Dec 21 2010

What Makes Christmas..."Christmas" For You???

For Me The Charlie Brown Christmas Special says "Christmas"... What is for you? A TV special... Somewhere you go... A Fave Cookie... Last minute Shopping???
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12/21/2010 1:26:50 PM
Beth United States
Christmas doesn't happen for me until I am sitting in the church near midnight on Christmas Eve...I love all the songs and shopping and hustle bustle and everything that heralds the coming of Christmas, but for some reason something special happens in my heart when I am surrounded by the special atmosphere that happens in that Christmas Eve church service.
12/21/2010 1:32:09 PM
Karen United States
I have lots of memories from my childhood.  I have 9 brothers and sisters.  I remember one Christmas when my brothers got a race track for Christmas and my dad helped put it together and they had to watch as dad took the first spin around the track. It was the one of the few times that us kids got to spend all day with dad. Most times he worked 3 jobs to care for his family.
12/21/2010 1:34:41 PM
Theresa United States
I would say Christmas means cooler weather, but it is 80 today in Austin, TX.  Instead, it is really the music, especially "Mary Did You Know?"  I discovered that last year and fell in love, and it is more meaningful since I have a son.  
12/21/2010 1:56:17 PM
Laurie United States
The original movie version of "Miracle on 34th Street" makes Christmas Christmas for me. I grew up on 34th Street in a suburb of Seattle. The year I turned three, Dad died in a car accident and Mom was at the end of herself, wondering how she'd be able to raise three kids alone. We were dirt poor and Dad had no life insurance.

When I was old enough to understand, Mom told me, "Just after your father died, I'd run out of money and there was nothing in the house to feed you. I was lying on my bed weeping, when the room filled with a light so pure, I dared not open my eyes. Then a hand took my hand, bringing such comfort, I began to laugh at my doubts. Somehow I knew God would be with us and take care of every need!

And He did take care of us! Yes, life was tough and Mom worked hard, long hours because there were no social services in those days. But the people of God rallied around us and miracles became the norm as the Lord provided all we needed. While we lived our own miracle on 34th Street, we developed a Christmas tradition of huddling around the black and white TV to watch the movie "Miracle on 34th Street."

I still laugh and clap at the end of that movie, when the little girl finds her dream-home with Santa's cane leaning suspiciously against the fireplace.
12/21/2010 2:35:55 PM
Crystal United States
What makes Christmas for myself, husband and our daughter is going to Christmas Eve Service. When I was little was watching Santa and the 3 Bears with my grandma, parents, brother and sister. Though I don't see that show on tv anymore. I really miss that Christmas show.
12/21/2010 2:49:30 PM
Jessica United States
Every Christmas I have to listen to my Beach Boys Christmas c.d.  It takes me back to my childhood and all of those wonderful Christmas memories.
12/21/2010 2:56:33 PM
Tim O'Hearn United States
Tim O'Hearn
I miss my favorite Christmas tradition. Growing up, it was watching the Perry Como Christmas show (and his Easter show a few months later). When he stopped doing the shows it took something out of my Christmases.
12/21/2010 3:10:13 PM
Tristina United States
I guess thanksgiving gears me up for Christmas.  Its a time when people make time for each other.  As the economy has been so bad it has been more about time spent with family and friends rather than getting that perfect gift.  So what christmas is for me it the anticipation of being with family and just being.  Being stuffed and miserable and not able to move but just being stuffed with family.
12/21/2010 5:02:52 PM
Sabrina Malan United States
Sabrina Malan
When my parents divorced (i was 7) my father took us kids coats in hands to the park, and to a small river. He told us each to pick a rock. Of course i picked the biggest one i could budge, and he wrote the word 'Prayer' on each one. To this day, it isn't Christmas until i pull out my 'prayer' rock and display it for all to see. I have had that rock for 25 years, and i plan on passing it down to my daughter some day ...... my Christmas prayer rock.
12/21/2010 5:13:04 PM
Pat McClain United States
Pat McClain
Many things make Christmas for me.  One of my favorite is my "god-daughter day"  I have three god-daughters and for the past 10 years we have never given each other a gift; we give each other time.  We spend 24 hours together creating memories.  I try to weave in time for prayer, out reach, and fun as we laugh, play, eat and tell stories all day.  Each year I wonder if this will be the year they want gifts and so far we all want time alone with each other.  It makes great Christmas memories.  I appreciate the opportunity to step away from all the stress of the season just be a kid again.
12/22/2010 12:21:43 PM
Erika United States
Going to a live nativity scene at a church down the street from us.
12/22/2010 1:15:31 PM
debbie brooks United States
debbie brooks
every year we take two anges off the angel tree and buy for them.  i remember one year there was a family and thier dad was in prison. they did not even have a christmas tree. we decided to buy a tree and a few presents from santa. there was not much left so we found a little bitty tree and got ornaments from family. we brought them the stuff and she started crying which in turn made me cry. giving to the less fortunate is what makes Christmas for me.  
12/22/2010 1:18:32 PM
Wanda United States
I think the neatest gift I ever received was a book - it was the latest Nancy Drew Mystery and a pair of pj's.  You know, there was nothing to compare with snuggling up where it was warm, family is together in new girly pj's and a mystery that still has the new book smell!  Simple yes, but even the scents of that evening remain alive in my memories!
12/22/2010 2:25:04 PM
Erica United States
2007 was the best Christmas I had.  God revealed to me that it wasn't the presents or the shopping that would make this year memoriable for me.  It was going to be the last Christmas I would spend with my dying Mother.  I spent the final days talking, laughing, crying & praying.  Even my small children ralized it wasn't the number of gifts under the was the gift of their Grandma that they had for Christmas......
There is really no need to  rush around for last minute shopping.  We can't take the gifts with us, we can only hold onto the memories in our hearts.
12/22/2010 2:28:00 PM
Anna United States
My brother and I grew up poor so we never got much in the way of presents on christmas, but one year, I don't know how they did it but someone must have given my parents a lot of money or someting. My brother woke up to find the entire living room floor covered in gifts! There were even gifts on the shelves! I have never forgoten that christmas and the sight of so many toys. Now my husband and I make it a mission to "Santa" people who we know don't have a lot, when we see a family struggling, we stack presents outside of their house that we know they have been needing or that their children might like or else send them an annonomous donation. Theres nothing like being ambushed unexpectedly by massive amount of gifts... so much fun.
12/22/2010 2:46:32 PM
Kristin United States
What makes Christmas, Christmas, is being able to see my family. To go to church to celebrate Jesus' birth, then to come home to spend time with my family and enjoy the presence of my family. My family is spread out around the U.S., so I don't get to see them much at all, so when Christmas time comes and I get to see them, it makes everything so much better. I won't be able to see the majority of my family, but the ones I will get to see, I will cherish this year forever.
12/22/2010 7:14:00 PM
Daniel Goheen United States
Daniel Goheen
I grew up overseas and started boarding school at 14, so I get the itch to travel whenever Christmas comes close. Warm weather, family, friends, and all kinds of group get-togethers make Christmas for me. A side note: I like Christmas carols in every month that ends in -ember, starting with Januember.
1/7/2011 5:39:54 PM
rrhoop United States
I'd say, baking goodies, christmas decorations, everyone's mood during the christmas season, etc. What it's not:  the hords of people who save shopping till the last month of the year!
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