Mar 21 2011

Have you gone MAD?!

Happy Make a Difference Monday! It's time to share your have you gone MAD lately? Has someone done something kind for you? Tell us about it!

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3/21/2011 1:15:44 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
I know people say this all the time but my mom has MAD in my life! Me being paralyzed and in a wheelchair, my mom has so many things going on in her life its crazy. i know she loves me and doesn't mind taking care of my medical needs, but she also drives me everywhere! I know it wasnt her choice to go throught this but knows it is what God planned for her! I love my parents so much. God Bless parents!
3/21/2011 2:11:57 PM
Sharon United States
You just mentioned a bible verse about making a difference in someone's life but you didn't say the actual verse.
3/21/2011 3:06:58 PM
Angela United States
I have been trying to call all day to share a story of encouragement for both parents of teens and the youth but I cannot get through.  I keep getting a busy signal.  
3/21/2011 3:09:48 PM
Sarah Blalock United States
Sarah Blalock
Someone made my day a few days ago. I drive from Chickasha,Oklaoma to Oklahome City,Oklahoma three nights a week for kidney dialysis. There is a toll between us with a cost of $1.50 to go through. Someone, I don't even know them did a very nice thing.  They paid my toll.  When I got to the toll gate to pay, the lady said the car in front of you paid your toll.  A total stranger.  That made my day.  I do little things like that but really wondered if others did, it is good to know that they do. GOD BLESS Klove is a blessing in my life.
3/21/2011 4:14:38 PM
Maya United States
My little brother is 9 years old and has type 1 diabetes. The nurses at his school are the nicest nurses on the planet! They take such good care of him and make sure that his blood sugar doesn't get too high or too low. Also he recently got a new insulin pump and it required some training on how to use it. One of his nurses came in on her day off to AND her birthday, just to learn how to use his new insulin pump. I am only 11 years old but I hope that I will be able to make a difference in someone's life oneday too!
3/21/2011 4:35:49 PM
Lauren United States
Hi Scott and Kelly,

My name is Lauren and I wanted to let you know how much K-Love has meant to me.  I became a newly-wed in October of this last year (10-10-10) and we have had a rough start to say the least.  In December my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  We successfully had it removed in January and thought we were out of the woods.  Although we had both accepted the fact that because I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous marriage and we were ready to just get old together, we would opt out of having any more children.  One week after the cancer was removed, we found out I was pregnant.

This was a joyous blessing from our heavenly father and we quickly fell in love with the thought of having a new addition to our family.  We however have had complications since week 5 of the pregnancy and have just found out that there is a high risk (1:5)for downs syndrome or trisomy 18 which is considered to be fatal for the baby.  Through tears, fear, and hopelessness we have turned this over to God and truly are a peace with whatever his plan for the baby and us is.

Everyday I turn K-Love on and listen to the glorious positive music that gives me support when I feel my spirit falling.  Thank you Scott and Kelly, without having you on the radio I know my tears would overcome me.  God has given us many trials in these first few months of marriage.  However I know that when our first anniversary arrives, we will be able to rejoice that our Lord gave us what we needed to make us stronger and closer to him in our marriage and life.

God Bless!!
3/21/2011 6:23:54 PM
Angela Brush United States
Angela Brush
In 2006 I was raped while in the Navy, but my mental health went untreated until it was almost too late. In 2009, I was stationed on an aircraft carrier which is when I started having flashbacks and nightmares to the point that I had decided that if I quit eating and sleeping that eventually my pain would stop. Someone in my chain of command noticed that my work started declining and pulled me aside to ask what was going on. Shortly thereafter there was an intervention and I was forced to check into the local hospital for an overnight stay in the mental health ward for suicidal ideation. When I returned to work, one of my superiors, Jeff Strickland, pulled me aside and asked me about my faith and whether or not I would be interested in attending his church. I have attended every Sunday since that day and when I feel the harmful thoughts creeping back in I am reminded that my church family is more than happy to pray for me. They welcomed me with open arms and love me like I am one of their own children. I can honestly say that if it were not for Jeff inviting me to church that weekend, I would not be alive today to see the grace and mercy that God has shown me so far. My relationship with God continues to improve every day and I have Jeff to thank for saving my life, both physical and spiritual. He truly is an angel.
3/22/2011 10:33:57 AM
Trena United States
Somethen happen to me when I was eleven yrs old and I promised him I wouldnt tell but I had enough and I did tell he went to jail and was out that night my late granma bail him out I was so mad at her for that i couldnt understand why she done that but she loves us all and now I understand no matter what you have done or doing Jesus loves you I am very faithful at my church without jesus I can make it when the memory comes back I just say jesus I know you love me n the memory fades Thank you very much for the song" love me for me" that really speaks out to me Thank you us Love n God bless
3/22/2011 11:14:22 AM
Marcia United States
At the age of 31, the mother of 2 children ages 2 and 5, and the wife of a minister of a rural church, our lives were turned upside down with my diagnosis of 4th stage breast cancer.  I could go on and on about how God used the people in our church and community to meet our every need at the time even before we knew we had a need, but it would take pages.  The doctors treated my cancer aggressively with a radical mastectomy, chemo and radiation but still would not give us encouragement or hope for my future.

But, to God be the glory!, it's 25 years later and I have been blessed by not only having raised my 2 children, I have seen them through college, marriage and, so far, 2 grandchildren!  God is so good!

Our present rural church surprised me a week ago Sunday with "Marcia Day" to celebrate this 25 year cancer free anniversary.  Most people wore pink, even the men, and everyone had a small pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on their lapel.  The services was filled with speical praise music, a special praise service for what God has done in my life and was followed by a pot luck dinner, cards, gifts, hugs and encouragement all for me!

As a minister's wife I do my best serving God, usually in the background.  I'm not an outgoing person, I am always friendly but somewhat shy.  I was so humbled but felt so speical that our church family would honor me in this way!

I share this story in the hope that other cancer patients can find hope in God when their doctors can't give any.  Has God said he was finished with you yet?  Just keep on praising, keep on serving Him as long as you have breath!
3/25/2011 7:41:46 PM
ginette st.louis United States
ginette st.louis
klove is a good radio station for you know sometimes when the adult is listen to 104.5 or 102.1 when some bad song like no hands come on the have to turn it. so anyways my point is that when you listen to 88.3 or 89.1 you don't have to worry about bad songs because all the songs those two station plays are always do you get my point.i which i could say that in one sentense.ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! by the way i love the music that called "ligth up the sky"

my name is ginette st. and am from haiti.i am 12 year old. am going to be 13 in september.

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