extent of his injuries as it was many years ago but it was very serious, they rushed him to the hospital.  So, maybe metal door injuries aren't so rare!  Hope your son recovers quickly and gets to play in his football game!!
11/2/2010 5:46:37 PM
Daryl Hobson United States
Daryl Hobson
My wife and I have three boys (now 22,21,16), so we've had several trips to the emergency room over the years.  The scariest happened in February of 1995.  I was at a convention in Indianapolis, back when cell phones weren't very portable.  I had a "bag" phone in my truck.  When I left the convention around 5pm, I checked my voicemail and this is what I had.  Our neighbor Gwen had left me a message saying simply to call this number.  I called the number and it was Culligan Water, yes The Culligan Man.  I thought that was quite strange, so I assumed something bad had happened.  I tried calling my wife at home, no answer.  I called another neighbor, they knew of nothing that had happened.  Immediately I prayed to God that something has happened that I know nothing about, but you do.  I trusted God, I turned the entire situation over to him.

We live about an hour from Indy, so it was quite strenous.  Finally about 45 minutes later, my wife called and told me that our 9 month old boy (Joel)had fallen down the stairs while in his walker.  He hit his head on the railing at the bottom of the stairs, and had fractured his skull.  It was only a fracture, apparently no brain damage, but they wanted to keep him overnight for observation.  I believe a guardian angel had helped protect him, because it could have been much worse.

We stayed at the hospital overnight with Joel.  My mother came to the hospital that evening, and while she was there a friend of mine, who is a city policemen and went to the same church we did, came to visit in his full attire.  My mother thought that we were in some kinda of trouble because the police were talking to us!!

Well I feel blessed to report that Joel had no problems from that accident.  
11/2/2010 5:47:17 PM
tabitha United States
Forgot one when I was 20. I was a diet )no chocolate and no sweets) I gave myself a treat with a sugar free chocolate fudge pop. I suck on the stick so hard, I got a splinter in my throat. the ER numb my nose and throat. Then slid a camera into my nose to look in my throat. It was gone by that time but they could see where it was.
PS it was a training ER guess what the trainees did.
11/2/2010 5:52:50 PM
Dina United States
I have had a rough time getting thru an accident I had in April. My children and I were riding our Trikke scooters and I hit a shift in the sidewalk and crushed my cheek, eye socket, broke my nose, messed up my shoulder and broke off the hammer bone in both hands. I now have a fake eye socket and cheek and have had surgery on one hand. Now only 3 more surgeries to go.
11/2/2010 5:58:24 PM
Randy United States
I worked in a level 2 trauma center ER for 5 years and a Level 1 trauma unit for another 4.  On one occassion and young female checked into the ER with a chief complaint of blurred vision.  After examination, the doctor determined that the patient had two sets of contacts in....
11/2/2010 6:01:57 PM
Katelyn Hickey United States
Katelyn Hickey
When i was about 5 I was scooting around on a pillow case on the kitchen floor right after my mother had waxed. I was holding a mini m&ms bottle in my hand. I slipped, and my chin landed right on the hinge of the m&ms bottle and busted my chin open. I didn't go to the ER, but I probably should have. OUCH! I still have the scar and I'm 18.
11/2/2010 6:21:16 PM
Brooke United States
I was like 6 and it was late at night. My mom said i couldn't get out of bed since i should have been sleeping but i really had to use the bathroom. I finally got up and ran to the bathroom but tripped over the bathroom rug and smashed my head on the bath tub. Had to have like 14 stitches right next to my eye.
I've also had many broken toes, a sprained ankle, dislocated and fractured elbow, and the list keeps going. I'm the oldest of 5 (have 4 younger brothers) and i'm the only one that has been taken to the ER. My parents don't get why they have to keep taking there daughter. hehe
11/2/2010 6:23:54 PM
Brenda Whitehead United States
Brenda Whitehead
When my son was a freshmen in high school, he was playing a pick-up game of basketball on a break.  He caught an elbow in the face which broke his nose.  I got the call at my school to come and pick him up because he had been hurt.  I wasn't told that his nose was broken.  When I arrived at school, he was sitting in the office in a chair with a huge ice pack on his face.  When he took down the ice pack, I saw his nose was completely moved off to the side. It was all I could do not to panic.   I had to take him about 15 miles to our doctor's office praying all the way!  God is good...he had surgery on his nose, and no pain.  Today his nose looks fine!  Oh the things we mom's go through!
11/2/2010 6:35:39 PM
Pete United States
I was running on the playground when I tripped over another kids foot.  As I sailed through the air, I realized I wouldn't have enough time to put my hand out to catch myself.  I fell on my shoulder and broke my collar bone.  I've worn the sling for 2 weeks and will have to wear it for (hopefully) 4 more weeks.  I have had to sit out while my friends play football or soccer.  BUMMER!
11/2/2010 6:54:25 PM
Lisa United States
When my oldest son was 10 he was walking through the woods pushed a limb out of his way it came back and hit him in the ear. A twig about as big around as a pencil was stuck under the skin just below the fold of his ear. Basically it was a huge splinter under the skin so I had to take him to the ER to have it cut out. That was just one of many trips to the ER with him. He was always fearless.
11/2/2010 7:10:26 PM
AndreaL81 United States
I grew up in the country and loved to walk around barefoot and when i was about 10 I went outside to find my mom and I steped on a hard rake that was laying on the ground and it spikes with into my foot. My mom being a nurse just cleaned them up really good and bandaged them and I had a hard time walking my foot.

