Feb 02 2011

Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant are on the show today!

We are really excited to have Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant on the show today! They'll be on the show just after 2pm PST (4pm CT). Got any comments or questions for Michael and Amy? Feel free to share them here!
The entire interview is posted on our Show Highlights page.





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2/2/2011 1:43:00 PM
Laura Frank United States
Laura Frank
I'm sooooo excited!! The first concert I ever went to at Red Rocks Amphitheater (I grew up and live in Denver) was Amy Grant and I think the year was 1982.  It was an awesome experience to hear Amy's worship music in such a special place that God created for us to enjoy.  Tell her hi for me!!!

2/2/2011 1:54:17 PM
Robert Wolfram United States
Robert Wolfram
I just want to tell you a true story, In 1996 my 7yr old son and I were driving home to decorate our family Christmas tree we were listening to some Amy Grant(Angel's) when I hit some black ice and lost controll and hit another car head-on. He was knocked out in the crash he was airlifted from the local hospital to one that could better handle pediatric tramma. Later that week while he was recovering he told me that there were Angles in the truck with us and thats why we were all okay. I have always cherished Amy's music but esspecially that song.
2/2/2011 1:55:40 PM
Michele Stephenson United States
Michele Stephenson
Amy Grant's and Michael W. Smith's music hold a special place in my heart. I first saw her and Michael in concert in March 1984 in Syracuse when I was 24 years old. Michael W. Smith was her opening act! I even had a front row center seat! I remember Michael singing "You need a Savior" while jumping up and down and back and forth across the stage. Everytime I hear that song I still picture him doing that! Amy came out after the concert so I was able to meet her and get a picture of she and I together. My kids are still amazed that I actually met Amy Grant. Soon after that (not related to the concert) I went into a deep depression for many years and Amy's music was what kept me connected to God. I would listen to it for hours and hours. I must of listened to "All I ever have to be" atleast 2,000 times. I was able to see her in concert a few more times after that, but never got to meet her again to tell her thank you for her music and ministry. It truly saved my life. I heard last night while listening to KLove that she and Michael are going to be on the show today. Would you please tell her thank you for me!
2/2/2011 2:00:35 PM
Elizabeth Van Iersel United States
Elizabeth Van Iersel
My family loves you both and has been to see you several times over the years. This year you are so far out - it is hard on a weekday with a family (7 year old boy)to come see you. This time it is really far from San Jose (4 hours). Will you be coming any nearer or on a weekend anytime soon? Breaks our hearts not to be able to get there.

Amy - just wanted to tell you, I feel like you are a friend. I told my son when we were listening to your new CD. This is Amy Grant, Mama feels like she is a friend as her music has always been my favorite and so real in my life. He loves your songs and sings along loud and clear. He is a Special Needs Aspergers child and has a affinity for music. He also has a great relationship with Jesus (he calls himself Jesus' buddy)and recently joyfully shouted to my sister (a non-beliver) "wait turn up the raido thei is Amy Grant - my favorite this son is about my friend GOD!". You have been a part of my life and inspiratiional in my life since I was 12 (27 years), that is a long and blessed time. Thank you.
2/2/2011 2:00:41 PM
marcperera United States
Gosh I love those two. Such great role models.
2/2/2011 2:04:01 PM
Beverly North United States
Beverly North
Hi Amy,

I have wanted to tell you how precious your new song is to sooo many.  I now work in the inner city of OKC, running a free medical clinic, and I love "Better than a Hallelujah,"
it helps me focus when people comes with tremendous needs to love them without questions. It helps me bless them because it takes me to the heart of GOD.  For all the patients that come and need our help it gives them dignity and delight to see that even though they are poor they can worship too.
Thanks for recreating this beautiful and powerful song.
Your Friend,
Helene's sister
2/2/2011 2:12:51 PM
Rev Dee Cooper United States
Rev Dee Cooper
When I was a Freshman At Texas Tech Amy came and sat before a couple of hundred college students playing My Father's Eyes.  I was a Kappa Kappa Gamma Pledge but there with several Kappa Alpha Theta Pledges-I kept encouraging them to slip Amy the grip- because it was the beginnings we actually could walk up and shake Amy's hand- everyone was afraid to do so --so I knew the theta grip- Amy squealed and said sister and hugged me- Years later I was working for a non profit homeless shelter in gloucester MA.  I sent a letter of confession  (smile) for deceiving Amy and asked if she would send along something signed for our fund raiser- I dont know if she or her team sent it- but a CD came signed with a note you are forgiven now be free Smile  As a presbyterian minister, Amy you and Michael speak and minister to so many including those of us who care for others- thanks for being so real
2/2/2011 2:14:53 PM
Virgi Borge United States
Virgi Borge
I want to make a public apology to Amy for something that she is not even aware of yet has been heavy on my heart for awhile. In the early 80's I read an interview with Amy where she had made a comment to her sister (as I remember it) about divorce and how the comment changed her sister's decision in getting divorced. Years later when I heard that Amy was divorced and not even knowing how or why it happened it made me very angry and sad that as I saw it she never listened to her own words. Every time I heard a song by Amy I would get angry all over again and recently God let me know that it was because I stopped seeing Amy through His eyes and was looking through my own that made me feel the way I did. So, Amy please forgive me and know that I am so grateful that God redirected my eyes. Your music is a blessing to so many.
2/2/2011 2:15:31 PM
Marlene DeCristoforo United States
Marlene DeCristoforo
I just wanted to say Thank you to both Amy and Michael, 23 years ago Friends was song at my wedding, then 11 years ago (this week)  their music kept me going when my husband got cancer and become paralized from the waist down. I had the honor of see them both in concert, Michael in Youngstown Ohio at the Cavielli center, then Amy at Westminister College this fall.  May God continue to Bless both of their lives and their gift of music.
2/2/2011 2:17:21 PM
Robin Richardson United States
Robin Richardson
This Is The Stuff by Francesca Battistelli is today's version of "Angles" by Amy Grant.
2/2/2011 2:18:39 PM
Kevin Young United States
Kevin Young
Michael & Amy,

I've always wanted to meet both of you.  

My favorite Christmas gift ever, was a signed concert poster my wife got for me of your concert a few years back--even though I couldn't attend.  Its framed and hanging in my office--as a constant reminder of your music and to remember how great God is.

Friends is a song that we had for the year I graduated high school ('91).

I hope that one day I will be able to meet you and even sing with you.

Kevin Young
2/2/2011 2:18:57 PM
Paul Griffith United States
Paul Griffith
In the fall of 2009, I was blessed to sing as part of a choir in Michael's New Hallelujah tour, at Northen Illinois University..... I would just like to send a special "THANK YOU" to Michael! It was the most awesome experience of my life, to lead thousands of people in worshiping the Lord!  Does Michael ever plan on doing something like that again?  Thank you Michael and many Blessings to your ministry!!!

