Feb 17 2011

Ellie Kay answers questions about inexpensive gift ideas

America's Family Financial Expert, Ellie Kay is here to answer your questions. Today, she shared some creative ideas for inexpensive (or even free!) gift ideas for those on a tight budget. Got questions for Ellie Kay? Feel free to check out her website here: www.elliekay.com or email us at scottandkelli@klove.com.

 Listen to Ellie's great tips: segment 1 and segment 2

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2/22/2011 2:52:03 PM
BondslaveforChrist United States
I would just like to say,That I Love God more then anything else in this world.I didn't know where to put this comment at,so I'm putting it here.I was just wondering if the DJ's can reach out on the air,and give their testimonies I love hearing how people come to have a relationship with Jesus and what struggles they faced before,during,and after they realized that,Ok Jesus I'm giving you my heart,and no matter what happens I am going to be a,DOER and not just watch on the sidelines.God Bless,Hope to hear from one of you at least.
2/27/2011 9:23:31 AM
Cherry United States
I agree with you BondslaveforChrist.
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