Dec 10 2010

Jonny Diaz Interview Today!

Jonny Diaz (More Beautiful You) stopped by the studio and sang a few songs for us! Listen to the interview at 4:30 CST (6:30 PST)! 



If you missed it, we've posted the entire interview on our highlights page. We hope you'll check it out!

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12/10/2010 2:50:48 PM
Maggie United States
Hello Scott, Kelly, and Jonny!

I just wanted to let Jonny know that his song, "More Beautiful You" has helped me get out of an abusive relationship. I wanted to thank Jonny for this song, for which I might not have left in the terms that I had otherwise. By realizing my worth, I know I deserve so much more in my life than the physical scars and verbal attacks. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you to me. Its still one of my favorites and was so excited to see all of you in concert in Reno NV in early 2010. That was the first concert I had ever gone to. I was long gone out of my abusive relationship by then, but had reaffirmed God is good and He believes I am beautiful, just the way I am. =D So thank you KLOVE for playing that song, and thank you Jonny for being that instrument that allows God to heal, change, and transform.
12/10/2010 7:24:50 PM
Rosie United States
I wish I had had someone telling me this (besides my parents) when I was young.  I have struggled with this issue my whole life. I have always tried to make sure my girls knew that they had a special purpose and they were perfect just the way God made them.  
12/11/2010 8:10:33 AM
David A. Williamson United States
David A. Williamson
For Scot\/London Bridge\/I saw a documentary on TV.  All the stones got numbers on them with photos for rebuilding it across a lake in Arizona.  Not all of the stones were required so the excess was spread along the approaches.  The  caller said $2 million but that did not count the prep, taking apart, shipping, and reassembly, etc.
ALSO: I wonder how people get a call in on 1-800-900-1300 because I have used redial several times and given up.  ALWAYS busy?  This is a pain.
    Keep on keeping on.
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