2/2/2011 2:19:08 PM
Carole United States
Amy,your manager, Jennifer, posted that a certain song you and Michael rehearsed the other day brought you to tears...what song was that?
2/2/2011 2:19:40 PM
Marlene DeCristoforo United States
Marlene DeCristoforo
Thank you Amy and Michael for being apart of my life, I have followed you both for Years. 23 years ago Friends was song at my wedding.  11 years ago my husband became paralized from cancer and you music really healed my when i needed it most.  I was honored to hear you both last fall, Michael in Youngstown Oh, and Amy and Westminster College.  May God continue Blessing you both and and Blessing the music your write and perform

Marlene from New Castle PA
2/2/2011 2:21:29 PM
Tracy Erickson United States
Tracy Erickson
To be living in China and get a phone call from my dad saying that my mom was having emergency surgery - broke my heart.  I wanted to be close to her, but instead, it was a tumor that was close to her.  We got our plane tickets as quick as possible and flew our family of 6 to Arizona last week.  She came out of surgery fine and is working on healing. Stage 3 colon cancer was the news we found - she goes for chemotherapy in a few weeks. A hard time? Yes. Then I heard that the 2 Friends were coming to Phoenix, to the same arena they came to when my mom took us to Amy's concert in the 80's - Smitty was there, too.  My mom has been so impacted by their music, their ministry. She was able to meet Smitty a few years ago, and the picture of her with him stands in a frame on her piano.  We are getting my mom a wheelchair for Saturday and she is so encouraged to get better day by day, rain or shine, cold or heat, pain or pain-free --- 10 of us will be there on Saturday with my mom - rejoicing in this gift of a concert.  Phoenix, Arizona may just be a list on the concert list, but to us... it's a Gift.  Thank you Amy and Michael for coming! You've blessed our hearts.  
Tracy Erickson
2/2/2011 2:22:13 PM
Joy Thornton United States
Joy Thornton
The first concert was Amy Grant.  I was about 8 years old and I still remeber it.  I love your music and my 4 year old son and I love to jam out to "Sing Your Praise to the Lord".  I have also been to Michael W Smith cooncert and it was waonderful.  So glad to hear you are both out on tour.
2/2/2011 2:22:51 PM
chad United States
in just every type of music there is the nuber one or king of that music genre...To me michael is the king of christian music.......you are awesome and the best michael.... amy grant is a great artist  too....i hope and pray one day i can come to one of your concerts !
2/2/2011 2:26:05 PM
Courtney United States
It's not Christmas unless I hear Amy Grant's Christmas album! When we were little my family would drive up to my Grandpa's house in Maryland, and we'd listen to her album over and over. Memories I'll never forget!
2/2/2011 2:26:52 PM
Winner Torborg United States
Winner Torborg
Many years ago when I lived in Housatonic, MA, I used to listen to Amy Grant's Angels.  One day while I was walking down the street, on the sidewalk, a drunk driver ran up the curb just after he had past me.  There were many times that I could say, "I've got angels watching aver me."
2/2/2011 2:28:01 PM
Deanne Rhodus United States
Deanne Rhodus
I have grown up listening to both of your music...I feel like you've been my big brother and sister!  I've spent many days and nights seeking comfort or even dancing to their music thru grade school, high school and college.  Going to my first Amy Grant concert as a young girl was pure magic, and then getting to see Michael W. Smith in concert when I was in high school was a blast!!  I LOVE your music and really appreciate your ministry.  My 4 young daughters now enjoy the same great music I did thanks to both of you!!  God bless you!
2/2/2011 2:28:33 PM
Denise United States
Michael W. Smith's song "Help is On the Way" was just what I needed back in the fall of 2008.  My husband and I had lost our business due to the economy and God had given me a promise that help was on the way.  What a confirmation a couple of weeks later when I heard Michael's song with the exact same title!  Our family has been "Smitty" fans for a long time, but this song will always be a reminder of God's faithfulness!  Bless you Michael!
2/2/2011 2:28:36 PM
Susan Bartell United States
Susan Bartell
My two favorite artists together again. Smile What a blessing to hear you guys!  I saw you on the 1982 tour and was so blessed by.  It was my very first Christain concert and I was really new to listening to Christian music, but I was hooked!!  God has used you both in so many amazing ways.  Love you both!!!
2/2/2011 2:28:39 PM
Samantha Wright United States
Samantha Wright
yesterday, my daughter Zoe (13) and I were riding home from school and Angels came on. I told Zoe how that song was popular when I was in 6th grade--and a couple came to our Catholic School and showed a video of Amy and how she was using music to serve God with her life. I was so excited because at that point in my life I KNEW I wanted to serve God with my life but seeing the video of Amy showed me I didn't have to become a nun to do so. Zoe was excited because she's glad to be here!
2/2/2011 2:29:15 PM
Marco Mexico
I first listened to Amy in 1990 while living in Germany and her music was in my portable tape player the whole day, my favorite songs "Father's eyes" and "El Shaddai" found her book and loved it.  
Say hi to MWS.
2/2/2011 2:29:22 PM
Rose O'Brien United States
Rose O'Brien
I would like to thank both Michael and Amy for their ministry in music over the years.  Amy Grant Christmas was my first CD ever, and it's still my favorite!  I have been a huge fan of you both since I gave me life to Jesus in 1982. I saw Amy in concert at Melodyland in Anaheim, CA and Michael (several times), however I distinctly remember him at Disneyland singing and playing Rocketown. I was singing along at the top of my lungs.  To this day, I smile whenever I listen to that song. Again, thank you so much! Hugs. xoxox
2/2/2011 2:32:12 PM
Belinda Salge United States
Belinda Salge
Thanksgiving 2010 I was in Durant, Ok.  My Granddaughter Lexi and I had to make a run to Wal-Mart for my Aunt Ruby.  I had Michael's newest CD in my player. All the songs are wonderful but this one will have a special place in my heart always.  As we were leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot, I was first at the Traffic light.  For some reason I turned into the wrong lane. I looked and noticed I was headed into oncoming traffic!  At the same time this song was playing, "Lord, Save Me from Myself"! Luckily there was a grass area to my left and I drove upon it!  I will never forget that moment!
2/2/2011 2:32:28 PM
Jeana Deal United States
Jeana Deal
So Michael W. Smith was on my first date with my future husband.....kind of.  Jim had asked me out to a campus movie at Whitworth College, and after the movie he asked me if I wanted to go back to his room and have a coke.  I was a little unsure, but said okay, for a few minutes.  I walked into the coolest dorm room.  He and his roommate had a pizza booth in their room with desks on each side of it and way up high were their beds.  I sat down in the booth and Jim put on his "new" album.  We started talking and after a while I paused and asked him to replay the last song.  He moved the needle back and played the song again.  It was..."Friends".  Four weeks later we were engaged - that was 25 years later.  Jim went on to Princeton Seminary and we have been in the ministry for 20 years.  The song "Friends" has always been a meaningful song, as well as a testimony to our life in the ministry.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  Jeana Deal, East Wenatchee, WA
2/2/2011 2:34:04 PM
JoniJenkins United States
2/2/2011 2:34:25 PM
Peggy United States
"Sing Your Praise to the Lord" was the first contemporary Christian song I ever heard!  I was in college and I joined a small Bible study group.  I was not saved and I had never attended church.  But I fell in love with that song and went out to purchase the "Age to Age" album.  Then I got "Straight Ahead" and attended her tour concert in Cleveland with Leon Patillo.  That must have been about 1983/1984.  

