Dec 22 2010

What was your favorite Christmas gift ever?

What is it about Christmas that makes us feel like kids? Remember the excitement of Christmas Eve?! What was the best gift you ever got at Christmas? Why was it your favorite?
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12/22/2010 12:19:15 PM
Erika United States
Well, it is this years Christmas present. I know Christmas has not come yet, but when I went shopping with my Mom, we bought one for each member of our family. It is a red block, with a manger with a baby on it, and in big letters, it says BELIEVE. In smaller letters, it said "I BELIEVE THAT THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT WAS WRAPPED IN SWADDLING CLOTHES.
12/22/2010 12:49:29 PM
Dorothy Folkman United States
Dorothy Folkman
I don't get excited about Christmas anymore. It has lost it's true meaning. Just like the giving of gifts , it is overrated.
12/22/2010 1:17:25 PM
Edith United States
ooohhh!! my pj sparkle doll.. love that doll when i was a kid and i still do lol.. cause i still have it and still light up too =))) and i take it out once in a while just to remember that moment i got it  
12/22/2010 1:18:47 PM
Erin United States
This year is going to be the best Christmas. We have been without a working car for 5 months. Last week God blessed us with a mechanic that fixed our car and we are now able to drive to Oreagon  spend Christmas with all are children.
12/22/2010 1:24:47 PM
Amber Hayes United States
Amber Hayes
I have 2 favorites. The first was 6 years engagement ring. The second was last year... bringing our twins, Courtney and Connor, home christmas day to see their big brother Cody! They will be 1 year old Dec 23rd!
12/22/2010 1:26:22 PM
Mercedes United States
I was 9 during the Christmas of year 2000. The Millenium Christmas. I wanted a year 2000 Holiday Edition Barbie Doll! I was so very anxious, so being the curious child that I was, I took a sneak peak into my aunt's car trunk. And there it was! My barbie! Well, grown-ups always knew best, and somehow she knew I looked. So she told me that she took it back, because a surprise wasn't a surprise if I knew what it was. I was devastated! On Christmas day, I opened all of my presents and was just about to leave with my mom, until my dear aunt pulled me aside to give me one last gift. It was my Barbie! I am 21 years old this year on December 27th, and I still cherish my Millenium Holiday Barbie. Unopened, untouched, and by far the most sentimental object I own. Just goes to show, curiosity doesn't always kill the cat.  
12/22/2010 1:27:19 PM
Chris United States
Knowing that after 8 months of seperation, my wife will be here with me Christmas morning.
12/22/2010 1:28:59 PM
MR United States
Hi, I don't like this time of year very much because it's gotten so materialistic.  But I do have two favorite Christmases that will always remember.  I'll tell you one; my son was born in June 1995 and of course Dec. 1995 would be his first Christmas, i was without work and the only thing i got for him was a plastic battery operated little guitar.  I don't know if at 6 months he could tell what was going on, but when we gave him the guitar he loved it.  a minute later he smashed it on the floor and it never worked again.  but he loved the guitar.
12/22/2010 1:29:23 PM
Laurie United States
When I was about four-years-old, Mom gave me a teddy bear about half my size. He was white-- a Polar Bear and had curved arms that wrapped around my neck. Mr. Bear was so soft and comforting, he became my constant buddy and an extra pillow at night. I loved that bear so much, when adults would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd say, "A Polar Bear!" They always laughed. I guess they didn't understand, I just wanted to be a comforting person. Praise God, He understood. For the past forty years, He's had me working as a caregiver to disabled and elderly relatives.
12/22/2010 1:33:57 PM
Natalie United States
The best Christmas memory for me is the year that our mother (who is now with Jesus) told we four children that there were going be no gifts - not because mom & dad couldn't afford it, but because they wanted us to learn the importance of having each others presence, food and fellowship - She taught us the true meaning of Christmas & today it is a gift that I treasure with much fondness when I think of what she must be experiencing in heaven right now with her Saviour!  
12/22/2010 1:35:06 PM
Tammy United States
I was a pregnant when I as 15. It was really hard on my single mother. Financally, Emotionally, and Spiritually. I didn't expect anything for Christmas that year. But when I awoke that christmas morning beside me was a Jewelry Box, I went and hugged her and thanked her. That year we had no tree or lights, nor did we have dinner she had to work but it didn't matter. Every Christmas I remember that Simple Inexpensive Jewelry Box. My mom died when I was 21. My daughter is in college and beautiful.