Another time while I was in the Army we were doing rollover drills in a HMMWV (military vehicle) and while holding the hatch open for other soldiers to get out (truck was turned sideways) the hatch fell on my hand and broke the middle finger of my left hand just above the upper joint. it still leans slightly to the left.
11/2/2010 7:16:38 PM
chelsey United States
A couple years ago me and my friend were gonna prank my mom. So we dressed up as old ppl and  went 2 squirt her with a water gun when she said she new  it was us.So we gave up and just started hanging out at my house(her house iz just right down the rode)Any way it started getting dark and we had her granny's cloths on... so we went 2 walk back to her house and 1 of the really popular kids was out side his house(dressed as old ppl) we started 2 run suddenly i looked back... and BAM! I  was on my stomic! i had tripped on the cane i was caring.i had no injury's...... but 1..... i broke both of my front teeth off!   OWCH!

Also when i was about 4 i was playing the chew chew train game(hold on 2 eachothers shoulders on walk around) with my sibblings when suddely they were pulling fwd and i was pulling backward they let back! suddenly and i hit the wall... i started crying... i looked up at them and my face was covered in blood. my parents rushed me 2 the er and i had 2 get the cut glued shut. i now have a scar on my no w when ppl ask wat happened i tell them i ran in 2 a wall! lol
11/3/2010 8:41:23 AM
Jennifer United States
I have two!

In the church that I grew up in there was a basketball court on the roof of the church. Well one wednesday night all of the youth group was hanging out up there before service started. It had rained the day before so there were puddles all over the place. Well we were bouncing the basketball around and it went into the water. So naturally I went to go get it, well little did I know that there was some sort of stuff on the surface of the roof that when wet gets very slippery. So I slipped and fell obviously and put my tooth through my lip. I had a fat lip for about a week, it was so embarassing!

