Dec 20 2010

What Have YOU Done to Make A Difference This Week???

We hope that every week you look for the opportunities God gives you to make a difference in someone's life.  Thanks for sharing what you have done to make a difference... Or what someone has done for you?


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12/20/2010 3:38:21 PM
Lisa Snider United States
Lisa Snider
Our CEO/boss doesn't need anything for Christmas. So for the past several years we find a family that needs a little extra love and find out what they need and fill it.  This year we have a sweet elderly couple that have health issues, and don't drive. I have 2 more days of collecting but my office is starting to look like a grocery store, the office fridge's freezer is packed tight, and I have cash for their heating bill and $ to go buy perishable food Wed.night.  Meals on wheels couldn't get a meal to them on Fri because of our snow storm on Thurs.-a co-worker called our diner to make up 2 chicken dinners, 2 chef salads and 2 cups of soup to get them through the weekend-I was the lucky one that got to deliver it and it made my day!  Can't wait for them to see all the food they will have and gifts.
12/20/2010 4:03:42 PM
Pastor Al Smith United States
Pastor Al Smith
My wife signed me up for Facebook without my knowledge - I wanted nothing to do with it. I finally got on and started connecting with people. Then I began to post verses and Christian videos and started getting requests for friendships from all over the world. God was starting something. I posted a weekly prayer request and also started writing devotions. Many started asking for biblical counsel and several started calling me Pastor Facebook, so I started a group page by that name. I have discovered that many do not have a church home and consider me some sort of cyber-pastor for them. I am totally amazed at what God has done and how my menial efforts at this social media thing can possibly encourage and uplift so many. What a God we serve!
12/20/2010 4:22:13 PM
Shae M United States
Shae M
This isn't something that I did for someone else, but something very special that was done for me.  I spent just under a week in the hospital a week ago, not as long as expected, but long enough the my children's aunt and uncle had to take my children on vacation with them.  I thought I would be spending Christmas alone.  Then a call came in and I was told by a church leader that an arrangements had been made so I could fly down to be with my kids for Christmas.  What a blessing!  There are angels and miracles around us always.
12/20/2010 4:45:00 PM
Sarah K United States
Sarah K
I'm in a small group of 4 other senior girls, and each year we sponsor a single mother with 2 kids that can't afford Christmas. We've done this since we were in 7th grade. We're going to go shopping and deliver the presents on Tuesday this week. I'm really excited because the mom wants us to meet the kids. In years past, we've played the role as "Santa" and not met the kids. Not only do the kids get a Christmas, they feel God's love. I love seeing the pure joy and thankfullness on the face of the mom or the kids. God is great!
12/20/2010 4:47:05 PM
Ashley Williams United States
Ashley Williams
On Friday night, my church had a ladies meeting. At the ladies meeting, we did a gift exchange while playing the famous White Elephant game. A ten-year-old little girl got a present that had a 5 dollar bill in it. It ended up getting taken away from her when someone else's turn rolled around. The little girl was devasted. She wanted to use that 5 dollars to buy a gift for her grandpa, whom she hasn't seen since she was four; he is coming up for only a day this year. The little girl ended up only getting an ornament. But I remember how upset she was over it, so this morning, my mom helped me contact the girls grandmother and i gave the little girl 5 dollars and made her a treat bag so she could buy her grandfather a Christmas gift. I feel so blessed to be able to help her Smile
12/20/2010 5:36:03 PM
Holly United States
This year it seems that God laid it on my heart to do something special this year, make a new tradition in my family.  I am a single mom with a job that pays minimum wage and I'm only part time, so I started to pray to God to give me the answer for gifts for just anyone.  Well, the more and more I thought God laid it on my heart what about candy canes.  So, I went out and bought a bunch of candy canes, went looking online for a poem and the legend of the candy cane and printed them off.  Everywhere I go I give one with a special poem to the person I am speaking to (a cashier, the bagger at the grocery store, bank teller, etc.) I've had so many people just put a smile on their face for that.  Tonight I had a special moment where I gave it to the cashier that was taking the spot of another cashier on break and the one was coming back from break and they both just glowed as I gave it to the girl.  They were surprised someone they didn't know cared enough to spread joy and love to them.  It has warmed my heart and I'm going to do it every year from now on for me and my son.