Amy and Michael are my absolute FAVORITE singers!  I wish I could go see them in New Bern, NC when they come but with our financial situation there is no way I can buy a ticket.  We have lost our home to foreclosure and are living in a small rental home.  We have had to sell our things to pay bills and we struggle now to make ends meet with my hubby's social security retirement and my part-time jobs.  We just sold a large generator in order to put tires on my van, but 100 gallons of fuel oil to keep warm, and make a car payment.  We struggle day to day and receive our food from various food pantries.

My husband asked me the other day what he could do special for me for Valentine's Day.  I told him I wished he could get me a $75 ticket at Temple Baptist in New Bern so I could see Amy and Michael but that is out of the question.  I'm trying hard to think of something special we can do that will not cost a cent.  

Amy and Michael's music has influenced me for years.  I listened to "Friends" over and over and still cry thinking of the first pastor's family that I became really good friends with and they left for another pastorate.  I fell away from the Lord for awhile and hearing "A Place in This World" on pop radio caught my ear and drew me back to the Lord.  I have since been saved and my hubby has also come to know Christ and was baptized this past summer.

I love you, Amy and Michael!  Thanks for all you do!
2/2/2011 2:35:23 PM
Randy Eck United States
Randy Eck
What a blessing.  I remember you all at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park and your donation for the Spruce Lake walk for the handicapp in Rocky Mountain National Park.
2/2/2011 2:35:39 PM
Benito Romanach United States
Benito Romanach
I was coming home from work and heard the Michael and Amy were in the house!  Pretty exciting!  I wanted to share with Michael one of several videos I have made to Michael's songs for my church's Christmas programs.  In particular this one for It's a Wonderful Christmas.  Thank you for your music and your inspiring work.  Hope you enjoy!  http://vimeo.com/18032804
2/2/2011 2:36:00 PM
John Potter United States
John Potter
Both Amy and Michael have been a long-time inspiration to my life.  There were countless times going thru really tough trial and heartbreaks that, thru threir music and ministries, were able to reach deep within me and show me that God was the reason and is the reason I am still here.  

For Amy, What was it like working with Bryan Duncan on the video as he seems like he is a really fast-paced and qwerky person?

For Michael, what was the first song you wrote and what was your inspiration for writing it?

As a fellow Music Minister I know what it is like to see the Lord move like a mighty rushing wind.

Scott and Kelly:  Thank you for being a constant inspiration thru the work you do on the radio and thru the prayers you do without recourse.

God bless you all!!!
John R. Potter
2/2/2011 2:36:01 PM
Shar Stohlman United States
Shar Stohlman
I always loved you both! When I was a new Christian in 1989 & 90 I loved to listen to all your music! Then in 1991 I had a baby girl, and the Lord saw fit to take her home at 5 days old. One cd that got me through that time was Michael's "Go West young Man"....Thank you both for all the beautiful music that you have and continue to create! Just know that God is using it all to help someone around the world! {{{hugs}}} Love in Christ,
2/2/2011 2:37:33 PM
Eunice Wenger United States
Eunice Wenger
WOW, I was thinking waaaay back when the first time I heard Michael W. Smith and his song, Friends...  it was my first time going to NAPF, National Association Pilgrim Fellowship in Lansing, MI...in the summer of '81-82?  And the next song that came up was this exact song!  Smile
2/2/2011 2:38:13 PM
Susan Bartell United States
Susan Bartell
Michael, listening right now to "Friends" - can't get through it without crying.  I know you wrote it for a high school graduation class, but my best friend and I have claimed it as our song - it means that much.  

I love you, Micheal and Amy
2/2/2011 2:38:23 PM
Miranda Hall United States
Miranda Hall
Hi Scott & Kelli!
Thank you for the opportunity to let Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant know how their music has impacted my life.  I was introduced to their music after having my first child.  Her name is Lacie...she is beautiful and she is the reason for our amazing adoration to the Lord.  
Lacie is a precious 26 year old special needs lady.  When she was born in '84 my world was turned upside down.  I did not know how to deal with doctors and specialist always reminding me of what my daughter could not do.  She has done more than I could ever write about...but first and foremost she led her dad to Jesus.  What a  miracle that is.
Your music plays in her bedroom all the time.  She will see you tonight and we could not be more excited.  You see just last week we were told she has a tumor...Monday we found out it is not cancerous but the surgery necessary ASAP is delicate.  The tumor in on a gland that has her facial nerves on it.  
Her music collection of yours will carry her through the surgery and healing.  It is on my IPod which she has somehow taken ownership of.
Thank you.  Music has healed me and my family.

