Dec 13 2010

Make a Difference Monday---how are you going MAD?!

It's Monday...Make a Difference Monday! How have you gone MAD this week? Has someone done something that brightened your day? Share your experience here!

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12/13/2010 12:11:14 PM
Kelly Jo United States
Kelly Jo
I want to share a true story with you.  I was at church yesterday and a gentleman we'll call Neil sat down with his coffee and cookie to chat.  Our sermon that morning was about the Miracles of God.  He shared with us that he had witnessed a miracle first hand the day before.  You remember Saturday--when blustery was a minor description of the weather (it was brutal here in Omaha NE!)! Neil was going in to Walmart to pick up a prescription.  Outside the door was a man ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.  Neil witnessed a shopper coming in behind him who asked the bell ringer if he had any socks or boots (he was sockless in a pair of slippers).  The bell ringer said "No, these are the only shoes I have."  The shopper took the man into Walmart.  Neil said he saw them head to the men's department.  A few minutes later, they were in line and Neil saw a pair of wool socks, some of those foot warmers for shoes and a pair of boots on the check out lane.  The shopper sat down, helped the bell ringer into all these items and hugged him and said Merry Christmas.  I told Neil that truly is watching a Miracle of God right before your own eyes!  
12/13/2010 1:53:50 PM
Wade United States
I work at Crowder College in Neosho, MO with a great group of "family". One great example is from this morning...while on her way to work, Latonia Bailey noticed a house that was on fire. She stopped to alert the residents who were inside, waking them up and preventing what could have been a real tragedy. Talk about God using you in a powerful way to make a difference!
12/13/2010 2:24:41 PM
Joe United States
My wife and I lost one of our twin daughters three years ago after my wife was in the hospital on besrest for 7 weeks before our twin girls were born.  We started a foundation to help pregnant women on hospital bedrest.  Tonight after a 12 hour work day she will host a social event (craft night) for the antepartum unit at a Denver hospital.  Small deeds make a big difference!
12/13/2010 2:27:33 PM
Melinda Barton United States
Melinda Barton
While out to dinner recently, a young couple and their baby were seated at a table near us...he was dressed in his Air Force uniform which made me teary eyed thinking of our own daughter who is across the country in tech training for the Air Force studying Explosive Ordnance Disposal...I managed to pull our waitress aside and she worked with me so I could secretly pay for their meal and leave them a note thanking them for their service and sacrifice to our country; out of the corner of my eye, I saw the waitress deliver the note to them as we were leaving the restaurant. What joy to be able to anonymously thank one of our servicemen!
12/13/2010 2:32:41 PM
Michele United States
Dear Scott and Kelly - I did not even realize it was make a difference Monday until just a few minutes ago, but this morning as I was putting gas in my truck I had someone come up to me and ask who the Marine in my family was, I told him my fiance and he said he was a Marine as well, then he went on to ask if I could help him out, he had just had surgery and was literally walking around with a broken sternum, I listed to him and although I am in dire needs myself I gave him what I had in my wallet which was a $20 which gave him the rest of the money for his hotel or where ever he was staying for the week.  God works in mysterious ways, God knows I need a starter and a transmission for my truck, I am babying it until we can afford the items, I have shut off notices for my cell, water, sewer, public service and cable, let alone next week being Christmas and I have a 7 and 9 year old and 4 grandchildren, but I did not even hesitate to give this man what I had and to me that is God working in my life - so I pray for this man's disability kicks in sooner rather than later since they have kept him waiting for three months now.  God is good and I am blessed.  Thank you for your ministry.  Michele Avery
12/13/2010 2:44:54 PM
Benetta United States
I went to our local subway store here in Tucson, Arizona and while waiting in line there were 2 Tucson Police officers ahead of me. I wanted to show them how much I appreciate them serving our city so I asked them if I could pay for their lunch but they said "no, that is okay but thanks for wanting to pay for our lunch". I asked again but again they smiled and said "thank you but we can't". I then went back in line and they paid for their lunch and then left. I ordered my food and when I went to the register to pay, the cashier told me the 2 officers gave her $10.00 to pay for my lunch. I was so touched by their kindness. I just couldn't believe it, here I wanted to bless the officers and they ended up blessing me. Lord bless those 2 kind police officers and keep them safe.  
