Dec 14 2010

Surprising items that set off security alarms at the airport

Flying this Christmas? Some of these items could set off the security alarms: aluminum foil wrappers, headbands, snow globes and jars of peanut butter! Got any tips for getting through airport security a bit quicker? Share 'em here!

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12/14/2010 5:00:25 PM
Renee United States
My son and daughter-in-law were coming back from Disneyland with some honey for her mom.  The honey sealed and not open and the airport would not let it through.  They made her throw it away before she could board the plane.
12/14/2010 5:24:26 PM
Jennifer Deckard United States
Jennifer Deckard
I am sorry, but all these airline rules are stupid.  All I see is freedom being taken away from us one stupid rule at a time. Wake up America! At some point those rule makers will have to stop. But I suppose that will only happen after an airplane full of people crashes because of mechanical failure due to major financial cut backs. I can't help but think people may evenually refuse to be manhandled and mauled just to get on an airplane!  I for one do not like to be touched and/or manhandled by anyone and to have a complete stranger touch my body....NO WAY!
Blessings to KLOVE!
12/14/2010 8:26:38 PM
Tammie United States
I haven't been to the airport lately, but let me tell you, if you are coming back to the states from Mexico, do not bring home a ham bone for beans when you return home, because they will hold you at the border, and take your ham bone......This thanksgiving we had ham at our house in Baja, and wanted to bring home the ham bone.  We learned you can not do that...They actually kept it...hmmmm
12/18/2010 7:44:27 PM
joe United States
christmas balls no taking balls
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