In His Grip,
2/2/2011 2:38:24 PM
Karen United States
Im 14 but sence i was little my mom has been playing Amy Grant music! I have memorized almost all your songs Amy! Smile
2/2/2011 2:38:46 PM
Jan Higdon United States
Jan Higdon
I saw Amy & Michale at a church back in the 80's.
I am 59 now but then wanted to  BE   AMY...
I let my hair grow and got a perm....bought all
of her music....saw her 3 other times in concert even a few yrs ago at a BIG  church here in town..Used to sing her songs every 6 weeks as they would ask for a solo at my church....Loved Michael in the movie he was in...will he be making more movies?  Still to this day a big big fan of both of them..God Bless them on their tour.
2/2/2011 2:39:49 PM
Paul Zelez United States
Paul Zelez
In 1988 I went to a youth camp and out of 300+ kids me & this cute girl made eye contact across the croud... Several times. When our church was signing up for the classes we'd take that week I signed up for a sign language class & it turns out that cute girl was in the same class, the song we learned to sign was I Have Decided (Amy Grant) that cute girl she's also Deaf so thanks to learning that song & also knowing minimal sign I was albe to communicate to her, even though we went our seperate ways, in 1999 we were reunited and today were nearing our 10th wedding anniversary.
Amy, thank you for I Have Decided!
2/2/2011 2:40:13 PM
Susan Bartell United States
Susan Bartell
Scott and Kelly - please talk more about the places of the tour or the name of the tour so we can find it.  Close to San Antonio???
2/2/2011 2:40:45 PM
Jennifer United States
Hi, both Amy and Michael's music touches me to my core. Amy's song that means the most to me is Ask Me . That song is ME! it's all about me and the first time I heard it I cried for hours. I knew God was there with me and Becasue of HIS mercy and grace I was able to forgive and move on with my life!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
thank you both for your ministry Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness.
2/2/2011 2:45:17 PM
Jenny United States
Hi Amy!
I was first introduced to your music in 1981 when I was 19 years old and just accepted Christ.  Your music has been the cornerstone of my life all these years.  And even today, your new music as well as some of my old favorites give me new perspective and carry me through.  So I just want to thank you for being you.
2/2/2011 2:45:19 PM
Michelle United States
Michael and Amy were my first intro to Christian music. I started attending a Christian high school in 1986 and heard their music at a new friends house. I am so thankful for the influence they had on Christian music. As a teenager I was seeking God but loved music.  It was so wonderful to have a positive source of music to listen to.  BtW Friends Forever was my high school graduation song in 1990. Smile
2/2/2011 2:45:26 PM
Debbie Lockwood United States
Debbie Lockwood
Both Amy and Steven Curtis Chapman have sang music that does more than speak of God's generous love. They spark a light deep within the heart. Sometimes we do not even realize that we need that fire stirred, then a song is sung that touches that need and a new fire is lit. Amy's song "than a hallelujah" is one of those songs for me. Thank you so much for touching hearts that sometimes seem untouchable.
2/2/2011 2:45:34 PM
Janet Schrey United States
Janet Schrey
I am around the age of Amy and Michael and I was so grateful when their music came out in the 80's. The best music that I could find before their music hit the airwaves was from either, "Love Song" or "Barry McGuire". Yes, I am 50-somethiiiiing. God Bless Amy and Michael. I have gone to all of Amy's concert in the Phoenix area and due to financial hardships I will not be at Saturdays concert. I will have to play their music instead and pretend I am there. Maybe I'll even light a candle after 2 hours when the concert might be over...lol. Thanks for sharing your ministry with me. I just love you both.
2/2/2011 2:46:16 PM
Jenny Chapman United States
Jenny Chapman
Just wanted to share how much I love your music. Amy you were one of the very first artists I heard and continued to listen to when I first came to the Lord 30+ years ago. I still have some cassettes packed away! I can still tear up listening to many of your songs. They are precious. I was so glad when our area could finally get KLOVE. Keep it up ! Jenny C from Ellensburg, WA
PS Loved your concert at the Tacoma Dome years ago too. Shows my age.
2/2/2011 2:46:22 PM
Shanna Jaeger United States
Shanna Jaeger
My sincerest love and thanks to Michael W.Smith and Amy Grant.  I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1984 as a junior in college.  It was the music of these two that touched my life so deeply from that point on.  How can I thank you for the faithful expression of your love for Jesus Christ through such wonderful songs! I have a memory attached to dozens of your songs which served to bless and uplift me through the ups and downs of life. Friends was played at my youngest sisters funeral in 1987... a special song of comfort for us all.  
2/2/2011 2:48:22 PM
LeeAnn United States
Amy Grant was the first Christian Aritst I listened to back in the early 80's. I now listen exclusivley to christian radio stations, mainly KLOVE. My husband now listens to KLOVE. What a powerful ministry! A hugh "Thank You" to Amy for her music ministry years ago that got me started. Thank you KLOVE, you guys rock!
2/2/2011 2:49:14 PM
Gidget Maes United States
Gidget Maes
Amy I just want to thank you for your music! When I was about 8yrs old my parents would go out and party and leave me home by myself at night I remember being so scared I would grab my headset and put your tape in and fall asleep to your voice thank you so much! God bless you!
2/2/2011 2:49:52 PM
Devon United States
Wow.  What a treat to listen to the both of you.  Your music shaped my childhood, it truly did.  Growing up in a small town in CA, I believed I made up a dance routine to absolutely every one of your songs-both of you!!  From Lamu to Sharrah... and when I was in Junior High and High School I sang many songs of yours in church. "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus" and "No Eye Had Seen" were some of my favorites to sing.  I hoped and dreamed of getting the chance to meet you both, thank you for your example, for inspiring me to a humble walk with God, even as a child.  I saw both of you in concert-the only concerts I ever went to during my High School years.  Fabulous memories.  I never did make it big in the music industry and become best friends with you-as was my absolute fantasy!- but I'll always be so grateful for the gift you've been to my life.
2/2/2011 2:51:48 PM
Kristi Erickson United States
Kristi Erickson
Time flies!  I saw Michael and Amy in concert as a freshman in college....spring of '83, Richmond, Va.  I remember totally loving it and thinking: ''Wow! This guy could be his own gig!" He was new to me, but I loved Amy already. (My "friend" treated me and I didn't realize til years later that it was a date. Whew! dodged a bullet there) My husband surprised me in '03 with a concert in Denver (MWS/3rd Day)....and then our 20th Anniversary trip to Alaska. Even an overnight trip from MT to  Vegas for the Ice Show. ha! Saw Chaz in the hallway by the nuts. Smile Their music has been a happy part of my life as long as I remember. Thanks.
2/2/2011 2:52:47 PM
Chris United States
Wow,25 yrs ago I was going to their concerts,and listening to RECORDS and Tapes! My first solo was by AMy Grant! Now I am still turning it up LOUD and worship along,but while cooking dinner along with MY teenage daughter....you guys never get old of worn out! Praise God for you gift and for being able to share it with us. What a blessing you where then and continue to be!
2/2/2011 2:53:05 PM
Lisa Shiveler United States
Lisa Shiveler
The first Christian album I bought was the Amy Grant "Age to Age" album!  I played it night and day until I memorized all the songs.  It introduced me to Christian music.  THANK YOU!

Michael W. Smith's "Friends" song was our graduation (high school) class song.  We played it in our ceremony.  I still can hear it ringing through the church at Baccalaureate service.  It still moves me deeply.

