Jan 06 2010

A NEW you in 52???

Well if you have made resolutions to lose some weight and get into better shape... Kelli and I are to help you.  We have started a New You In 52!  We will have experts on every Friday to help you shape up through out the year!  Typically most of us stick with our resolutions for only 18 days! We are hoping to change that.  By joining together, holding each other accountable and lifting one another up in prayer...  It Can Happen!!!  So fell free to share your story, and know that we will be here to help encourage you and give you the tools to help shape a New You in 52!!!

Jan 05 2010

KLOVE's Most Original Pet Name

Here is your chance to vote for KLOVE's Most Unusual Pet Name.  Here are your finalists...

Dahli Llama

Barak O Llama

Hamlet, the Port Bellied pig

Pogo, the one legged chicken

James Blonde, the Golden Retriver

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae named by a 7 year old who was obviously watching lots of Fox News Channel

Motorhead nicknamed Frankinkitty after getting caught in the truck engine, not once, but twice!!

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Jan 05 2010

Some Bizzare Dog Names!!!

Kelli and I were checking out the Hottest Pet Names this year... Kind of surprised that Bella was the top dog name...Can you say Twilight???  Here are some of our favorite pet names...


Doogie Schnauzer MD

Clawed Monet


Mouse Meat

Angus Sir Loin


What is your pets name???

Give Thanksgiving to someone in need
Nov 23 2010

Give Thanksgiving to someone in need

Donate to provide food for starving Africans in Niger

Rachidatou helps her family every day by wetting their garden of Moringa trees. She’s fifteen and attends the local secondary school. She said, “The green leaves are very delicious food for us…. I like working in the garden because you are sure of reaping its fruits soon.”

The Moringa trees are the “Swiss Army Knife” of hunger relief. The leaves are full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. They help common stomach ailments and turn the tide on malnutrition. The branches can be fed to livestock and will help the produce healthier milk. Plus, the trees are so desirable, families like Rachindatou’s can sell them. She said, “The money we get from the sale of the moringa is … used to … maintain our garden.”

When you give to Thanksgiving 4 Africa, you’re providing food for today and hope for the future. That hope might come in the form of Moringa seeds for a family like Rachindatou’s.

Make a difference today with your gift of $25. And remember, when you give $25, your gift will be multiplied FOUR times. You’ll be feeding FOUR starving people in Africa. How many people can you help?

Donate to Thanksgiving 4 Africa >>

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