12/20/2010 11:15:50 PM
Denise United States
My dear friend Laura organized our 5th annual Homeless Christmas. The first year she started passing out homemade beanies to our local homeless.This year she added gift bags with all types of goodies from hats to toothpaste and the much loved new socks. She organized a clothing drive so they might have something warm to wear. She also made a hot breakfast to share with these folks. We've had rain for the last few days and today was no exception. We were worried that no one would be out. Slowly people noticed the gifts bags and came out. We had a great morning of just loving on these sweet people. One woman commented that people bring things but few stop to talk. Thanks Laura for making such a big difference!
12/21/2010 12:09:35 PM
Jim O United States
Jim O
I recieved a bonus check from my work. I heard though our local TV station of a single mom with 3 kids mobile home being burned down and everything was lost along with the Christmas tree and all the kids presents. I cashed the check the next morning and drove to where the family was staying in a temporary shelter and donated the whole amount. The woman had 3rd degree burns on her hand and it was completely bandaged up to way past her elbow. She was cradling her 3 week old son. She let me hold the baby for a few minutes as  I handed her the envelope. Cutest little boy, he squeezed my pinky finger with his little hand and I could then feel gods blessings fill the place. The woman gave me a hug and I was gone. As I drove away from the shelter I couldnt believe how blessed I am even thou it has been the most challenging year of my life. I know god is holding my hand and will see me through all of lifes challenges. Peace.
12/21/2010 1:11:59 PM
Cynthia - Amarillo United States
Cynthia - Amarillo
I called up a local Childrens' Home near my kids school and asked them if my family could provide Christmas for them this year. Right before Thanksgiving I got a list of all the children, their name, age and gender and one item they had on their wish list this year. With the help of co-workers and family, we were able to provide a Christmas for all 30 children ranging in age from 5 - 18! On Friday they had a Christmas party and me and my children delivered all the presents and got to watch them open them all! We were showered with 'Thank yous', 'Merry Christmas', and lots of hug, screams and cheers. It was the best thing I have EVER done and I am so blessed to have my children involved! Their Christmas is not going to be what they are used to, but they were willing to give it up for other children who don't have much!!!! I now plan on doing this EVERY CHRISTMAS!!!
12/22/2010 1:40:36 PM
Jane Bulgaria
Umm.. the teens form our church(including me) organised event in one of the big supermarkets in the city.We are collecting sweets for the children from the orphanage in one of the near villages.Most of us have been there and we know how much they need love,they need to feel Christmas.It is tomorrow,so I'm very excited and happy!
12/23/2010 5:47:45 PM
i gave away twenty dollars too my aunt just out of the blue
1/4/2011 6:46:51 PM
Toni Lynn Kizer United States
Toni Lynn Kizer
I have a neighbor I help that is 80% blind. I helped her with the money order we have to get to pay rent. She is my neighbor. I give her rides to the storea and the emergancy room when her husband who is 95 % blind. I don't think I am doing anything Christ wouldn't do. I am happier when I can help someone.
1/5/2011 11:21:25 AM
Charles barnett United States
Charles barnett
To be with my wife thru good and bad times
1/6/2011 4:40:48 PM
Lizzie Ives United States
Lizzie Ives
I started praying for the little girl out in Montana who has cancer. My grandma had cancer (and died of it), and I know she'll want me to pray for her. I bring her up every Bible and English class at my school, and I know she cant hear me, or see me, but I hope the cancer goes away.
1/7/2011 9:12:46 AM
Kathy Campton United States
Kathy Campton
I started collecting baby clothes for a friend of a friend who needs them and hope to gather several  more items before the baby comes in a few weeks.
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