Thank you both for sharing your love of God and the talents He gave you with the world.  We are the richer for it.  Best wishes for a GREAT tour.
2/2/2011 2:53:06 PM
kimberly bucy United States
kimberly bucy
Amy & Micheal , I was an 8th grader when I got introduced to christian music by my youth leader in the "80's" and I was hooked. Music has always been a way GOD could GRAB my heart. As I'm now listening to Friends and ALL the others it takes me back to a time that was great and with the inspiration of the spirit through your songs I got through a LOT of tuff times in my Highschool years. Christian music IS a BIG PART of my daily life. Thanks so much for being two of the "pioneers" of christian music. Also AMY thanks so much for all of your songs but my latest favorite is "Better than a Halleluah"!!!!! THANKS
2/2/2011 2:53:25 PM
kimberly bucy United States
kimberly bucy
Amy & Micheal , I was an 8th grader when I got introduced to christian music by my youth leader in the "80's" and I was hooked. Music has always been a way GOD could GRAB my heart. As I'm now listening to Friends and ALL the others it takes me back to a time that was great and with the inspiration of the spirit through your songs I got through a LOT of tuff times in my Highschool years. Christian music IS a BIG PART of my daily life. Thanks so much for being two of the "pioneers" of christian music. Also AMY thanks so much for all of your songs but my latest favorite is "Better than a Halleluah"!!!!! THANKS
2/2/2011 2:53:31 PM
Kristi Erickson United States
Kristi Erickson
My kids still sing this song as "Face in this world", the spoof of  Mark Lowry's, my hubby's roommate in college.
2/2/2011 2:53:55 PM
Bryan United States
   What a blessing to have you both together at the same time... Amy, I don't know how it happened, but your Greatest Hits has always stayed in my collection. The funny part about that is that it was the only Christian music I was exposed to most of my life. I don't know where it came from, but I've had  it on tape, cd, and now Sing Your Praise To The Lord has been downloaded to my phone for the last two years. Sometimes, it was the only song I could hear that would lift my spirits.
   Michael, I don't think I will ever forget this.. After getting sober myself, I now work in a treatment center where I have the privilege of seeing wonderful situations which few could argue are anything but miracles. Last year, I admitted a  large man (6'3"-ish) who was literally crippled by his meth amphetamine withdrawals. He had trouble walking because his legs were shaking so bad, he couldn't write, or speak well because his muscles were spasming so much. He stayed like this the next two days. My next shift, one week after admitting him, I went into the bible study some of the patients attend. While sitting in the back, I witnessed what seemed to be an absolute miracle: not only was he there, but he was playing guitar and leading the group through some beautiful songs. His voice, hands, and legs were steady and calm. One song particularly caught my attention, and I tried to remember a few words to ask him after the session. The last song he played was Amazing Grace. I cried. I could not believe the transformation I had witnessed.
  As they left, I stopped him and told him how amazed I was and asked him what the song was that I had liked. He said, "Breathe, by Michael W. Smith". As I drove home that day, I searched it on Pandora and began discovering Christian music. A few days later, while flipping through radio stations, I heard it again and discovered K-Love! What a difference this has all made in my life! Thank you so much for being willing to be a channel for God to reach so many!
2/2/2011 2:54:23 PM
Ray United States
Hi Amy and Michael W. Being a Child of Christ now for 35 years both of you have been, and remain foundational to my, and my families, Christian faith and spiritual growth. I have both of your music in vinyl, casette, 8-track, CD, and now, digital. It has been fun growing with you both throughout the years, having my adult children and now, our 5 grandchildren, nutured on your worshipful ministry of music and testimonies of faith and Christian walk through the years. In fact, Lucas, our 7 year old grandchild has gone to sleep with your music, Michael W. since he was born, and still does. As he began to talk he always referred to your music as his "night night music" lol and still refers to your music as "my music". I just want to thank you both, and thank the Lord, for the gifts and abilities he has granted to you to share with a generation, and more, of folks all across the world. You will be stopping in our home town of Rochester, New York for one of your concerts and our family is determined to be in the audience. Take care and God bless you Amy and Michael, Ray R.
2/2/2011 2:55:04 PM
Norm Chapman United States
Norm Chapman
This is for Amy.  Better than a Hallelujah was the beginning of my connection with God and Christ.  I got very ill last spring, with severe depression -- at times I didn't think I would ever 'come back'.  I prayed to Jesus and took meds and after several months was back to normal except with glorious Christ as the center of my life.  Your song was one of the first I listened to on KLOVE.  I loved it, and watched the video -- it is one of the most beautiful songs in the world.  It was also the first Christian/Gospel song I ever bought or downloaded.  It is moving touching poignant, so filled with love.  I used to cry when I heard it was so meaningful, and actually today at the gym during my workout I heard again.  Thank you so so much, and to Kelli & Scott as they too have been inspirational to me.  God Bless!
2/2/2011 2:55:20 PM
Kristin Skledar United States
Kristin Skledar
Hi!!  I just heard that Amy & Michael will be on tour together!  I am so thrilled.  My sister, husband, and I had tickets to your concert together in Dec. of '97.  But I had an allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital.  I regretted missing that concert ever since!  I hope you will be coming to Pittsburgh.  I grew up listening to the both of you.  I went to the Lead Me On concert and heard the both of you and I was hooked.  Your music has helped me so much.  Michael, I received a cardboard cut out of you from your assistant, Davita too.  I am psyched!

2/2/2011 2:56:43 PM
Erika Canada
Hey Michael & Amy.

you Guys need to come to Calgary, Canada.
Peole are in need for God we need all the support that we can get.
2/2/2011 2:57:27 PM
Amanda United States
I just wanted to say That Michael's Freedom cd and the Freedom Battle song were totally awe-inspiring. That song was so amazing. It made my spirit soar.
2/2/2011 2:57:28 PM
Chuck United Kingdom
My mom recently relocated to Texas and she suffers from diabetics and has been depressed lately, I am believing our lord will touch her just as he did to the blind man in the bible, K-love lifts my spirit whenever I feel like letting go.
2/2/2011 2:57:46 PM
Stuart Lebruska United States
Stuart Lebruska

I was introduced to your music when I was a cadet at the Coast Guard Academy in 1984 by a dear friend of mine.  It had a profound impact on my life then and still does today.  I'm still in the Coast Guard and love listening to your music every chance I get.  Thank you for your ministry.
2/2/2011 3:02:30 PM
Shawna United States
Thank you Michael and Amy for inspiring me as a teen and continuing to do so as an adult. I grew up listening to your music and went to every concert I could that you were at! "Friends" is STILL my all time favorite song and it brings back so many memories. You have blessed me with your music and helped me on my path to Christ. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

