Nov 08 2010

Share your Make a Difference Monday story!

It's Make a Difference Monday! What nice thing has someone done for you lately? Have you done something for someone else? Share your story here!

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11/8/2010 2:48:41 PM
Becky United States
Hi, i love listening to k-love, I am a fairly new Christian, and am learning alot. It is nice to have the scales fall from my eyes.I have a heavy heart though!! The bible is not new to me, and i know what it says about homosexuality. Everyone has there own opinion on the subject, but living it however brings up the question, WHY was i born this way? I am a abomination?? No one in there right mind would chose to be miserable and be unaccepted. And live a life filled with shame and
judgement even from Christians. I am not ashamed of who i am, however the teachings really make it difficult for one to continue living, if i am already condemed. What about the children, teenagers with the same problem. What are we supposed to do??
11/8/2010 5:56:39 PM
matt graves United States
matt graves
Hey scott and Kelli. I'm having a rough time in life. I get made fun of every day at school. And I think there is nowhere to go. But when i turn on k-love and yall remind me that I can always turn to God. And I'm glad. yall are making a big difference in my life right now and I want to say thank you and God bless you!!!
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