My dad was out of town and my mom was working so I was spending the weekend with a friend. It was Sunday afternoon so we had come home from church and were napping, well I woke up from our nap and had to go to the bathroom. I was sleeping on her pull out trundle bed and when I walked past it I kicked it. It smarted pretty good but I didn't think anything of it. So I went in to the bathroom to start getting ready to go to evening service and my toe was still throbbing so I looked down and it was bleeding so I went and got my friends mom and showed her, so needless to say they called my mom at work and we made a trip to the ER, I cut my toe open and had to get 6 stitches. Everytime I look at the scar I remember that day.
11/3/2010 9:12:54 AM
Jessica United States
I was listening to Scott and Kelli last night and heard about Austin and right away tried to call to tell you about my experience on Friday night! My 6 year old Jacob was climbing off his dads side of the bed when he accidently stepped on an old military ammo container! For all who don't know what I mean it's like a really big sardine can with edges as sharp as blade! Needless to say he was gushing blood screaming I freaked my husband whos an avide gamer logged off so fast and we rushed him to the ER! After an xray, which showed the cut was so deep he may have hit a tendent, we were told that he had to go to trauma side of the ER because he may need surgery! I started texting my family to pray and by God's grace he ONLY ended up with 11 stitches and a pair of crutches! I am so grateful by God turning this tradgedy into a positive bc we were also told he may have to be put to sleep to get the stitches bc of his age! It's so great to know that God is still working today as he did years ago! Thank You God for protecting and keeping my children safe!
11/3/2010 1:14:59 PM
Debbie Mogg United States
Debbie Mogg
How's this for an odd, not to mention embarrassing, injury:  my cousins husband was riding his motorcycle (street bike) and somehow crashed. Well when he crashed it was into some shrubbery and stuff at that nature. He ended up going to the ER because he had a stick go through his scrotum. Yes, I said scrotum.  The ER doc had to pull the stick out and thankfully it didn't cause any permanent damage.
11/3/2010 1:39:47 PM
Liz United States
My son was playing baseball in left field and evidently put his throwing hand down to early.   Looking down afterwords, his middle finger is busted wide open, blood everywheres. He ended up with a compound fracture and almost needed emergency surgery. This is a old favorite pastime who would have thought it would almost bring you to emergency surgery just from catching the ball the wrong way.  His finger is a little deformed to this day.  
11/3/2010 5:05:11 PM
Rachel United States
I can't recall any weird incidents in which I ended up in the ER, but I do have one in which my brother ended up in the ER. When I was in 7th grade (and my brother was in 9th), I was sitting in class when I was suddenly called (over the intercom) to the principal's office. When I got there, I was greeted by my Mom and my brother (who was holding a blood drenched rag to his chin), we then went and got my little sister (b/c it was so close to the end of the school day) and proceeded to the ER. Of course my little sister and I HAD to know what had happened and wouldn't quit buggin him until he told turns out my brother had been in gym class, sitting in the bleachers and he and another guy had been talking and didn't realize the teacher was locking up the equipment and my brother still had a basket ball (or something) and he decided it would take too long to walk down the step so he tried to jump over the small wall at the front of the bleachers. However, he didn't take into consideration the bar that stuck up about a foot and ran the length of the bleachers, or that he has a size 13 foot and he got his foot caught on the bar, fell and busted his chin open on the gym floor. He had to have several stiches (I think about 5 or 6)...but needless to say, he didn't try that again! Smile
11/3/2010 5:54:20 PM
Sue United States
When I was about 6 or 7 I was using a pitch fork as a pogo stick.  Somehow my rythm got out of whack and I landed on the ground before the pitchfork, bringing it down right into my foot.  Somehow as it went through my foot it missed all the bones and the cuts were clean...didn't need stitches or anything.  Doc's just cleaned up the mess and wrapped it up.  I was good to go.
11/3/2010 5:55:18 PM
Melissa Roies United States
Melissa Roies
I had to smile today as I was listening to you guys talk about wierd incidents. Not that getting hurt is at all funny but that ironically as I was listening at work, my husband was at the ER with my 12 yr old son Trey. This was our 3rd trip to the ER in about 13 months. Let me start by saying that my son plays football and baseball and is very athletic and we have our share of sports related injuries however the ones that send him to the ER seem to be the result of him just being a goof! Last year when he was in the 6th grade while playing dodge ball at school, he somehow ended up face first on the ground and the ball "supposedly" hit him in the back of the head so hard that his face smashed into the ground resulting in a fractured nose. Keep in mind he's a football player and has no trouble tackling 185lb 11 yrs on a daily basis but was taken down by a 11yr girl and a rubber ball? Now that he is in 7th grade we've moved on to circus acts. Today he unsuccessfully tried to balance himself in a chair on 2 legs in the back of his science class. He fell backwards, hit his head on a table, and was knocked out in the floor all while the teacher was having a class. I'm guessing she didn't even have to look up to know it was Trey. He just can't seem to help himself when it comes to strange accidents. This has been happening since he was about 7 months when he rolled right off a 3 ft high bed when I reached for a diaper. I cried longer and harder than he did! I could write a novel about his accidents so I'll just say this one last thing, everyday when he walks out the door, I just PRAY!
11/3/2010 8:09:50 PM
Kristin United States
About 4 years ago, my class and I went to the local roller skating rink as a field trip for the last day of school. One of my friends fell, so I was making sure she was ok. I stopped and was just standing there. Then, I ended up falling down. I fell on my left wrist. I don't even know how I fell. I was just standing there. Anyway, so I ended up needing to go to the ER. Later that night, I had to get on the plane to go back to my hometown in Wisconsin. We got home, and had to leave right after that. I will never forget the day that I fell down when I was just standing.
11/3/2010 8:26:47 PM
Kristin United States
Also, one day my friend and I were running around the house, and I got too close to the wall and kicked it. I didn't run into it or anything, but I just kicked it. I ended up hurting my middle toe. I didn't break it, but I couldn't walk on it for a couple days. I ended up in the hospital and the doctor that bandaged my toe was laughing at me.
11/5/2010 3:10:23 PM
Tammie United States
My son's Sophmore year of high school I get a call from his friend saying that REMSA is on the way to pick up my son because he dislocated his knee while trying to catch a french fry in the parking lot at school.  Seems he stepped a little to far under the front of a car and fell over the hood popping his knee out of wack.  Expensive lunch.  By the way, he caught the fry.  
11/6/2010 1:59:19 AM
Ian United States
When I was 2 I bumped into a stereo system and had to go to the ER to get stitches.
11/10/2010 3:32:23 PM
katiem.l United States
Before Christmas past (2009)my friend Brooke and me were out side. The ground was completely ice around the school,Well we were walking on it and she fell over onto her bottom down this small hill, and I was going to help her up when all of a sudenn I fell over,I ended up hitting the school bulding with the whole left side of my body, fell over,and my face landed on a pile of rocks.My shoulder ended up on the ice and I ended up with a broken collar bone i had a sling on till Christmas day!!THANKFULLY my teacher only waited 15 to see if i'de feel better then called my mom
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