Mar 15 2011

KLOVE's Julie Williams is going MAD!

We love hearing of the ways that you are Making a Difference in your world! In fact, our own newswoman, Julie Williams is going MAD this summer by riding her bike across the country in the Ride for Hope! Learn more here:

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3/16/2011 4:02:20 PM
Tony Shelton United States
Tony Shelton
I'm not sure who said this but I like it.   When Christ
Turned water into wine.   The water look at the
master and blushed.
3/24/2011 8:25:38 PM
Chuck McCourt United States
Chuck McCourt
Julie I am really looking forward to meeting you this summer during the ride.  I also am going mad on the same Ride for Hope CTC.  

I also have gone mad with a project that I started with some freinds from a Kingdom Assignment challenge made at our church called Recycle-A-Bicycle Midland.  We started the project and expected to maybe give away 30-40 bikes that first Christmas season.  Well one week prior we had that number of bikes.  Then our local newspaper ran a article we submitted and follwed that with an editorial stating that this was a project that should be supported.  

By Friday night before that work day we had around 100 bikes ready to be worked on.  I had no idea how many mechanics and cleanup workers would show up as I had sent out the message to my fellow bike friends and worked with our local bike club to get the word out and had confirmation from a handful of people.

We bought some helmets, parts and tires and such from our local bike shops at costs and some donated. With the original $100 Kingdom assignment money and my match plus $500 grants from Dow Corning and Mid Michigan hospital.

We had over 50 volunteers show up fixed up and gave away 90+ bikes that day.  I had arranged with a local realator to have a two car garage to store some bikes before we could give them away.

Half the way through the day Wayne showed up looked around and said where are you going to put all these bikes.  I really did'nt have an answer. He came back later and told us we could use and old car dealership that was for sale.  

We started the day with around 100 bike fixed up and gave away 90+ bikes and we put into storage something like 130 bikes.  I had been recieving bikes in all day but had no idea we had gotten that many.  

All I can say about what happened that first day was that when we allow God to work through us he does in a big way.  Now just over three years later we have given away over 600 bicycles and have around 250 bikes in storage.

My goal after the first year of Recycle-A-Bicycle was that some day we would be able to send some bikes to Africa.  Then I heard about this ride one day on K-Love.  I am now hoping we will be able to send bikes to Africa to provide some Hope and jobs with Christ's Hope international.

Again Julie I am getting very excited about the Ride for Hope Coast to Coast.  Thanks for putting that message on K-love last fall.  What does God expect from us?

Your Brother in Christ,
Chuck McCourt
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