12/13/2010 3:50:40 PM
Heather United States
As a college student I don't usually have alot of money to MAD in someone's life. The other day I was able to see that I do not need more money before I help others. There is a girl at my school who is an international student. She was talking about a movie that she wanted to go and see but she couldn't becuase she didn't have a car. I know she was hoping someone would offer to take her, but I didn't. Later that night my family invited me to dinner at a resteruant beside the movie theater. It was then that I knew what I had to do. I offered to drive her to the movie and pick her up. She was so thankful and we had a great time talking on the way to the movie. I realized that I didn't need extra money to help someone; I just needed to use what I already had.
12/13/2010 4:12:57 PM
Carla-Eads, TN United States
Carla-Eads, TN
Today, I had called a local roofing comapany to give me an estimate for some storm damage on our roof.  When the 2 gentlemen arrived, my husband noticed that one of them had his wrist and hand bandaged. He was unable to do his regular job(repairing the roof)because he couldn't close his hand due to the swelling and pain.  He was still greatful that he was being allowed to work helping measure for the estimates.  I asked him if he would allow me to see if I could help him.
God has blessed me with the gift of healing (using only my hands over the body).  I worked on him, telling him what he was feeling in certain parts of his hand and wrist-warning him of any pain that might be coming while I was working.  He looked at his co-worker and my husband astonished at the accuracy @ which I was able to tell him what was going on and he kept commenting on how "weird" it was and that he could "feel" me working inside his wrist and hand. Afterwards, he was able to make a fist & rotate his hand without pain.  He asked me how I was able to do that and I replied that this was the gift that God gave me. I told him that I had always prayed for the gift of singing like my Grandmother because people always acknowledged "What a Beautiful Gift you have!".  She would sing in Church & I remember telling my Mother "that is what Angels sound like when they sing!" The gift that I have is truly unique and God always seems to put me where I'm supposed to be, when I'm supposed to be. ( I remember sitting next to a lady in church one Sunday & having a "faraway" headache.  When I asked her if she had a headache, she replied "Yes, how did you know?")  I always tell people it's God's work thru my hands.  I have several Doctor & Nurse clients who can't give "scientific or logical explanations" for what I do.  I thank God everyday for my "weird" gift and am truly humbled by the way that God intricately weaves our lives in and out of others.
12/20/2010 7:34:32 PM
My daugter & I went to Chick-fil-a for lunch, I had a pink cancer cup w/me. The lady who took our order said how she loved the cup, & how she loved the color pink. Well, after we had our lunch, we went & got her the same cup plus a pink cancer recycle bag to go w/it. The expression on her face was speechless!!! I thank God for the chance to be able to to do things like this. one other time my husband & I was parking @ an Wal-Mart,& this lady helped us {she guide us my husband was reversing} the Holy Spirit came over me to give this lady an little glass which had a saying about 'Faith" on it. she cried!!! telling me a story about how GOD has been calling her back to Him by speeking to her about her faith in Him!!! GOD IS TO GOOD, & all we need to do is be obedient to the Holy Spirit when He speeks to us!!! <><
3/13/2011 3:48:54 PM
Amber Durand United States
Amber Durand
Hey Scott and Kelli-
Can you help us spread the word in the Phoenix area? Cornerstone Chandler is doing a Fill the Tent campaign. What is that? I'm glad you asked! We are asking for gently used or new camping gear to be donated for Crossroads Youth Intervention (CRYi). CRYi takes inner city youth from their broken, poor, and unGodly homes to a great wilderness retreat where they learn team building, adventure, and more than anything- the love of Christ. CRYi provides counseling, clothing, food, and tutoring throughout the year at their historical home in downtown Phoenix. They run strictly off donations. And while monetary donations are needed as well- Cornerstone has made it a mission to provide them with the gear for a great wilderness retreat. Please encourage your readers to contact us at or me directly at to find out more information. Thank you and God Bless!
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