P.S. Can you come to Oregon? Please????
2/2/2011 3:04:54 PM
Hallie United States
Oh my goodness!!! Smile I'm so happy to hear you guys have come for an interveiw! When I was little my parents played Michael and Amy's music all the time! And now I'm listening to it too! Some of my favorite songs by you are Better Than a Hallelujah, the music video just touches my heart! The song is beautiful! Another song I love is Healing Rain and Missing Person. Again, I love the music video to Healing Rain. That one also touches the heart! Thank you guys so much for deciding to become artists! It's really helped me through any hard times and strengthened my relationship with Christ, just helping me know that I can trust him with anything!
Thank you!
Hallie <><
2/2/2011 3:05:03 PM
kimberly bucy United States
kimberly bucy
Oh I forgot.....(Im 40 now , it happens) BUT FATHER"S EYES is one of my favorites. my parents divorced when I was 8 yrs old and this helped my to learn and know that GOD was my "ABBA FATHER"!  THanks so much. And from Micheal "my place in this world" YES ! Thanks so much to both of you for "finding your place in this world" by sharing GOD message thru music.
2/2/2011 3:05:14 PM
Vicki Barton United States
Vicki Barton
To Amy first: Way back in 1980 my boyfriend of 5yrs had broken up with me. Needless to say I was heartbroken.  But listening to your cassette I heard "All I Need is You", and the Lord really spoke to my heart through it.  I had been a Christian all of my life but at this point I realized that Jesus would be enough for me if that was his plan for my life.  What a special song this has been, cassette lost now, but the memory remains and that special night.  Shortly later married that same man.  
Now to Michael:  1993, that same man moved me from NC to Ms to go to seminary.  My memory of that was driving down I-85 with my young daughter singing "Friends are friends forever", and crying almost all the way to Ms.  Over the years we have moved around and that song always come to my mind.

God has blessed us over the years, and enjoyed listening to and singing your songs.  Thanks you so much.  We are now (30yrs later), church planting in Salt Lake City , Utah.  I am so thankful to KLOVE and the music that they share here in this barren land.  

Thanks for your ministry and may God continue to bless you both.  

2/2/2011 3:06:57 PM
NANCY RAY United States
2/2/2011 3:08:04 PM
Blanche Wulfekoetter United States
Blanche Wulfekoetter
What a treat for all who are lucky enough to see you two perform together.  I had the treat years ago in K.C. - a Christmas concert I think.  I also saw Amy Grant when Gary Chapman was the opening act - another great night of music. I remember her eating chips someone from the crowd gave her... like she was everyone's best friend. Smile  My current favorite concert moment is/was hearing/seeing Michael W. Smith in K.C. with the symphony. INCREDIBLE!!  It was the one thing my mom-in-law wanted for her 70th birthday.  I was lucky enough to see MWS perform in Topeka, KS recently with Toby Mac and Max Lucado (and other terrific artists) but the song that speaks to me now is Better than a Hallalujah!  Well, that and the hymns album put together by Amy Grant and Vince Gill - Awesome.  Ok, enough right?!  Thanks for keeping the music coming and your willingness to share it.
2/2/2011 3:10:12 PM
Jackie United States
Amy Smile I would like to thank you for being such a huge inspiration in my life... when I feel like I am slipping away from our Lord I just put your song "Everywhere I Go" on, and he seems to say I love you! Even tho for many years I wasn't close to God, I could never deny that his love is the only "True One" ( Great song title.. (heee heee) would love to just give you a huge hug. Feel free to email me if you would like.

Thank You KLove you have truly gotten me back into listening to Christian musicSmile All of you help me through my days at work. God Bless each and everyone of you!
2/2/2011 3:10:53 PM
esther njuguna United States
esther njuguna
i grew up in kenya and the first songs i heard were from michael w smith and above all make me cry all the time just thinking and imagining what our saviour went through .i wasnt even saved then but michaels songs really blessed me ,now that im saved and i see my 3 yr old singing and dancing to open the eyes of my heart Lord and here makes me know that there is a future and just to say u guys are really an inspiration .be blessed and continue reaching out
2/2/2011 3:11:37 PM
Blanche Wulfekoetter United States
Blanche Wulfekoetter
PS. While I do have many favorites - I Want to Live For the Children of the World is one I sing REALLY LOUD when discouragement hits at my core.  I teach and there are moments that just have to be sung to to make it through.
2/2/2011 3:12:44 PM
Vicky United States
From 1999 through 2000, I had the worst year and a half of my life.  In that time period, I had been raped (I was 13), found out I was pregnant as a result, got kicked out of my home by parents who were not supportive, and finally delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl 8 weeks early due to complications.  I was 14 by then.  I had to give up that little girl to a family that could take care of her better than I could, and it tore me apart.  I had no where to go, and felt very hopeless.  I didn't think that my life was worth much, and wondered whether I shouldn't just give up.  But then a friend of mine gave me a couple of Michael's albums.  There were 2 songs that really carried me through the months immediately after my baby's birth.  Those songs were "Picture Perfect" and "Cry for Love".  I honestly believe that these two songs were what kept me from giving in to the suicidal thoughts.  It was those songs that gave me hope that at least one person might one day be able to love me and accept me.  

Today, I am happily married, and cannot hear those songs without tearing up at the memory of what they carried me though.
2/2/2011 3:17:11 PM
Ken Barter United States
Ken Barter
Michael and Amy were very influential in my life.  I saw tghem in St. Louis. 1983 or 1984 at the Fox Theater. I belive Michael was the opening act and it was the Straight Ahead tour.  In 1984 while on a youth mission trip to Colorado 6 of us rolled down the side of a mountain in a van and all 6 of us lived.  Only one explanation for the 50+ youth that went on the trip, Angels.  That was our theme song for the rest of the trip.  In 1988(?) I saw Michael in concert @ his Eye to Eye concert in Johnson City, TN. My girlfriend and I decided to part ways in 1989 and Pray For Me was our parting song. In 1996(?) My wife and I saw Michael in fconcert in Washington DC with Three Crosses and little known group Jars of Clay. My brother worked at Michael,s camp and helped build a treehouse for his kids and then y brother met his wife there that summer.  These two individuals have had a huge influence on my life.  Thank you for serving a great and mighty God.
2/2/2011 3:24:11 PM
Rory C. Smith United States
Rory C. Smith
Back in 2003 I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. At that time I started listening to Christian Music, particularly K-Love. I had a few bad expiriences with people who claimed to be christians. So I stopped listening to K-Love because of the experience. After some time resumed listening and I have not stopped. While I have some songs that I like, my favorite male artist is Michael W. Smith. His songs that relaxed, energized, and caused me to think about my christian life and how to improve it. I took some of his music with me to Iraq and it helped with getting through the deployment. I also enjoy "Better Than a Hallelujah" by Amy Grant and I have started listening to some of her other songs. I am still new to the christian music scene.
2/2/2011 4:21:43 PM
Lisa United States
Thank you Michael W Smith,I was playing your song Breath and I started crying ,right then I gave God the will for my life,Thank you sooooo much your song it touched my heart.
2/2/2011 4:29:02 PM
Amber United States
My favorite song of Michael W. Smith's is A New Hallelujah! My mom and I are going to put together a dance for that song. My favorite song of Amy Grant is Breathe of Heaven. The way she sang it touched me. All the way through Christmas I played it.


