Jan 11 2013

Fighting the flu, the royal portrait, Miss America pageant and fast foods to avoid

Everyone seems to be talking about the flu and it can be tough to figure out how to fight the flu and how to know if you've caught it!

Duchess Kate's first royal portrait was revealed today and many feel that she looks much better in photos than in the painting. What do you think?

The Miss America pageant is this weekend and contestants say they have to do some pretty crazy stuff to prepare!

Eating out this weekend? Trying to eat healthier? Here are some foods to avoid at the fast food restaurants

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Jan 10 2013

Operation Blessing is Making a Difference

The folks at Operation Blessing are making a HUGE difference for folks devastated by Hurricane Sandy, including a retired couple from Breezy Point, NY.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Jan 10 2013

Special guests today

Our guests were for King & Country (The Proof of Your Love, Busted Heart (Hold on to Me)). The band will also be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight! In case you missed the interview, listen to it below!

Their experience of being on Jay Leno:

Putting the K-LOVE sticker on the set of Jay Leno:

How the band got their name:

Having a baby:

Coming up with the name "Jude" for their baby:

Anxiety of performing on Jay Leno:

The impact of "The Proof of Your Love":

Looking for the K-LOVE "mark" tonight on Jay Leno

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Tips for saving money on Christmas gifts
Nov 15 2010

Tips for saving money on Christmas gifts

If you're searching for ways to save money on Christmas gifts, check out these suggestions: Look at what you spent last year and adjust accordingly, make a list (with dollar amounts) and stick to it and shop with cash (leave the credit cards at home!). Got anything to add? What's worked for you?

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11/15/2010 5:19:08 PM
Anna United States
My parents always raised me to know the meaning of Christmas.  It's not about the presents.  It's about celebrating Jesus's birth.  Yes I always wondered what I got, but I had more fun shopping for people.  I always bought people something simple that I think they would like, and I only spend about $20-$30 on a person.  I always go for the simple gift from the heart.  It's not how much the gift costs. It's the heart that went into it.
11/15/2010 5:20:17 PM
Goldie United States
If your kids want to buy presents for family, what I do is give them about twenty dollars, and take them to the Dollar Tree, or 99 Cent Store. They have to first buy for family, and then if they have and money leftover they can buy for friends, teachers, or anyone else they want to buy for. This is nice because they can buy whatever they want to, its cheap, and they love it! My kids have been doing this with their grandmother ever since they were little and look forward to it every year!
11/16/2010 10:25:38 AM
Mary Ann United States
Mary Ann
I just want to pass on one way to save money at Christmas. In case anyone is going to lose airline travel miles, they should check out the airlines shopping malls. I have found you can buy the popular gift cards usually for 2 miles per $1.00. The only disadvantage may be ordering them so they will be received before Christmas. So use your airline miles now!
11/16/2010 2:46:25 PM
Nancy Ferguson United States
Nancy Ferguson
I am a crafter and love to make or bake presents for people on the holidays. I try to not be too cutesy, and theme it to the person and their personal style or decor if possible. We do cookie exchanges, and have done some craft projects together as a family. It's fun and gives gifts.
I also have toy catalogs that I let my grandkids look through. ("Wish books" as they used to be called.) The catalogs let them tell/show you what they like and then you can find out what their parents are getting them, and you can get something different. Wish books were so fun when I was a kid...we NEVER thought we'd get the things in them, but they were fun to dream about.
11/19/2010 1:32:05 AM
Yvette United States
My husband has been unemployed this entire year. I always do Christmas all year long looking for the right gift and a great deal. This year, a lot of my gifts were free or real close to it. I took advantage of the free offers on Photo books for the great grandmas, and free 8x10 photo collages of pics from our outings this year with family. Just had to buy the frames. And my co-workers, I made them a rice bag bc of the work we do, it's hard on our bodies. I made them out of material of thei favorite sports team. It's going to be a great christmas!!!
12/8/2010 2:50:26 PM
John United States
Money is very tight this year. My wife and I decided to make gift baskets. We are stuffing them with cookies, coffee mugs, marshmallows, & hot chocolate mix. Come on... who doesn't like hot chocolate? We are giving one basket per household adjusting the goodies accordingly based on how many people per house hold.
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