Nov 19 2010

Tony Horton says "It's okay to have pumpkin pie!"

Tony Horton, creator of the P90X workout series and fitness consultant offered some great tips for making it throught the "eating season" of the holidays without ending up unhealthy in January. He advises moderation, but not deprivation! Thanks, Tony!


Listen here to Tony's tips: segment 1 and segment 2

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11/22/2010 1:11:48 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
I LUV PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!! <3
12/7/2010 8:19:14 AM
Danny DeSimas United States
Danny DeSimas
A couple of days ago, Tony Horton mentioned an addreviation for a quick traveling workout, I would like to know this info, I think it started with max out on push ups.  Thanks.
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