12/22/2010 1:36:13 PM
Tanya Seffens United States
Tanya Seffens
My best Christmas gift happened on Sunday.  I had been praying for a friend, and had been inviting him to Church, and he came this past Sunday and told me that it was just what he needed.  Please K Love friends keep praying for my friend.
12/22/2010 1:36:45 PM
Elissa United States
Jesus! I can't think of a better one!
12/22/2010 1:37:02 PM
Joelle United States
The VERY BEST thing I ever got for Christmas was my 1st son!!!!!!!  Then, the very next Christmas God blessed me with the VERY BEST thing again... my 2nd son!!!!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY BOYS.... Smile
12/22/2010 1:38:02 PM
Laura Deschambeault United States
Laura Deschambeault
22 years ago, I was HOPING for an engagement ring for Christmas! I got all dressed up on Christmas day and went to my boyfriend's parents house to exchange gifts. He had tricked me with crazy packaging of gifts in the past, so when he handed me a "shirt box" sized present to open, I got a "knowing" smile on my face and got SO excited!! I tore the box open and pulled out my gift---a sweatshirt from his college. I was crestfallen and moped the rest of the day. His step-dad finally had enough of me moping through dinner and pulled him upstairs while I talked with his Mom. The two came back downstairs and put Harley saddlebags in front of me on the table. (They were a gift his stepdad had received for Christmas.) His stepdad brought over a garbage bag and asked me to take the foam peanuts out of the bags. I was still busy talking with his Mom, so absent mindedly pulled them out and threw them in the garbage. Along with the peanuts, I apparently threw out a ring box!! Everyone started yelling and pulled it back out of the garbage!! You guessed it- I got an engagement ring!! We have been happily married for 20 years now!
12/22/2010 1:38:35 PM
Tanya Miller United States
Tanya Miller
The gift that touched me most was a gold pen & mechanical pencil set my grandfather gave me one Christmas that was engraved with his name.  
Because I had always been a writer, it meant so much to receive such a treasured personal thing.  Grandpa wasn't big on demonstrating his emotions, but in sharing this beautiful set with me, I understood for the first time that he really loved me and saw who I was.

Now, many years later, the ink has all been used, the pencil lead has long since run out & my Grandpa has gone home to God, but I still keep his pen & pencil set.  He gave me the gift of legacy and validation--and I will have those forever.      
12/22/2010 1:51:18 PM
Sandy United States
My best Christmas ever was when my soon-to-be 11 year old daughter was born.  She was born on December 23rd and she was the best Christmas present ever.  I got to bring her home from the hospital on Christmas Day. Both of my daughters are a true gift from God to me & I don't know what I would do without either of them.
12/22/2010 2:03:38 PM
Ron Newberry United States
Ron Newberry
Roy Rogers was my childhood hero. When I was about 10 I got a pair of Roy Rogers cap pistols with holsters.  I have a picture somewhere of me wearing them on Christmas morning ready to quick draw. Forty years later (about a year before he died) through a series of interesting events I got to spend the day with him at his house along with Dale Evans.  It was Christmas all over again.
12/22/2010 2:20:18 PM
Alison United States
My greatest Christmas present ever was given to me last year. I have a history of very complicated pregnancies. I have lost 4 pregnancies in the last 3 1/2 years. Last December, I was admitted to the hospital at 25 weeks with preterm labor. The nurses and doctors did everything they could do to stop labor, and nothing was working. They brought in the NICU staff because they were positive the baby was coming any day. The doctors told my husband and I not to get our hopes up...the chances for a baby born at 25 weeks were 50/50 at best. My husband and I were devistated at the possiblity of losing our son. We spent the rest of the day praying and asking God to stop my labor and keep our son safe and healthy. On December 22, 2009 I was released from the hospital still pregnant...and with the confidence that my son would carry to term. On March 8, 2010 (40 weeks and 1 day), our family welcome Jaron Daniel into the world...full term and 100% healthy. We figured the name Jaron would be fitting for our late Christmas gift. Jaron means "song of rejoicing." And we truly have much to rejoice for!
12/22/2010 2:21:15 PM
Abby Reese United States
Abby Reese
I rememebr to this day one Chirstmas present. My dad had made me and my sister a lemenade stand and well 17 years later we still have and we have used that thing for so many different things from selling lemenade to being a cash register stand and even a desk for the school teacher. I have younger siblings and they still use it.
