Nov 15 2010

Make a Difference Monday!

It's another Make a Difference Monday! What have you been up to this week? How have you made a difference? Has someone done something kind for you? Share your story here!

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11/15/2010 1:36:55 PM
Nancy Hand United States
Nancy Hand
Good afternoon Scott & Kelli!  God Bless K-Love it has brought me closer to God and myself. Lost my mother 3/27/10, she had been very sick for quite sometime; and in September found out that I had to undergo several biopsies the 1st of October and PTL everything is fine!  This holiday season its people so hard with the economy the way it is and with sickness and deaths makes it difficult for not only myself & husband David and other. Due to all these issues, I almost quit choir at Chapel Rock Christian Church (Indpls, IN), but our choir director John Holsapple asked if me if this is what my mother would want me to do? No mother would be very upset if I quit singing for GOD and to bring others closer to Christ in our music.
God Bless K-Love for helping me come closer to Christ!  
11/15/2010 2:02:26 PM
Markie Borda United States
Markie Borda
I am a young single mom (20). I work extremely hard to provide for my daughter. Her birthday is in 2 days and with preparing for her birthday and the holidays that are coming up, sometimes I get overwhelmed. Today I took her to a doctors appointment and the doctor gave me a compliment that made a difference in my day and probably in my week. She told me that she wished that her other patients that were my age we so together and so great with their children. She went on to tell me she can just tell how well I interact with her and that she is very intelligent for her age. It is just a nice thing to hear and a great reasurrance that I am doing a great job with her and that honestly made a difference in my day. I love your radio station. It keeps me motivated and going on my drive to work, going home, or wherever I am. Thank you K-love and God Bless
11/15/2010 3:25:01 PM
A Teenage Female United States
A Teenage Female
Dear Scott & Kelli,
I know it's make a difference Monday and that we are supposed to make a difference in people's lives, but it was God who made a difference in my life this weekend. By His never ending grace, He fully restored my vision to me, after a year of not being able to see. A group of us stood in a circle and prayed for the restoration of my eye-sight on Saturday night, and God answered our prayer instantly. I once was blind, but now I can see, oh so clearly, the love of God in my life. I am using this testimony to make a difference in the lives of others and share Christ with the world. Praise God!!
11/15/2010 3:27:39 PM
Amber United States
I had a tire that was low on air today on my van, so i took it into walmarts tire center to see if i had picked up a nail or something. well a long story short it turned out that the whole tire needed replacing.The cheapest tire they had would be 59.00 dollars. so i called the bank and did some figuring and decided that it would be tight but or budget could squeeze it in and make it. Then they came in and told me that there was a problem with the alignment and both back tires were shot. there was no way we could cover both. so the sweet man over the counter called to see if we could find 2 used ones in good shape. but had no luck. so i told them thank you for your help, go ahead and put the broken one back on, and i will go home and call around and try and figure it out. So he went out and i started to pray and I told god "god I know you have a plan, i have done all i can" and as i was getting ready to leave the gentleman came up to me and said wait we have had a miricale! someone has offered to pay for the other tire! so thank you to god and thank you to the sweet woman of god who did such a amazing thing for me and my family!!!
11/15/2010 3:31:10 PM
Tanya Haskins United States
Tanya Haskins
My daughter called and spoke about how she made a difference in another childs life by leading her to the Lord. She said it was going to be broadcasted. I was in the store while she was on the phone. I just was wondering if you have already broadcasted the call because I missed it. Thanks for your time and how much you inspire my family everyday. She was so blessed to get to share her testimony. Oh yeah, her name is Jaylee.
11/15/2010 3:57:05 PM
Emilee United States
We do Make a Difference Monday every Monday in our church history class. It really opens my eyes to what I can do to help other and what others have done to help me. One Monday, I had the oppourtunity to write and talk about how I organized and sent two boxes of school supplies to an organization called Girls Helping Girls. I've just recently started listening to K-Love and everytime I'm in my car I listen to it! Thanks Smile
11/15/2010 4:11:26 PM
JoAnn United States
I was wondering if someone could help give me information to "make a difference" in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I am going there beginning of December for a wedding and I would to make a difference like take down school supplies to a school in need,visit an orphanage. Something rather than just a week of vacation. Anyone have information?
11/15/2010 4:18:31 PM
girl United States
Scott and Kelly you just bring God closer to me each day and i would want to say thank you very very much i listen to Klove each and every day my favirote song is Jesus saves by Jermey Camp THAT SONG IS JUST AMAZING BESCAUSE ITs true Jesus does save he gave his only son for us he is JUST AMAZING!!!!!!
11/15/2010 5:02:40 PM
Dawn United States
I coach the Elementary, JV, and Varsity Volleyball teams at Central Baptist School.  While we were on our State Volleyball trip, my apartment was broken into.  I am a runner training for my first marathon and my running shoes that I've been saving for the marathon were stolen.  Out of everything stolen, those shoes were what I was most upset about.  At our Sports Awards Banquet, all 3 of my volleyball teams had collected money to give me, along with a brand new pair of my running shoes - just in time for the Marathon!!  I found out that Fleet Feet of Memphis, were I purchased my first pair of running shoes, had donated them to the girls to give me as a gift!  Thank you, Fleet Feet and my wonderful volleyball girls and families!!
11/15/2010 6:22:16 PM
Elizabeth United States
In Octover a group of us attended the NC State Fair Horse Show there was one young girl with us whose parents didn't really have the money to let her go.  So 2 of us got together and paid her enter fees.  She placed Reserve Champion in her age group and we all were thrilled and I cried b/c she is the daughter I never had..  After coming home I was told that she was disappointed that no one recognized her win at our club meeting.  So the members that went with her to the show(Faith Riders Flag Team) got together and presented her at our last horse show this past Saturday with a card, picture of her and roses in front of everyone there before the show started in the arena b/c the group wanted her win known.  The group fooled her into thinking we had forgotten but that wasn't the case.  She was met with applause by everyone at the show Saturday and it brought tears to my eyes to see how surprize she was and the smile on her face.  This may not have happened on Monday but it was worth  all the planning for the surprize.
11/16/2010 3:39:53 PM
constance landry United States
constance landry
hello scott and kelly i just wanted to tell yall that i love to listen to klove i came from a broken home where i was abused sexually mentally and physically and i turned to drugs and alcohol to escape the pain up until a yr ago i was lost and depressed just wanted to die but on dec 6th i asked Jesus into my heart which felt so amazing i was relieved happy free like a load was taken off of me then on dec 20th i was baptized i have been so happy in my life i no longer feel dead inside its amazing and klove keeps my spirits lifted i listen as much as i can im goin on my first mission trip on dec 27th and im excited bout it i just want yall to know that i love yall and i praise GOD for yall God bless yall
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