Nov 11 2010

Ellie Kay offers great advice for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping

Ellie Kay, America's Family Financial Expert is our guest every Thursday. Today, she gave some great tips and advice for saving money on Christmas gift shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Get her tips and save some bucks here:

Listen to Ellie's tips right here: part 1 and part 2

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11/11/2010 3:05:52 PM
Dan Clark, San Antonio United States
Dan Clark, San Antonio
Scott, Kelli -

Advice on how to strategize for black friday from Ellie Kay? Really?  I'm disappointed. "Jesus Saves! And so can you!" Ugh! My advice would be to brew coffee, stay in your slippers, and read God's word on the story that is Christmas.  Endorsing the madness of our market crazed culture just waters down what truly matters - y'all have been superb at getting that message out there, but not with Ellie's advice.  

We're getting excited about ADVENT CONSPIRACY (  

Worhship Fully...
              Spend Less...
                       Give More...
                                Love All...

Hope you guys can help listeners pause in this season, not follow the culture in over shadowing the true reason for the season Smile

PS. We love you guys, btw.  
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