Jan 19 2011

The Reason for God

Our pastor shared a powerful quote from Tim Keller's book "The Reason for God" at church this past week. It challenges us to live for Jesus only. Here is more info: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/nave-html/Faithpath/keller310.html

and here's the quote we read from Mr. Keller - may it inspire you as it has us:
“If you don’t live for Jesus, you’ll live for something else. If you live for career and you don’t do well it may punish you all your life and you’ll feel like a failure. If you live for your children and they don’t turn out right you’ll be absolutely in torment because you feel worthless as a person. If Jesus is your center and Lord and you fail Him, He will forgive you. Your career can’t die for your sins. Everybody has to live for something. Whatever that something is becomes lord of your life whether you think of it that way or not. Jesus is the only Lord who if you receive Him will fulfill you completely, and if you fail Him will forgive you eternally.”
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1/19/2011 3:00:47 PM
alberta United States
trying to win the  c  d what do I click on!!
1/19/2011 3:36:15 PM
Tammy Spengler United States
Tammy Spengler
Hi Kelli I'm the one that called you from Wichita, Ks and I work at Miracle with the women who are addicted to drugs. I sent a request to you under concerts and events. Sorry I am so new at this. I am trying to get the tickets or a letter or something so we the staff at Miracle Inc can take the women on Feb 27 to the concert. Please call Tammy Spengler or Crystal Payne if you can email. I never got Scotts direct line so please can you email so I can tell my boss this is set up and ready to go
1/19/2011 3:42:02 PM
Alec Perez United States
Alec Perez
i really like the song "When everything falls apart" by fee!! Please play it again!! Thanks!
1/20/2011 3:47:46 PM
Janelle United States
Thank you so much it is exactly what i needed to hear ..it is so true.so so true..
1/23/2011 4:27:41 PM
McKenna United States
That quote is so true. I wasn't living all for God, my Saviour. And I got caught up so much with believingn lies, and eventually let demons in. But I'm proud to say I got release from that bondage today. Guys I'm 17 and it truly is a struggle, but with the Lord anything is possible.
1/24/2011 3:22:31 PM
Jan United States
My new husband and I were eating dinner in an all you can eat resturant. I saw a person that was acting odd. Talking to the gal who worked there quite a bit. He just appeared to be a homeless person by the way he was dressed and he was thin but eatting quite a bit and there for a long time. The gal who worked there came over to our table and I asked her what was going on with that guy. She said he wasn't sure how he was going to pay for his meal. We were ready to leave and I surprised my husband when I paid for the mystory guys meal also. I asked the gal at the counter to not tell the guy who paid for his meal. But to just let him know it was paid for. We sat in our car to see the gal go and tell the man his meal was paid. It was pretty cool to see. We left so he wouldn't see us. I love it when I can do that for someone.
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