Mar 01 2011

Devotional "Jesus Calling," by Sarah Young

The on-air staff here at KLOVE has started reading a devotional recently that is rocking our world! It's "Jesus Calling," by Sarah Young. Sarah is a missionary, who has taken her prayer journal from years of studying the Bible and listening to God and put her thoughts into a daily devotional. Today was based on Philippians 4:6 and Isaiah 26:3 and was a reminder that God will keep you in "perfect peace," despite your circumstances! Learn more about the book here:

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3/1/2011 3:45:22 PM
Aska Ladd United States
Aska Ladd
Hi, Scott & Kelli! I enjoy Klove everyday, I appreciate your station and the impact you make to the listeners.
You shared part of Sarah Young's devotional on the air this afternoon, it was really good and I'd love to share it with my husband who's waiting for God for some answers.  Is there anywhere I can get what you read on the website?  Please let me know.
3/1/2011 8:04:49 PM
Patricia Vance United States
Patricia Vance
Yes, I am looking for that devotional that you shared this afternoon too.  Thank you.
3/2/2011 4:51:24 AM
Paula Moth United States
Paula Moth
I would also like a copy of the devotional you read yesterday on air.  I think it goes well with the Bible study I am leading on Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.  Thank you for always inspiring and lifting us up...especially on our ride home from work each day.
3/2/2011 1:41:09 PM
Desiree United States
I was listening at around 1:00 Pacific time yesterday and I caught the last of the devotional you read. Can I find that online somewhere? My sister is struggling to really know Gods peace right now. This would be uplifting to her as well as many more in my family who struggle with peace. Thank you!
3/2/2011 7:14:08 PM
Rebecca United States
I heard this devotional while driving in my car yesterday.  It was something that really spoke to me and something I really needed to hear. It would be nice to have a copy of this devotional to share with a friend of mine.  Thanks Scott and Kelli for uplifting me everyday!
3/2/2011 8:25:49 PM
Hannah United States
I have this devotional by Sarah Young. I didn't hear what was read during this broadcast, but it might have been the devotional for March 1st. It says:
"When something in your life or thoughts make you anxious, come to Me and talk about it. Bring Me your prayer and petition with thanksgiving, saying: "Thank You, Jesus, for this oppurtunity to trust You more." Though the lessons of trust that I send you come wrapped in difficulties, the benefits far outweigh the cost.
Well-developed trust will bring you many blessings, not the least of which is My Peace. I have promised to keep you in perfect Peace to the extent that you trust in Me. The world has it backwards, teaching that peace is the result of having enough, money, possessions, insurance, and security systems. My peace, however, is such an all-encompassing gift that it is independant of all circumstances. Though you lose everything else, if you gain My Peace you are rich indeed."
The versus that go along with this date are Phil. 4:6 & Is 26:3.
Hope this might help!
3/16/2011 11:39:17 AM
Donna United States
What is the devotional for March 16th.  A friend told me I needed to read it.
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