2/2/2011 4:33:36 PM
David Schenck United States
David Schenck
My 1st Christian Concert was Amy almost 30 years ago at the celebrity Theater. She introduced Michael at that concert as one of her song writers and said that we would be seeing a lot more of him in the future. Michael teased Amy about her red leather pants. I think Amy was 18 years old. The I remember Michael teaching us one of his songs, "Great are you Lord", I will never forget how he wanted to make sure that we got the pause just right. Great are you(pause) Looooord... I look forward to seeing them together at the Celebrity again after almost 30 years. Don't forget to take some Dramamine before the concert!!! (Rotating stage)
2/2/2011 4:33:50 PM
Karen United States
I am crying now! When I heard you both were on klove I got goose bumps! You are amazing!
2/2/2011 4:34:08 PM
Jennifer United States
Only 2+ hours until the Amy Grant and Michael W Smith, 2 Friends Concert in Roseville. I am so excited. Amy Grant was my first concert I ever went to back when I was 10. Now I get to take my daughter Emily, age 8,  to see both of my favorite singers still, for her first concert almost 3 decades later. Yay!!
2/2/2011 4:36:04 PM
Elizabeth United States
I can't believe these two are touring together.  How fabulous!  I have had the privilege of hearing MWS two times, but never Amy Grant.  How awesome to have them on the same night!!
Any chance you could play El Shaddai?  Probably one of the most awesome worship songs!  
Thanks to all!
2/2/2011 4:37:45 PM
Chris United States
I just want to say that I have always enjoyed Michael's music and his passion for Christ as shared in his music.  

Lately, my brother has been going through some really tough times and he usually prefers hard rock, but has found such peace in listening to Michael's music.  It has helped him keep his focus upon God as each trial comes his way.  Thank you.
2/2/2011 4:37:47 PM
Melissa Ritter United States
Melissa Ritter
I grew up listening to both of your music. Michael W. Smith, I have looked up to you my whole life. I almost got to go to one of your concerts, but my mom ended up going to the hospital. Your song "Healing Rain" has helped and inspired me. Every time I think of it, I think of God healing all the wounds and burdens of my family and I. We have been through a lot medically. My mom has been ill with a rare disease since I was 7 and still struggles every day with it, my brother had fluid around his heart where it kept coming back, and I had a medical condition that took the doctors almost three years to help me. You both are amazing! Thank you for using your talents to show God's love and inspire others.
2/2/2011 4:39:49 PM
chad United States
i know i already commented once but everytime i hear the breathe song by michael w smith i stop what i am doing  and not do anything till the song is over with .. the song is captivating and exhilerating...i have one of his best hit cd every song is awesome i wish i could meet him in person and see his concert(s).. i hope he never quite singing and never retires !!!! michael you are the greatest singer ever !!!!!
2/2/2011 4:41:48 PM
Cindy Knowlton United States
Cindy Knowlton
I had both Amy and Michael on cassette in the 80"s and played they until they would not play any more. I have both now I my IPOD and just listen to they again today! Thank you for sharing the Love of Christ through songs.
2/2/2011 4:45:23 PM
Wendy United States
Wow!  I get it!  Thank you Amy for reminding me!!  I chose a word with Lisa and Eric...my word is forgiveness....I just got it!  LOVE WILL FIND A WAY!!!  I thought I forgave my exhusband years ago...obviously I didn't!  I'm not going to stand year an angry young woman!!!  NO!  I give all the glory to God and I thank you Amy for being that tool!!  I grew up listening to you and your music, had (I can't find them today) all of your cd's and I sang so loud and strong in the car when it hit me!  With God's love I can and will forgive him!  I won't let him have that hold on me anymore!!!  Love you guys!!!  Thanks Scott and Kelly for having them on!!!  you guys ROCK!!!  
2/2/2011 4:47:16 PM
Lucy Smith United States
Lucy Smith
Your music was my first experience with Contempory Christian music.  I got ahold of an "Age to Age" casette, I think my sister left it in the car.  Anyway, I used to roll down the windows and turn the music up and sing as loud as I could.  Your music really was a big part of my learning how prayerful music can be!  Also, listening to "My Father's Eyes" just now made me start balling.  My dad & mom are both seventy- nine now, getting ready to celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary.  "Eyes full of compassion, seeing every pain..."  That's so my dad (and mom, but I'm a daddy's girl).  As a teen, I didn't cry to hear that song but now that I'm older, and really see how much my earthly parents have showed me God's love... Wow, how much more does our Heavenly Father love us?  His Eyes, see every pain literally!  If one can see "My Father's Eyes" in me, if I can show compassion to the least ones, whether or not they truly see it, one day it might make a difference as these gifts have made in mine.  Amy, thank you for sharing the gift of your beautiful voice and being a role model for myself and other teen age girls.  (Now, I'm almost 42 and I still look up to you as a great example of who God calls us to be-- Smile
Your songs have touched me so much, too.  Of course, like many, "Friends" is the song that helped me to know you.  I was a freshman in college and we were going home for the summer.  Our Christian organization, C.A.R.E, the Christian Association for Reaching Everyone, was meeting to say goodbye and what did someone play, Yes,"Friends"  Now, I can still see my friend Cathy's face there in the student union building singing and enjoying that song with me the first time I heard it, but she is now battling cancer.  I don't know if I can listen to your song right now, but even though we've been in and out of touch, I know "that a lifetime's not too long" and I thank you for that memory and so many more.

