Nov 23 2010

Give Thanksgiving to someone in need

Donate to provide food for starving Africans in Niger


Rachidatou helps her family every day by wetting their garden of Moringa trees. She’s fifteen and attends the local secondary school. She said, “The green leaves are very delicious food for us…. I like working in the garden because you are sure of reaping its fruits soon.”

The Moringa trees are the “Swiss Army Knife” of hunger relief. The leaves are full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. They help common stomach ailments and turn the tide on malnutrition. The branches can be fed to livestock and will help the produce healthier milk. Plus, the trees are so desirable, families like Rachindatou’s can sell them. She said, “The money we get from the sale of the moringa is … used to … maintain our garden.”

When you give to Thanksgiving 4 Africa, you’re providing food for today and hope for the future. That hope might come in the form of Moringa seeds for a family like Rachindatou’s.

Make a difference today with your gift of $25. And remember, when you give $25, your gift will be multiplied FOUR times. You’ll be feeding FOUR starving people in Africa. How many people can you help?

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11/23/2010 2:02:50 PM
Naomi United States
I have been learning about Africa in my seem as though they just need the love of jesus during these hard times.They also could use our love by donating money for food.Every year at Christmas time we make boxes for operation christmas child...and each take money out of our bank accounts and buy an item for a family in africa, this year we are all pitching in the buy a water well for a village only 100$!!!!!!!! Also im only 12,thats why im still in school.
11/23/2010 3:41:47 PM
Jackie United States
i agree with naomi, that the love from God and Jesus will help them, along with donations. im praying that everyone will recover!
11/23/2010 3:51:14 PM
deborah donker United States
deborah donker
I've constantly been searching for ways to enlighten my children to the plight of others but the thing that visibly moved them was the world vision counter that showed 26 children had died as we stood there watching it.  Last count 10,048 children died today from starvation related causes. Please give!  
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