12/22/2010 2:33:47 PM
Kristin United States
I remember when I was about 9 or 10 years old, my brother, who is also my godfather, gave me a teddy bear that was about the same size as me. Maybe a little bit smaller, but as small as I was, it seemed huge. I had moved away from my family. I am the youngest of 8 children, so the rest of my family was already moved out of the house, but still lived close. I saw them just about everyday, and if I didn't see them during the week, I always saw them on the weekend. Now, I live across the country from most of them. This bear still sits in my room about 7 years later. It always reminds me of what it was like to have my family so close when I was younger, but now they seem so far away. It's one of the few things from when I was young, and saw my family everyday, that I still have left. I love all my brothers and sisters very much. I miss them so much, and this bear just reminds me that my family loves me even though they aren't always right next to me. God has blessed me so much. He is amazing!
12/22/2010 2:44:53 PM
Kim United States
My mother made Christmas great at our house. She would buy all year so the 3 of us girls/sisters would have a mountain of presents to open. It took us hours to open them all on Christmas day. My mother also knitted us wonderful sweaters and coats. She passed away in 1996. I miss her so much. She always tried to make her precious 3 little daughters happy. We have been saved since 1991. God is amazing.
12/22/2010 3:18:37 PM
melissa United States
we always get a tree as a family. the tree is the one thing we all get to share. but the best gift is being able to see the work of God right out my back door.
12/22/2010 4:41:22 PM
Kay United States
My favorite Christmas present came two years ago from my great nephew, whom I call my son.  It was totally unexpected and so thoughtful that it caught me sooooooo off guard.  It wasn't the gift so much as it was the consideration of getting me something that I would totally love.  I cried with such great emotion, and he did as well.  Love so amazing...

Oh, the gift...what was it?  The gift of God with us, Emmanuel.

Oh, that gift...  It was iron art work in the shape of an Australian Shepherd head since we raise, breed and show Toy Australian Shepherds.  
12/22/2010 4:51:05 PM
Julie-Rose E. Tedrick United States
Julie-Rose E. Tedrick
Well... when I was probably 11 (and my sister 13) I asked for a Lego Castle "but NOT the girl colored one" (that's what I told my mom and step-dad... I've always been determined to be "different") Well I GOT that "boy colored" lego castle that year and it was AWESOME! but that same Christmas morning there were two HUGE packages under the tree, one for me and one for my sister. Well my step-dad said we had to save those for last, and not having ANY idea what could be in such large boxes other then something completely magical the excitement grew with each other awesome present we opened. The time came and they were... laundry hampers! we were SO MAD, at that age if we'd opened them first it might have been funny, but saving them until last with all that anticipation... hampers totally destroyed (at least temporarily) all the joy of the other great stuff. Now it's family legend and a very fond memory of good times with my step-dad David who passed away just before last Christmas.
12/22/2010 4:58:45 PM
Melanie Barnhart United States
Melanie Barnhart
My husband and I started dating around Thanksgiving 12 years ago. I am a pig collector. Our first Christmas together, his mother found knit material that had pigs wearing santa hats and candy canes on it. His grandmother made a knotted quilt out of it as a Christmas gift. This really meant a lot to me, because Mike and I had only been together for one month. It truly was a gift from the heart. I still have it. It is the most used blanket in our house. I will treasure it forever.
12/22/2010 7:17:08 PM
Pam Beacham United States
Pam Beacham
I have no lengthy story unless I detail my 36 hours of labor but I'd just like to say that my favorite Christmas presents were my first born son and my second son the next year.  Two years ago, I received another boy for Christmas.  He was three and a half at the time. He was saved from a drug addicted family. So many baby boys for Christmas.  I am truly blessed.  Half crazy, but blessed.
12/22/2010 7:32:02 PM
LORI ROLISON United States
The very best Christmas present I ever got was a baby sister. 39 years ago, @ 7:36 am, Christmas morning, my youngest sister was born a month early and weighed in at 4lbs.4.5ozs. Me(10) and my 8-year old sister were expecting the usual gift opening routine with our parents; instead we found our grandparents in the living room to greet us. You see.... my parents were at the hospital; awaiting the arrival of my little sister. My moms water had broken too early and they discovered the cord around the baby's neck so she was born by c-section, small and seemingly healthy. We did not know until she was 3yrs. old that she had Epilepsy and was mentally challenged.
