Dec 02 2010

What Christmas Story or Movie Would You Recommend???

My friend Skye said that she wants to share the Christmas story with her friends and family, and she is wondering if there are any stories or movies that you would recommend... What do you think??? What would you recommend???
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12/2/2010 2:24:18 PM
Carrie Brown United States
Carrie Brown
I have read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.
I have given this book to several family members and friends. It is a great tool for non-believers as it gives many statistics of Christs' authenticity. God Bless you Sky and keep praying for your friends.
From: Carrie
12/2/2010 2:32:51 PM
Brook Dwyer United States
Brook Dwyer
I have given several people, Jesus is Sweet! A Candy Countdown to Christmas and have had a tremendous response.  Each night is a short devo based on the lift of Christ, but with a candy twist, and you can give the candy as a gift so they remember each time they see or eat an Almond Joy that Jesus brings us joy.  I have heard from families with little kids all they way to teenagers how much they love this.  You can download it at
12/2/2010 2:34:46 PM
Andrea United States
Yes. The Case for Christmas by Lee Strobel.
12/2/2010 2:37:31 PM
Annie Newland United States
Annie Newland
The book I have found for my children and LOVE the best is "GOD Gave US Christmas" by Lisa Tawn Bergren..... Check it out
12/2/2010 2:39:41 PM
Gail United States
I heard the caller mention the story of the 3 trees?  Is it "The Tale of Three Trees" by Angela Elwell Hunt?  It's described as the Easter story.  Is it" Trees - A Christmas Story" (here's the link

Max Lucado has a wonderful Christmas book titled, "The Heart Of Christmas" that I enjoyed reading.
12/2/2010 2:41:51 PM
Isabel DePineda United States
Isabel DePineda
I would recommend the movie "Christmas Shoes" or the book "The Christmas Jar"  they helped me to explain what Christmas is all about along with talking about the birth of Jesus Christ.  The combination of them help the understanding.

Merry Christmas,  Isi DePineda
12/2/2010 2:46:20 PM
Kylee G. United States
Kylee G.
I'm a teen myself and my mom gave me a book last year to read. It's a very goood book!! It's called "Diary of a Teenage Girl, becoming me." by Melody Carlson.
12/2/2010 2:46:34 PM
Lynn United States
A great book to share for Christmas is One Wintry Night by Ruth Graham Bell.  I read it to my 2nd grade class every year.  It's wonderful because the story ties in the "big picture" from Creation through Christmas, and more!  Pictures are great and it's just a sweet story about a little boy who gets lost in a snowstorm and wanders to a cabin where an older woman takes him in, nurses his injuries, and tells the whole story.
12/2/2010 2:46:38 PM
Kelly United States
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. It feeds your mind as well as your soul and there is a really nice tie in to the Narnia movies (also written by C.S. Lewis) Great idea to share Jesus with your friends this way at this special time of year!
12/2/2010 2:57:11 PM
Dave United States
The Nativity is an excellent movie about the birth of Christ and addresses many challenges GOD overcame in giving us HIS SON. Also, the book,"The Purpose of Christmas," written by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Ministries is excellent in explaining GOD's love.
12/2/2010 3:00:20 PM
Mandy Foote United States
Mandy Foote
Well I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but I am in a similar boat as Skye.  

While thinking up Christmas gifts this year (with limited funds) I was listening to K-Love and wishing I could spread the love of Christ to my family and friends who do not know him.  I deeply wished I could give them encouragement through their hard times, and help them see they need christ.  I also wanted to encourage my friends and family who are already christians.  God gave me the perfect idea.  

I thought of all the songs that have helped me through my hard times and questions and how K-Love is always there for me to turn on, I wanted them to know about K-Love, I wanted them to choose to listen to this encouraging and postive music.  So I'm currently making lists of songs to make my friends and family mixed CD's.  Each person has a specific message they might need to hear like my grandma needs encouragement through her sickness, and my dad needs help overcoming addictions, and my friends need to hear about God's unfailing love.  So God is helping me choose songs that really hit home to them personally, and that He wants them to hear.  For my family and friends who wouldn't typically listen to christian music I'm trying to find songs that send a subtle message that would be more comfortable for them to listen too.  I'm also choosing songs that fit their style too, just to show them God's music is for everyone, not just old hymns.

I've also decided to attach a letter to each of them telling them how much they mean to me and what ever else God wants me to share Smile

I know you were specifically looking for something about the Christmas story but I hope this helps a little, maybe spark another idea for you.  Good luck and pray about it!  What you desire is defiantly in God's will, He is so happy his child wants to share his love and his story with others, so I'll pray His perfect plan is clear for you to follow Smile
12/2/2010 5:22:09 PM
Mary Beth Renaud United States
Mary Beth Renaud
A very Beautiful & simple Christmas book for young and old is:
Mary's First Christmas
By: Walter Wangerin Jr.
Illustrated By: Tim Ladwig
Description of the book - Gather near and listen to the wondrous bedtime story, told long ago by a special mother to her very special son. Listen as Mary tells five-year-old Jesus of the first Christmas-- of his own birth and the remarkable events that surrounded it. Award-winning author Walter Wangerin tells this moving story in four parts, to be read in one sitting or over the course of four nights. And artist Timothy Ladwig brings to glowing life the people and places of Jesus' young life. Listen. Look. And you too will experience the wonder and glory of Mary's First Christmas.
Here is a line from the book as Mary descibes her first Christmas -
On the night you were born the whole sky exploded with love, and the angels shouted, and more than a thousand hearts were in love with my baby Jesus on his birthday!
12/2/2010 11:05:33 PM
Byron United States
Charlie Brown Christmas.
It was done in a time that seemed more innocent, yet shows we still had the same issues in losing our way.  
12/3/2010 2:16:40 PM
Grace Mae United States
Grace Mae
Hi Kelli and Scott,
My favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life and The Christmas Card.
12/3/2010 4:20:17 PM
Mike Weese United States
Mike Weese
The best story is the Parable of the Birds.
Read every year by Paul Harvey when he was on the radio.
You can find it on line. Nothing like hearing Paul read it.
12/4/2010 1:08:31 PM
cassandra kackley United States
cassandra kackley
I would recommened the movie November Christmas, It was a wonderful heart felt movie.
12/4/2010 3:17:22 PM
June United States
I recommend "The Purpose of Christmas" by Rick Warren.
12/4/2010 8:26:15 PM
carol hensley United States
carol hensley
i was listening to skye ask this question.  a few minutes later someone called with a story---ending with, what does God want--turn the page--you.  i thought it was a great idea;  maybe my daughter(36) would feel the power of that idea--that she would be a gift to God.  does anyone know this story or book?  it probably is a child's book, but has a great message.  thanks, carol
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