God bless you, Amy & Michael!  He has used your talent to bless me and countless others!
2/2/2011 4:47:49 PM
Charles Bender United States
Charles Bender
Still remember driving out of town, Albuquerque, NM in 1983, just finished 10th grade and had to leave. Playing "Friends are friends forever" really loud and crying my eyes out. Every time I hear that song I'm back in that red Volkswagon van driving out of town, missing my friends.
2/2/2011 4:50:20 PM
Wendy United States
Can I just say how excited I am to see you two in concert??!!  I was bummed that you weren't coming to Portland, OR, so I just had to find a way to come.  There are just not big enough CAPS or enough !!! marks to say how happy I am to be giving myself a gift...I'm coming to Phoenix to see you --  YEE HAWWW!!!  :o)  See you SOON!!!
2/2/2011 4:52:35 PM
Susan United States
I am a hospital chaplain and will be at the concert in Roseville tonight.  It has been a devastating week for many families and staff at our hospital, including today, as I have tried to support people in the midst of their pain and loss.  I am hoping to hear Amy Grant sing, "Better than a Hallelujah," which I often refer to as "the chaplain's song" because it resonates with the message I try to convey to patients and families, that "honest cries from breaking hearts are better than a hallelujah sometimes."
2/2/2011 4:53:37 PM
Ann Cunningham United States
Ann Cunningham
Amy holds such a special place in my heart. Back in 1994,my husband had left me, I was 800 miles from home and I felt abandoned and lost. I had never really listened to contemporary Christian music growing up, although raised a Christian. A friend gave me one of Amy's cassettes and I started to listen, I bought another, and another. Although you never knew it, you were beside me every step of the way through my divorce.  When others left me, you were there beside me. Your music brought me back to Jesus and I will forever be grateful. I have held you in my prayers through the years, and whether you knew it or not I have been beside you--ups and downs I have prayed for you. I love you and thank the Lord for Amy Grant!

2/2/2011 4:57:06 PM
Donna Parker United States
Donna Parker
I recently returned from a three-month mission trip to Uganda, East Africa.  I absolutely loved Africa and left my heart there.  I know that spending my life in Africa is the will of God in my life and so I never once felt homesick while I was there.  However, one evening about two months into my stay in Kampala, I was at the school where I taught English working with some of my students on a project.  They were listening to worship music in Luganda and chatting with one another in Luganda and Ki-Swahilia.  I loved the sound of their banter, but as the evening wore on I began to feel isolated.  I know that worship is beautiful in every language, but I hadn't heard a worship song in English in two months.  I began to pray, "God, help me be strong.  I know this is where you want me."  At that moment, the CD my students were listening to picked up a familiar tune, and what should come on next but Michael W. Smith's live version of 'Awesome God.'  My students got really excited and began to sing along, as did I. It was like God's amazing way of saying, "See? You are connected through me." I looked around at the people that I had come to love more than I love my own family and I was reminded that God has the power to show us at all times that he is awesome and that he loves us.
2/2/2011 5:02:01 PM
Don Edmonds United States
Don Edmonds
You obviously will not get to this comment with all the others that have already been made. However I remember the first time I saw Amy.  It was about 1970-74(?)at ICHTHUS in Wilmore, Kentucky.  ICHTHUS began in 1970 but I'm not sure when she first came but I had a crush on her.  I thought she was awesome - that is until I met my Wife of 38 years.  Hope Amy's not disappointed. (haha).  Still love her music and think she is great; and of course Michael as well.  Glad to see them singing together.  Blessings to you Scott and Kelli - what a great program!  I feel like I'm back at ICHTHUS at another great concert.  Love you all, Don Edmonds.
2/2/2011 5:06:41 PM
Tom Smith Australia
Tom Smith
Hey Guys, love your show and station.

I saw Michael W Smith last time he was in Melbourne Australia and I took my 11 and 9 Year Olds to Amy Grants Grand Rapids Concert in April last year when we visited the US. Loved both shows.

Just wondering if Michael and Amy are looking at extending their 'Two Friends' Tour Down Under?? We would K-LOVE to have you here in Australia again.

God Bless.

2/2/2011 5:07:41 PM
Lori Whitehorse United States
Lori Whitehorse
I have loved Michael and Amy since 1985 when I was just 9 years old. I got to see Michael in concert around 1991 and I just LOVED it. It wasn't until 2009 that I got to see Amy in concert and I even got the privilege of meeting her last April at a benefit concert in Knoxville which was a dream come true. Her album, Lead Me On, got me through some very difficult and confusing times when I was teenager. Thank you Amy and Michael for the music you have made over the years and the impact you have had not only on my life, but so many others.
2/2/2011 5:11:44 PM
Beth Miller United States
Beth Miller
Amy and Michael - my husband and I are the same age as ya'll.  I used to visit my husband at summer camp in PA, before we were married, driving in my old Fiat, listening to Amy's first album on a cassette tape on an old tape recorder run on batteries.  The Michael W. Smith Project was  fantastic and I knew the words to every song.  You have been a part of our lives from the 70'sthrougho today and you have had a huge impact on our lives.

We saw Michael with DC Talk at the Wisconsin State Fair when we lived in Madison...great show!

We live in Scottsdale now and can't wait to see you all on Saturday at Celebrity Theater!!

May the Lord bless and anoint this tour as you make your way across the country.  And bless your families as well when you are away from them.

Can't thank you enough for all you have meant to us and to so many people.

Beth and Keith Miller
2/2/2011 5:33:36 PM
Paula Sue Evans United States
Paula Sue Evans
Thank you for providing such wonderful, meaningful, tuneful music that my children and I could enjoy it together.  I took them to your concert in San Antonio in 1981 or 82.  That concert was the high point in all the concert evenings we had together.  Now I have Christian music in common with my 15 year old granddaughter.  You and those to follow after have blessed us tremendously.  Thanks for cranking things up and going out again.  Now another generation will know what all our nostalgia is about.

Paula Sue Evans (64 year old grandmother)
2/2/2011 5:39:46 PM
Ken Millson United States
Ken Millson
Right after we got married my beautiful new bride informed me that she had NEVER been to a concert before. I was astounded, how could that be! I asked her who her favorite singer was and she told me it was Amy Grant. I will be honest, I had never heard of Amy before then, but being a good husband I scoured the concert scene and found a show, with very good seats, to take her to. Here we are 18 years and literly countless Amy Grant concerts latere and I am sitting at home all alone while Dasha is in Anahiem...you guessed it, for an Amy Grant concert.  Thank you Amy for all the pleasure and great friends you have brought into my wife's life.

2/2/2011 7:19:06 PM
James & Elaine Spafford United States
James & Elaine Spafford
We have been listening to Amy & Michael since the early 80's.  We remember seeing them in concert at the Fox Theater in St. Louis in 1988!!  We have seen them many times since then and are looking forward to seeing them on Valentines Day in Omaha!  Their music touches our hearts, builds our faith and connects us to God in a special way!  May God continue to bless you both and speak through you with His message of faith, hope and love!    
2/11/2011 9:22:06 AM
Danielle Curtis United States
Danielle Curtis
Me and my family love Amy and Michael! I've sang some of their songs in church and they really inspire me! They both give such a good message and are great role models! Someday I hope I can be like them and become a Christian artist!
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