Nov 17 2010

Airport Survival Guide

If you are getting on a plane in the next week to travel for Thanksgiving, there are some basic tips that can help make the whole process much less stressful! Hit the web the day before your flight to check flight times and print boarding passes, pack light (carry-on only if possible!), give yourself plenty of time at the airport before your flight, prepare for the security line (dress simply, have ID ready, etc.) and finally, plan for flight delays...things may not go off without a hitch! Got any other survival tips to add? Feel free to share here!

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11/17/2010 4:43:58 PM
Patricia United States
well another thing if your not flying this coming week and have a little bit of time and are disabled in anyway or have to be sure that your medications have to go on carry on with you and any concerns contact the TSA (airport security) they were quick to reply as well told me how to handle my medications since they won't fit in a 1 quart plastic bag as they require. They are to expensive to go on the bag underneath and they are life supporting for me so have to be sure i have them. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday.. And remember " When life seems Difficult, (P.U.S.H.) Pray Until Something Happens!
11/18/2010 4:30:34 PM
Terri United States
I recently traveled at the beginning of October with an insulin pump. of course I made the alarm go off so I had to have the "pat down".It wasn't that big of a deal. When I traveled again in November through the same airport, I had the "rub down". It was very uncomfortable for me and I believe the person having to do it. The airport I went through on my way back had the body scan. It was definitely much better than the physical touch.
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