Nov 12 2010

Christine Avanti's tips for preparing Thanksgiving dinner

Haute and Healthy Thanksgiving

Food for Thought


Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation, family, football and delicious comfort food.  Each year we embrace this holiday with excitement, joy and a wee bit of anxiety about overeating.  However, there are ways to escape feeling like a butterball come black Friday! 


Did you know that a cook can nibble up to 768 calories preparing Thanksgiving dinner between 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM? Well, we have some haute and healthy tips to help you stay fit and happy on Thanksgiving and the day after: 


Solution #1) Use a ridiculously small tasting spoon- such as a mini teaspoon for tasting your recipes as you cook.  Keep this mini teaspoon with you throughout the day and avoid using those extra large wooden spoons for taste testing.  While you are at it, enlist family members to taste your delectable creations and share culinary joys before the big meal.


 Solution #2) Don’t sample a handful of dried raisins just because you plan to add them to your stuffing recipe- trust that the folks at Sunmaid know what they are doing for 98 years!  Thus, no need to gobble down a 30 calorie taste!


Solution #3) Drink water as you cook instead of wine or the fruit juice you were planning to add to a recipe. 



Typical homemade butter nut squash soup recipe: 

397 Calories 33 grams of fat


Christine’s butternut squash soup: 

190 Calories, 6 grams fat, 6 grams protein 30 grams of carbs.  



Get the recipe here:


Did you miss Christine's tips this week? Listen now: segment 1 and segment 2


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11/12/2010 2:35:18 PM
Debby United States
Where is the recipe for the butternut squash? I can only find the picture.
11/12/2010 2:43:43 PM
Patti Kraft United States
Patti Kraft
Where is the butternut soup recipe?  The picture looks yummy  Smile
11/12/2010 2:51:13 PM
Could not find the squash recipe...Only found picture...Please forward recipe at your earliest convenience
11/12/2010 2:53:11 PM
Penny United States
Looking for the recipe..only pictures.
11/12/2010 2:55:19 PM
Kathy United States
I too am looking for butternut squash soup; it sounds and looks delicious!  Thanks...
11/12/2010 3:03:58 PM
Tracy United States
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