Jul 30 2010

Christine's fat-burning breakfast ideas and peach parfait recipe

3 Fat Burning Foods for Breakfast


1) Greek yogurt-

A recent study from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville found that people on a low-calorie diet that included yogurt lost 61 percent more fat overall and 81 percent more belly fat than those on a similar plan but without yogurt. 


2) Nuts and Seeds-

A study at Georgia Southern University found that eating monounsaturated fats found in nuts and seeds increases calorie burn for up to 3 and a half hours!


3) Fresh Fruit-

Eating a properly balanced breakfast that includes protein and low glycemic carbohydrates (unrefined, unprocessed) such as fresh fruit three hours prior to exercise may help burn more fat suggests a study from the Journal of Nutrition.


Try Christine’s Raspberry Peach parfait.  It’s made with Greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, fresh peaches and raspberries.

341 calories, 24 grams protein, 48 grams carbs, 9 grams fat

Get the recipe here: http://www.christineavanti.com/KLOVE-New-You-In-52.php

Listen to Christine talk about fat burning breakfast ideas

And if you missed Tony Horton talk about summer fitness - listen here!

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7/24/2010 12:48:25 AM
Claire United States
Sounds yummy! Looks yummy!
7/24/2010 5:08:54 PM
Karla United States
I really get my hackles up when people (like Tony Horton) talk about women "letting themselves go" after they get married.  It has been my experience that for some of these women, their focus shifts from taking care of themselves to caring for their husband and eventually their children.  While it is certainly an unhealthy pattern, with women now a solid part of the work force, they are still expected to put dinner on the table when they get home and raise a family, increasing their burden and leaving less time to take care of themselves.  So BOO to men who think women are sloughing off.  Their workload has GROWN and until men alleviate some of that, women are doomed to bad habits as a shortcut to relieve some of the pressures that have been loaded upon them.
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11/8/2010 2:48:41 PM
Becky United States
Hi, i love listening to k-love, I am a fairly new Christian, and am learning alot. It is nice to have the scales fall from my eyes.I have a heavy heart though!! The bible is not new to me, and i know what it says about homosexuality. Everyone has there own opinion on the subject, but living it however brings up the question, WHY was i born this way? I am a abomination?? No one in there right mind would chose to be miserable and be unaccepted. And live a life filled with shame and
judgement even from Christians. I am not ashamed of who i am, however the teachings really make it difficult for one to continue living, if i am already condemed. What about the children, teenagers with the same problem. What are we supposed to do??
11/8/2010 5:56:39 PM
matt graves United States
matt graves
Hey scott and Kelli. I'm having a rough time in life. I get made fun of every day at school. And I think there is nowhere to go. But when i turn on k-love and yall remind me that I can always turn to God. And I'm glad. yall are making a big difference in my life right now and I want to say thank you and God bless you!!!
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