Mar 09 2011

Jesus Is Everything You Need!

Having one of those days... thankful for the Heart of God and the book Jesus Calling..."The World is a needy place; Do not go there for sustenance. Instead come to Me. Learn to depend on Me alone, and your weakness will become saturated with My Power. When you find completeness in Me, you can help others without using them to meet your own needs." (Galatians 5:22, 1 John 4:12)
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3/9/2011 4:48:43 PM
Jim Bures United States
Jim Bures
I just want to be closer to you. I just want to be closer. I am Yours. You can have all of me, anything, everything.
3/9/2011 7:51:01 PM
Eva Sands United States
Eva Sands
I just want to say I was tripping out when that man told ya'll he was gonna kill himself and you guys on the radio helped him I almost jumped though the radio. Everything you said was fabulous ya'll are great
3/10/2011 7:49:04 AM
matthew winchell United States
matthew winchell
i love k love your songs and just everything u guys say touches me i listen to u at night,when im sleeping and when im in school um just one thing i was woundering if u could wish me a happy birthday on the air its my birthday march 12 ill be 15 thanks and i love u guys god bless
3/10/2011 2:55:28 PM
Elle United States
I turned on my car this afternoon after school to be greeted with the start of "Come as you are" The song immediately brought tears to my eyes, it never hurts to be reminded of just how much God loves you. And then i found out the song had been played after someone else had called in - about suicide.  I was recently suicidal, and God saved me.  Everything i have been through is a blessing.  Don't judge me yet, i'm not saying "Yeah, i was suicidal, And it was awesome!" It was terrible, but i am thankful for it.  I know full and well that if I had never been at such an ultimate low for God to save me from, then i never would have accepted God.  I used to think that religion was silly nonsense, and now i know better, i know so much better. Al this does have a point- whoever you are who called in today, wherever you are, and even though you will probably never read this-  GOD LOVES YOU. Hod will always love you. Sometimes the sky has to get dark so you can see just how bright the light is.  It WILL get better.  so much better.
3/10/2011 4:06:07 PM
Ester United States
i like all your songs and god is the best person
3/10/2011 4:12:04 PM
Ester United States
im glad that you guys made this radio i always think that god is always with me and it is true
3/10/2011 4:54:20 PM
Chuck United States

When I was lost long before my cries
I lived in sin and full of lies
I walked a wide dark path
Not knowing I was headed for the wrath

I journeyed through life so uncertain
Truly, I believed I was my own captain
Then satan came to my side
Only to turn me away and make me blind

I walked the path without my sight
My mind wonders if I can find the light
As I continue through the darkness
Death now pounds within my heart

With death in my heart and nowhere to fall
Upon my knees I go and make my call
My God, My God, I cry unto thee
With love and grace, life is given to me

God was all I needed. It wasn't until I learned that I couldn't do anything without the Lord that I was able to sit down and write this. I have experienced things in my life that only God could get me through. The Lord is my strength.
3/10/2011 5:12:25 PM
Tim Hensley United States
Tim Hensley
I live in S.E.Indiana, and listen on 104.3 Cincinnati. On 3/10/11 between the hours of 5:50pm. and 6:45 you hade a woman call in and she talked about a sun ray coming down and God had touched her.Right after that Scott I believe quoted a bible verse or statement that was amazing. And touched me. Although I was driving home from work and alot on my mind I can not remember it. Can any one help with this? Thank you and God Bless.
3/16/2011 12:00:26 PM
Dana United States
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