This little gift from God would challenge us and teach us at the same time. I definitely learned how to see God's "special" people a bit differently. Kerry is a very special woman and exudes an angel-like innocence that only comes from God. I believe that just by being herself she spreads the message of God's love without even knowing it. She will always be the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten, because she will always remind me of God's true LOVE.
12/23/2010 8:13:10 AM
Ruthann Saner United States
Ruthann Saner
I always got my mother a new ornament every year since I was about 10yrs old. My best and most memorable would have to be Christmas 2005, we had found out that she was terminal with cancer a week before christmas. I had already gotten her ornament ( a frosted glass ball with hand painted pointsetta's on it, they were her favorites) one of us 6 kids would always get her live plants for Christmas, we had forgotten this year because of the sad news. I came home to Florida from West Virginia as a surprise, and she opened that gift and cried over it. My mother passed June 15th 2006, I still have that ornament and it still makes me cry when I remember what she said when she opened it "My only pointsetta this year, I will cherish it forever" I miss her and know that she is with God now and not suffering, but she lives on in our hearts.
12/25/2010 7:04:30 AM
Rosemary Robinson United States
Rosemary Robinson
One of my favorite gifts was my Ragedy Ann and Andy! The other was the boxes that start big then it opens to another then another smaller one till you get to the little bitty one! I'm 46! This year the rest of my children asked Christ into their hearts! Thankyou God!
1/1/2011 8:10:41 PM
Amber Fletcher United States
Amber Fletcher
You get to open presents and open stockings as if a 6 year old would. I remember when I was a young child and I loved to wake up early and open my stocking. The best present I have ever gotten yet is my first digital camera. It is my favorite because you have to wrap presents and open them.
1/4/2011 7:57:33 AM
Marty Chadwick United States
Marty Chadwick
I had a large family,my parents would get a box and cover it with christmas wrapping paper.Then they would fill up the box with whatever they got for us.I remember playing in and with that box. We would make trains with them towers and anything that a kid could do even down to just sitting in it. I remember my dad getting mad because I played with that box more than the toys in it.Funny how that is my memory of the best gift .Marty
1/7/2011 5:36:29 PM
rrhoop United States
11 of us on a family cruise, Dec 2009. Instead of a regular Christmas, we used our money and all went on a 7 day cruise in December. It was great. The memories, pictures, etc are so much more meaningful than gifts you end up getting tired of not long after getting them.
1/7/2011 5:48:48 PM
Joshua United States
Presents don't really count. But since everyone here is talking about them, I'll just say an X-box 360 slim was first on my list and my favorite gift of all time.
1/8/2011 12:14:15 PM
Angel United States
I know it is a little late on this one... But I wanted to share this thought.  1 1/2 weeks before this Christmas, my 37 year old cousin was found unexpectedly dead in his apartment.  I lived with his family for two years after my parents divorced when I was 8 years old.  It came as such a shock and heartbreak to me.  Needless to say, this was possibly one of the worst Holiday Season's I have experienced.  However, the thoughts and stories you all shared has reminded me of the love of giving and the joy of simply spending time with family.  Thank you for opening your hearts, no matter how small or silly you thought it was, because it touched me greatly.
1/10/2011 1:57:08 PM
Cade United States
an iPod touch
1/10/2011 4:01:08 PM
patrick timmons United States
patrick timmons
Greatest christmas present is when God spoke to me out loud in 2002 and washed me clean from an alcohol and drug addiction. I have had so many tremendous gifts from God since then to include 5 super natural miraculous healings. Thank you God in Jesus Name. This christmas I got a great gift from Jesus through my mom-she did my laundry! And I am 46 years old. It was an awesome Christmas gift. Jesus thank you for moms and please bless mine and all moms in Jesus name amen. Reference the shootings in Tucson-I do not know much about them because I do not watch much TV these days but what came to mind is to forgive as quick as possible. Follow Jesus example and forgive out of Love for God He did. Amish Grace movie and book is great example of how we as Christians should forgive in the toughest times in Jesus name please forgive.
1/12/2011 3:25:43 PM
KARIS United States
Well my favroite gift was getting adopted.I was 4months old. I was small, I had one little strand of hair in the middle of my head.WE have movies of me coming home that day.It's hard not to know who my birth mom was. But i myself have lived 9 years without her,& i will live 9 more years if god want's me to      KARIS
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