Feb 25 2011

PajamaJeans?! Yes or no?!

Everywhere we look these days, we are hearing about "PajamaJeans." WHAT?! What are these things? Would you wear them? Why or why not?!

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2/25/2011 4:01:27 PM
Kathryn United States
Hey Scott and Kelli,
As a preschool teacher there is an unwritten rule that states: "you can wear pajamas to school whenever you want."  This rule applies to my three year olds and sometimes I wish there was this rule for teachers as well.  To get around the rule we have pajama parties every once in a while.

As for the pajama jeans...depends what they look like and how they fit.  If they don't fit then I wouldn't wear them.

2/25/2011 4:06:19 PM
Felicia Novotny United States
Felicia Novotny
I think they would be okay around the house maybe, but to actually wear that type of stuff to work or in public in general makes one wonder....if I had the body of those models who wear them, then maybe to the grocery store....but I haven't had a figure like that since I was 16...lol.  I have a feeling the one who invented these will soon carry a larger balance in their bank account...however, I won't be contributing.
Have a BLESSED Day!!  I enjoy and support KLOVE!  Smile  <3
2/25/2011 4:09:02 PM
Valerie Notarnicola United States
Valerie Notarnicola
i dont think i would ever wear Pj jeans, i mean i wear Pj's to school and jeans to school but i think it's best to keep them seperate. some time soon i wonder if they are going to make legging Pj's.

haha i love you guys thanks for the great music and ineperation <3
2/25/2011 4:22:44 PM
Lorena Shank United States
Lorena Shank
I work at an elementary school. Twice a year we have pajama day, the kids and staff love it, but.... honestly it is the most exhuasting day!  You walk around all day with your body thinking it's time to go to bed! I would not recomend it.  
2/25/2011 6:56:03 PM
Tracey posner United States
Tracey posner
ABSOLUTELY NOT!  My husband and I recently moved here in August from Utah and Waaayyy TOO MANY people there wore their pajamas out in public!  Believe me, I could tell you some stories!!!!
Anyway, JUST SAY NO to pajamas in public; pajama jeans or not!!!!!
Love, Love your show!!!  God Bless ya'll Smile  Yes, I heard you talking from that girl from the south...I too am from the south!
2/25/2011 10:26:01 PM
Nate Tripp United States
Nate Tripp
I definitely would not wear them, also I think it is silly to go out in public wearing pajamas.Pajamas are meant for sleeping not for walking out in the germ-filled world. Imagine the germs you would bring into your bed. eewwwwww!!!!
2/26/2011 12:50:29 PM
Brandy United States
No. they are way to exepensive.
2/26/2011 2:55:25 PM
Cherry United States
Defintely not. There is this girl in some of my classes who wears PJs everyday. As many of I have like active pants, yoga pants and jeans she has PJ pants. Its pretty crazy. Its like, your not still sleeping. HAHA.
3/1/2011 6:01:13 PM
JESSICA United States
first i love the station but i think pajama jeans great idea u can wear out and if u are really tired u can sleep in them so a yes for me
3/4/2011 1:17:16 PM
Dana United States
Actually, My family and I were in the store (except my dad, he was at work) and we saw like pajama shirts that you can wear out and about and I joked, "What about pajama jeans?" and next thing you know. There they are on TV! I literally fell off my couch. I would't wear them just because they actually look to tight to me and they look weird. And everybody would know what they look like and say, "Oh look. She has on pajama jeans." I just wouldn't wear them. Smile
3/25/2011 9:44:55 PM
Alexis United States
I would not, I mean really pajamasthat you wear all the time. So what you get out of bed and put your hair in a ponytail and your ready. I dont think so. Its a big NO for me.
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