Apr 07 2011

Give hope to Japan by giving to K-LOVE

A generous donor has offered to give $50,000 to K-LOVE AND $50,000 to Convoy of Hope if we can get 1,000 people to donate $40 a month or more by 6pm CST! Help spread the love!

Donate Now!

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4/7/2011 3:56:31 PM
Rose Taylor United States
Rose Taylor
Can i make a song request? Voice of truth!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/8/2011 9:00:37 AM
Danielle United States
I didn't hear if the challenge was met- I had something come up so I couldn't hear how it ended. Was the challenge met?
4/8/2011 3:23:31 PM
Cherry United States
Thats is soooo nice.

And I have to do a research project in school about the crack in school, so if you know alot about it, leave it in a comment. Thanks
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